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Cops need warrant to search phones, say Ohio Supremes

Gary McDonald

Lock it up!

If you want to guarantee no officer can search it without an appropriate warrant, lock the phone. This goes for any "container" whether it is on your person or in a vehicle.

This was told to me by a cop when I asked about the extent of probable cause searches and the limits.

Feds to probe Comcast's BitTorrent busting

Gary McDonald
Paris Hilton

This is a surprise??

Verizon also does this. And they also go so far as to block any and all incoming data requests directed at their DSL users. But don't think it's easy getting them to admit it. Their solution: you have to get a static IP, which they only supply to businesses.

When the revolution comes, they will be the first against the wall... Right behind the lawyers... And the politicians... And Paris Hilton...

Ok, I'm sorry about the last one.

See, I have my coat. And I'm gone.