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California deploys dope-vending machines


Legalise it here...

would be great, except then that'd give the government the chance to get their claws into it, just like ciggies. Imagine it, instead of 1/2 ounce of lovely homegrown skunk for £60, you'd get a cardboard box full of warning about what you're buying with 20 pi$$ weak stale joints in there, for £60 + 400% tax.

Remembering the Commodore SX-64

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My dad had one... (almost)

I remember when i was a kid my dad had a C64 in a hardcase, basically a large briefcase full of foam padding with the keyboard, tape drive and power supply in it, with some fans as well. You needed to plug in the power cord, as well as a monitor, but i bet it was a damn slight lighter and cheaper than the SX :P

ah i remember spending hours reading the instructions to 'The Hobbit', the first RPG i ever played...... *drifts off into nostalgia*

Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?

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I'll be calling 3 then ...

I recently upgraded my old N80 handset and tariff on 3 to the N95, and one of the reasons i did this was for the FREE inclusion of Windows Messenger. If MS decide to start charging S60 users for this service, I'll be contacting 3 to let them know they'll be paying for me. My contract is with 3, which included WM, and they can honour that contract. If they don't, then they can kiss my nerdy a$$ and i'll go somewhere else. I'm already annoyed with them for telling me they weren't going to be offering the 8GB version of the N95 and then a month after i upgraded I see the 8GB one on offer on their website. :/