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Hotmail holdouts grumble about 'pathetic' new interface


boohoo I've lost my business critical information...

To all those complaining about lost business critical data on a free mail hosting service - TOUGH. Maybe now you'll learn the importance of paying for continuity and take responsibility for your business critical assets.

using hotmail for business is a ridiculous idea...

Million bank details sold on eBay


@ Andrew

"If any IT Manager I employed bought hardware through ebay I would fire him."

Can't wait for the unfair dismissal case on that one...

Ever considered it was for his own personal use? Or if it not - how about for parts for the obselete hardware his boss won't let him decommission - "That costs too much - make do with what you've got".

How's the air up there on your high horse?

Taser touts MP3 player that's a real shock to the system


"Danger! High Voltage!"

Well... Electric Six have already produced the perfect track...

...that is all...