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MPs call Qinetiq sellout execs 'profiteers' - no, really?


missing the point?

"Such profiteering at the expense of the taxpayer is not something this Committee would expect from former public servants,"

Probably not. Most of it is done while theyre IN office, so it can be kept secret for 'security and privacy', ironic since thats the one of the things the population has lost under this government ...

I think they are also forgetting -

The house of lords


Honorary board memberships of big companies

Paying babysitters to answer the phone once a month

Freebies from international jaunts

Money from books telling us how they f*cked us royally

MEPs stealing expenses

et al

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

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They didn't know ...

... that they were being watched when they said this.

Paris, coz she didnt know she was being filmed either ...

Eclipse slams Sun for 'mockery' of a Java process

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Sad to see it die ....

Eclipse was a great community efort to start with ... but proved that when no one can agree, or even just let things lie and reach a rational concensus, the whole process falls apart.

The quality off the eclipse code base is piss-poor now, and for a platform with a pretty good refactoring toolkit, they obviuosly never use it on their own code.

Writing plugins is nigh-on impossible, with awful, outdated documentation and examples, and the knowledge that your plugin will only work until the next bloated release which breaks it. Plugins for maven, groovy et al are nowhere near the standard for intelliJ plugins, along with alot of people wasting time writing more and more plugin frameworks with no consistency, that are increasingly complicated to use and have faith in.

Nowadays, when something goes wrong in eclipse, its just best to restart. If that doesnt fix it, either reinstall or rollback to your base version in SVN. Adding stuff breaks ther stuff, error messages never go away, and often cannot be fixed.

Without focusing on a platform that as its core rquirement is to compile and run some code, i cant see it survivng long now. Actually getting eclipse to do basic things is becoming a nightmare.

Spanish chanteuse strips for anti-bullfighting campaign

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Something missing ...

Ah - No eee ....

Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs

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Pointless argument

Who cares? Its apples to oranges. I have wii and about 15 games, but havnt played it for 3 months. I still look out for games though, and its great when people are around.

Nintendo have cornered the market of people who dont play games, and that in itself is an incredible feat, especially since they make a profit doing it. Most wii owners wont have a ps3 or a 360, because they are a different breed of gamer - one that doesnt play games.


... also ...

Is he saying its a bad thing if a company can create and market something that everyone wants?

For fad read power rangers, pokemon, democracy, sub-prime mortgage lending ...

If you can get people to want something after seeing their mate has one, good on them. Its just a slightly more expensive fad than teletubbies.

Can you say that about epic games? No.

Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK

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The Wii deserves it. It is innovative and creative, not just gloss and pretty graphics that hide the lack of gameplay.

Microsoft plugs 'critical' hole in Vista

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well, yeah, its tuesday

To be fair, im not sure why we have to wait for a tuesday for fixes, often years in the case of 2000/XP, having a 'bug fix' day is always a sign of a failing project.

Im not sure its even worth reporting on these anymore since :

a) its a pretty regular occurance (every tuesday)

b) it uses valuable disk space that could be used to report on PH, or show the eee girl

Q: Since these exploits were never discovered in XP or 2k, does this mean that Vista is easier to find exploits in?