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Sharp punches out über-retina phone screen

Reg Varney

I would be rather more interested...

... if they spent the effort improving the resolution of a 20+" monitor rather than a 5" screen. It's ludicrous that resolution increases have stopped at 1920x1080 all the way up to 27" (except a few like Dell U2711), when the same resolution is available on a 5" phone screen.

Brains behind Kazaa and Morpheus unleash patent storm

Reg Varney

This plague of spurious patents will only be solved when the defendants realise that it is a bloody sight cheaper (and more satisfying) to just pay for the assassination of the litigants, their lawyers and every half-wit patent office reviewer who was ever involved in the original patent than it is to spend 5 years in court defending them.

'Young people don't want to become like us', say IT pros

Reg Varney

Or maybe they've just seen hordes of IT jobs disappear offshore and can see which way the wind is blowing,

And to second some of the others' comments above... a lot of it *is* really, really fucking boring!

RBS customers still suffering tech issues at Virgin One Account

Reg Varney

How would anyone tell anything else was wrong?

I've had an NatWest branded Virgin One account for a couple of years, and their website is absolutely full of stupid bugs that they do nothing to fix. For a major bank, it's a technical disgrace

Firefox 13 now available for download

Reg Varney

Enough with all this useless crap and stop the damn thing crashing!

For the last 3 versions, this has been disastrously unstable, crashing a minimum of twice a day, including when I'm not actually doing anything, just have it open in the background.

Used to be great, but unreliable POS recently,

Virgin Media wipes out websites with routing blackhole

Reg Varney

Re: Be afraid

Fuckers! That's the first I've heard about them adding download limits to XXL50; how can they introduce this crap without even telling their existing customers?!

October 14 declared 'Steve Jobs Day'

Reg Varney

In honour of jDay, I will be spending the whole of October 14th shouting "#@&# you, you @&~$ing $£@% and all your stupid $*~%ing fanbois!!!"

(* truth in advertising: I do worry that all that punctuation might hurt my throat, so may substitute actual letters)

Amazon intros $199 movie Kindle

Reg Varney

And it ain't cheap! $79 = £89??

HTC knocks out the Beats

Reg Varney


[grumpy old codger icon goes here] The crappier and less air the internal speaker can move the better; last thing I need is a new wave of yoof phones with codger-baiting capability

Google gets ready to crush quote-comparison websites

Reg Varney
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Not with a bargepole!

It's irrelevant whether "phone numbers and email addresses are not shared between Google and potential lenders" - I'd a damn site more concerned handing all of that valuable mineable data to Google.

Canadian kid uses supercomputing to cure cystic fibrosis

Reg Varney

Yes, and all they do ...

is to put up the $1Bbillion to fund the 10 years of clinical trials for the 5% chance that the drug will make it to market. The bastards.

Facebook fails webmail tests

Reg Varney


Why anyone bothers to keep quoting Which? surveys is beyond me - they are the most clueless consumer organisation in the face of the planet.

Facebook closes today ... NOT!

Reg Varney

One more proof, if any more were needed...

... that facebook is a home for complete imbeciles

Visa goes all P2P in US

Reg Varney

It's not going to get rid of cash...

... but it might (finally) be a viable alternative to cheques. Devil in the detail and all that, especially thew security aspect

Adobe promises emergency patch for Flash, Reader bugs

Reg Varney

Are Adobe ever going to get their collective arses in gear?

Their bloated explot-ridden apps need to be totally ripped down and re-written. Chances of that happening... 0.001%

HP reveals inaugural Palm webOS tablet

Reg Varney

Dead in the water

No price mentioned = high price. So, they're late (probably launching after iPad 2 and Androidpads with 3.0), new (so sod all software, at least in comparison to the others) and high-priced.

Shame, I was rather looking forward to this as an alternative to Google, but it looks still-born to me

UK probes ebook pricing

Reg Varney

But the ebook cost as a proportion of the retail cost...

should have one whole level of mark-up removed, as the digital vendor (eg Amazon) equivalant of the wholesaler, sells to the user with no bookshop mark-up.

So - delete the production cost, delete the bookseller mark-up and then we should see the ebook price.

story gone

Reg Varney

Stupid survey

You're forced to post an entry in every category, even if you have no opinion in that category

XP? Thanks for the memories

Reg Varney

Massive retraining??

It's Windows before, it's Windows now (and probably more like the version they're using at home) - where is the retraining?

Yahoo! sneak peeks revamped Mail

Reg Varney

I'm no fan of Yahoo, but...

... they do provide free POP3 access to most of the world (everywhere except US, I think). Bizarrely, this is only on accounts created since the rule change - there is no way to "upgrade" an old account into having free POP3 - you can only go the paid "plus" route,

Now, some (/most/all) people would think that this is a pretty stupid way of annoying their current customers, and that potential new users are more likely to go to hotmail or gmail anyway, but that's the Wonder of Yahoo for you.

Ask.com kills Bloglines

Reg Varney

Agreed entirely about Google

I have no desire to give Google any more information about what I;m doing than they already have from search

Reg Varney

For some reason, they haven't posted my comment on their blog

which read something along the lines of "you've bought a service that worked, done fuck all with it for years and now killed it. excellent, well done: I am certainly more disposed to use Ask's services now"

Really, really pissed off over this - Ask have the right to run whatever services they want, but why buy the fucking thing in the first place and then do nothing with it. Their reason for shutting it down is total nonsense as well - if they can't tell the difference between the content of an RSS feed and the stream of drivel that constitutes twitter, then god help them

Suggestions for a replacement? So far today I've tried Google Reader, Feedly, activor.us and Feedshow - hated all of them. Feedly is kind of interesting, but I want to read what I want to read, not what happens to be newest; GR and Feedshow don't allow non-alphabetic sorting, and feedshow doesn't seem to have been updated for the last 3 years. GR is also encrusted with loads of Web 2 shite: "like" & "share this" buttons, and the like.

Toshiba touts £329 Folio Android tablet

Reg Varney

Same screen resolution as the Samsung...

... but 3" bigger screen?

What's the point of the bigger screen, if the screen resolution isn't increased?

Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet

Reg Varney


1) Ever heard of Skype?

One in five workers still clinging to IE6

Reg Varney

No-one *wants* to stick with IE6

I'm part of an enterprise which is *finally* going to upgrade to IE8 next year (just after it is superseded by IE9, probably). The problem isn't just the internal apps written to IE6 that don't work on anything else, there are really key business apps by 3rd party vendors which don't work on newer versions or other browsers, either because the vendors haven't finished testing on a newer version or they've abandoned development completely, or we're stuck on an old version and can't move for some other dependency.

It's very easy for some smart-arse in a 100-PC company (or 3 PC house) to go on about switching browsers and how IE6 is so old, but try moving a 100,000+ PC enterprise, that is dependent on some apps which can't move - it aint that easy.

Apple lays claim to expired patents

Reg Varney

The Merkan patent system is stupid, but...

... even there, a previously filed patent must be prior art, by definition. The clues are in the words "previously filed"

BBC Trust approves Project Cartel Canvas

Reg Varney

Lord Reith even compared commercial TV to ... smallpox, the bubonic plague and the Black Death.

Two points:

1) All of those would be a preferable experience to watching most of ITV's current output

but 2) isn't bubonic plague and the Black Death the same thing?

6Music: Dead man walking?

Reg Varney
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@James Dunmore

Yes, but the whole point is that XFM *doesn't* do that - not because it can't compete with 6Music, but because it was bought by Capital and drastically re-targeted the station. They don't want to compete with 6Music, they just want a student-oriented equivalent of Crapital.

XFM was great when it started, but has been utter shite for years

Followers vanish as Twitter tw*ts tweet bug

Reg Varney

If a twatterer has 0 Followers ...

... do they still exist? How would they know?

Reg Varney

It's not the 140 chars, it's the 40 IQ

Follow the link to the Twatterer in question. I don't think it's Twattle itself that is the problem

Workers scared to befriend bosses on Facebook

Reg Varney

@LinkedIn is not much different

Not true actually - you can supress updates by user.

I do agree with the general point of your post though - it's beyond me why people on LI want to publish every asinine through that goes through their head; it's even less appropriate there than on FuckwitBook

Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses

Reg Varney

"Don't be evil"?

For a simple mission statement, Google seem to really struggle to understand it. The ubiquitous Google worries me far more than MS or The Cult of Apple

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

Reg Varney

Standard SOP to provide a lifetime purchase limit on a product?

I call *utter bullshit* on that. I have never heard of that being applied to anyone, ever, in any circumstances. A per day limit when there's a shortage (even one engineered by the mfr), maybe, but a lifetime limit? I think not.

Microsoft cuts out paste

Reg Varney

Bullet in chamber? Check. Pointed at foot? Check...

Who are these dumbass "users who don't want it"? WTF is wrong with these retards, and where on earth did MS manage to find such drooling cretins?

Or maybe they don't exist, and MS are being stupid? Nah, couldn't be

BBC confirms death of 6Music, slashes online budget by a quarter

Reg Varney

@ Why has no-one mentioned XFM

Because it's been utter shite since it was taken over, several year ago?

Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism

Reg Varney
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WinVista = Worst OS Ever?

You haven't lived: Try CP/M & BOS and then tell me Vista is worse.

Google stalks your social circle

Reg Varney
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Sounds another good reason...

not tyo sign up to Gmail, or facebook

Barnes & Noble's ebook reader takes its bow

Reg Varney

Agree with Slabman

this is getting somewhere near what I want from an eBook reader.

I want:

- whiter background than the currently murky grey

- magazine subscriptions

- colour (though I can live without that for this generation or 2 of devices)

- Find (by on-screen keyboard)

- highlighting capability (by touch or stylus, not buttons)

- no DRM

- ability to accurately render PDF and CHM docs

- Realistic pricing of eBooks / eMags, not deadtree price + surchange for presumed piracy. In other words, not the rip-off iTunes model

I don't want:

- Wifi that eats battery for no useful purpose - I'm happy to download on my PC and connect the ebook reader to it. How many people *really* find themselves stuck somewhere with nothing to read and *need* to download a book from the WiFi hotspot, *right now*? If these people actually exist, I'm not one of them

- ebooks that cost a large portion of the price of the deadtree version (eg 100+% in the Waterstones/Sony model)

- buttons. Any buttons at all (well, except an on/off, and even that should just be by closing a cover on it)

Microsoft names Visual Studio 2010 dates

Reg Varney

11 THOUSAND dollars for Visual Studio??

VS is undoubtedly a good tool. And MSDN is a fantastic resource.


Microsoft protests $290m Word judgment

Reg Varney

Hypocrisy on The Reg, surely not?

Patent trolls in all other cases get traduced, but if it's Microsoft on the other side, suddenly it's Big Bad Business against the Poor Injured Victim

World's nastiest trojan fools AV software

Reg Varney

There's an analysis of an infection of (a variant of?) this

at http://novirusthanks.org/blog/2008/11/trojan-spywin32zbot-analysis-of-malware/

From that, it looks like a lot more than 23% are detecting it - though that may well be an older version of the scumware

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

Reg Varney

Is is really wrong of me...

... to wish the stupid hippie fucktards would just shut the fuck up. If they want to spend the rest of their lives debugging their almost-finished-but-couldn't-quite-be-arsed-with-the=boring-bits applications on Linux then feel free. But stop bugging the rest of us about it.

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

Reg Varney

re: "Why all the hate for iTunes"

Because it's a godawful piece of software, with a terrible UI?

To give it its due, its linking with the iTunes shop is, as you would expect, excellent. However, as I have no desire to pay more for a digital download than I can buy a CD for in Tesco, that is of no interest to me.

It's also pretty good at managing podcasts.

For everything else, MediaMonket is infinitely better, in just about every respect.

IT contractors demand overhaul of company transfer visas

Reg Varney

I can accept offshoring of jobs...

... for jobs which don't require local contact, or detailed local knowledge. But it burns my arse that the government hands out visas by the thousand to import lower-paid workers which displace UK workers, who are expected to train them up to take their own jobs away.

RIP Personal Computer World

Reg Varney

"Back in the day", it was essential reading...

... when it and Byte was the only "general" computer magazines widely available.

But, it's been irrelevant for years, and the current incarnation, with the crappy paper and the retro articles has largely been embarassing - the columns have been trivial, the reviews superficial.

eBay fees rejig will still hit casual auctioneers

Reg Varney

eBay are doing their damnedest to kill themselves

After my last experience with their totally dysfunctional dispute system, which is absurdly biased in favour of dishonest sellers, I am determined never to use the useless gits again. So it is with some amusement, I watch as they thrash around, repeately shooting themselves in the foot, and alienating everyone that they haven't screwed over (yet).

NZ unleashes sonic Manilow weapon

Reg Varney

If Manilow doesn't work, they can escalate...

.... and hit them with Heino, purveyor of Schlager and Volksmusic. Definitely the Ultimate Sanction

(By all means, Google him if you're intrigued, but don't listen, if you value your sanity)

US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package

Reg Varney

Many years ago she was described as...

... Diane Banker Butt-licking Margaret Thatcher Feinswine.

I see she hasn't improved with age

South Pole stilt-base builder to give lecture in Sadville

Reg Varney

@ Mike

Hmm. I'm either misreading your irony, or you're taking the use of "sad" literally. In this case, it's not in the sense of "unhappy" but in the sense of "get a (first) life".

Hope you feel better for knowing this ;-)

Born Again Delphi

Reg Varney

@A J Stiles

Well there are 255 characters in 7-bit ASCII, let's have all of those in variable names as well.

Anyone who thinks that, for example, aVariable, AVariable, AVARIABLE, avariable, aVariAble etc are all sensible and adequately differentiated names for *different* variables should not be allowed near a keyboard, IMHO. Or should be forced to only program in fortran-66, where they aren't able to hurt anyone.

Heresy to invoke VB in this discussion, but defining the case of a variable in the declaration, then the IDE converting all instances of this variable to the was it is cased in the declaration = very good.