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Microsoft: We're hiking UK cloud prices 22%. Stop whining – it's the Brexit

Scott Millar

Lock in to the annual commitment price plan and you can avoid this as described here https://www.itrockstars.co.uk/new-loophole-22-microsoft-office-365/


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I think TV's/AV companies should just have an inbuilt bluetooth to all thier devices and a protocol that you can use for any phone I see the future in this!

Google launches Google+ Pages for businesses

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Did you know Google + does not work with Google Apps? so if you are a local business running google apps and want a +Page you are screwed. FAIL FAIL FAIL

Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service

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how is this different from Google Apps premiere?

Visual Studio 2010 - chunky but has a great personality

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IT Angle

geeks indeed

who is the cover girl? I need more pics

Apple to take iPad orders this week?

Scott Millar

what's missing from the ipad?

Simple, a wireless HDMI port. Imagine being able to link with your TV wirelessly, download you movie and beam to your 1080p telly. To me if someone want to dominate the tablet market they need to be thinking of a soultion like this.

As I can't stand having a PC under my TV no matter how small and quiet .

Mozilla man sends Firefoxers to Microsoft Bing

Scott Millar

good move

I've just done that after google's comments last week. Bing is refreshing!

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

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Google 2.0

we need another google - one with morals - you know what googles company moto is "don't be evil"

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live

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So how many xbox's does this effect? The chipped boxes will have to be replaced with another xbox. This is not such a green move. I'm putting in a complaint to Bill.

Microsoft slings Windows Home Server in OEM bargain bin

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Bin it.

Why would Joe the plumber need a server operating system to share media? Get a cheap NAS on your network surely?

Northrop offer supersonic robot stealth raygun cyber-bomber

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Is this the same raygun technology that wa used to take down the twin towers? Hmm, google laser 9/11.

More than meets the eye.

HP blames falling pound for PC and server price rises

Scott Millar

The £ is dirt buy gold.

Oil has come down in price but we are still paying the same at the pump. Why? Well because oil is priced in dollars and the dollar has gained strength. It will go back to a 2:1 after the US elections have past us.

As for hardware, infaltion is everywhere. Buy gold.

BT's Mayfair exchange downed by burglary

Scott Millar

Not backup?

You'd think there would BT would have a backup plan for this type of incident? What if a bomb went of near an exchange?

Today is not Hadron Collider Day

Scott Millar

What a let down

So true they are just testing the beams in one direction, not smashing them together. We will have to wait! Why the media have latched on today i don't know! We need a new date, lets say around 2012, when we are supposed to have a real doomsday.

DARPA develops zap-bomb electropulse countermeasures

Scott Millar

google laser 9/11

"the scenario is extremely unlikely to happen"

see 9/11

Anatomy of a malware scam

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Eventually I get phone calls from peopl eneeding thier computer cleaned. Without them I'd have less work.

Apple seeks iPhone reverse engineering expert

Scott Millar

Ony One?

There are always going to be more people hacking than people employeed to stop the hacking of the iPhone so who's gonna win in the end? The position is pointless but I guess it would be fun for a while.

HP packaging madness continues apace

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green? what's that?

I hope someone from HP has been reading these. Not exacly green is it?

Citrix boss wants data center 'dinosaurs' to evolve

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I like citrix

I don't think it's a relic, citrix is perfect for my network. 60 remote sites 1-2 workstations and 4 remote offices. All login via a web interface. My head office are all on thin terminals. If anything goes wrong all I have to do is look at the servers no need to travel. It's centrally managed which saves my compnay a lot of ££ otherwise we'd need another IT person.

Scottish government drafts Cat Welfare Code

Scott Millar

what a waste of tax money

There is someone sitting in an office somewhere in edinurgh pumping this bullsh$t out. We are paying for it.

This was probably consulted on of course so any fee was 4 times as much for creating this bullsh$t.

I think we need a wellfare code on office IT Admins.

Personal data for 650,000 customers vanishes into thin air

Scott Millar

credit monitoring

I like how JC Penny will be offering 12 months credit monitoring for anyone that's info was "lost".

Our goverement should also be offering free credit monitoring due to the recent data losses at more than one goverment department.

SMBs grasp Vista nettle

Scott Millar

a sad day when XP stops being sold...

Vista should be a home product.

Nuf said.

Excuse me sir: there's a rootkit in your master boot record

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Viruses/malware are good!

Keeps most of us in a job, if a computer goes wrong who do you call? Me!