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Open-source .NET gets AJAX polish


.NET benefits?

Yeah, I remember .NET. It gave me 3 different visual studio versions which were incompatible with another, and the troubles in getting programmers in with the 'right' version. But hey, the .NET frameworks were incompatible too. Very nice. We can now savely distribute 32kb applications that only require the latest SP and 32 Mb of framework stuff. Cool.

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?


Old fashioned

Upgraded to the grinding machine long ago. Hammers are so 80ties....

Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines™ rollout

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XP - EoL

Literally: End of Live to be expected in 2 years from now. Not only XP, but the entire world will blow up due to a last but not least servicepack rollup causing nuclear blasts all over the planet.

Mazda takes RX-8 for a spin on 'hydrogen highway'


But the doors......

At the back the doors open up the wrong way. I love this machine and it's wankeL engine, even if it runs on beer, hydro, grass or anything else. I do not care about the lesser performance, as this car with 109 HP is still quite enough to take over fast where needed. Matter of weight-HP ratio I'd assume.

Still the back doors open up the wrong way. That really sucks.

EU thumps Intel with more anti-AMD charges



Actually, motorola architecture in 'big endian' proved to be much easier for me than the intel little endian ever did. Looking in memory, the bytes are in the order I would expect them to be instead of being swapped around. It's a matter of preference, but mine's clearly BIG.

You're right about DOS, but for me it's winDOS that really crapped IT.


That is what intel deserves.....

For forcing 'little endian' upon us, coupled with windos.

I Was A Teenage Bot Master

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At least IT personnel.....

....make money fixing these crap zombie machines.

So, good for all! As long as M$ is there, we'll have jobs.

Astroboffins moot massive Moon-mirror heliograph


Oh no!

The aliens would find out that we have:

- President Bush

- Microcrap software -sort of- running

- Grow food and turn it into fuel for oversized cars, whilst many die of hunger

- Microcrap software -sort of- running

- A lot of problems because of the CO2 emmisions produced by some project to get 27*10^9 tons Aluminium from bauxiet and send it to the moon

- Microcrap....

- No more inhabitants

Not to my liking. Let's use our resources for more usefull things (keeping beer cold and having enough BBQ food like Matt said aliens would do as well).

Loopy Vista pre-SP1 update fixed with pre-pre-SP1 update

Paris Hilton

Re: computers don't think

Yes they do: Computer says NO.

To vista, to the SP1, the hotfixes and whatever. I'm happy to see that my computers have started thinking ever since vista existed and insist on having anything else.

Paris icon? Because she thinks like computers......

Network Solutions pulls anti-Koran website

Jobs Horns

How to generate even more publicity......

Is to file a number of complaints, on some crappy movie you are about to release, to some US ISP who was dumb enough to provide you the webspace......

This is exactly how Hollowood would go about to hype a movie which really costed mega-money and no one wants to see it.

Microsoft cuts Vista price


I'll be back...

Is what M$ must be thinking. The roadmap is already there: first we ask an unreasonable price for a flawy OS, later we do some SP fix to introduce new flaws at core level and lower the price (hey! this is now!), then we give it away for free IF you buy a funny smelling furry toy. Later we'll say: we have a new WinDos! And this one is faster, more stable and secure!

It sounds like the path: win98 -> winMe -> Win2K/XP to me. And winMe seems to match to Vista....

Security boffins unveil BitUnlocker

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DRAM Feature

Long ago I had build a simple OS to replace the crappy TOS on my Atari ST machine. I was designed to take advantage of the fact that after power down, the memory stayed live for about 8 seconds. If my OS gained control before 8 seconds expired, it would actually bring the system back up in exactly the same state as it was before power down.

Funny enough this was needed, since the Atari hardware was flawy and chip subsystems would actually crash while the CPU and memory remained functional. So, this OS saved me from a lot of lost data/work I did on the machine.

It is nice to see that technology nowadays is also designed with the knowledge that the computer hardware is simply unreliable :-)

Most home routers 'vulnerable to remote take-over'


@anon coward

With google you can find many of these inforrmation resources. What you should start to learn are the fundamentals. Search for 'TCP/IP networking howto' and a lot will show up.

This is a reasonable page to get started:


I have learned my original TCP/IP knowlegde from a book connected to the Novell 3.12 NOS. It was a very comprehensive book and perfectly clear. It just does not cover all those 'new thingies' like NAT etc.


Upnp - no go area

I never switch on Upnp. Not only is it a bad practice, but in case you have 'smart' windos machines around, they will autodetect the 'feature' and use it to switch the ISP link on/off. So, say you have 4 machines connected and you close down one, all others loose their connection as well. This is what happened on an older speedtouch icm. windos XP.

It should be switched off by default - always - and I really see no reason for anyone using it at all. The same applies to stupid flash stuff as far as I'm concerned....

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph


Cool speeding!

Police has nothing else than the video. I'd claim I editted it. Prove me wrong.

Police should only rely on their own cam crap, laser guns and whatever stuff they have. In court this should not hold up for long - oh! I forget Uk uses a civilian jury! -

I just hope he does not use small/slow roads for this.... highways are for fun.

If the bike would run windos vista, it would have stated '38,344 days, 10 hours and 2 seconds ETA'. Clearly, the bike runs linux and shows accurate speed reports.

Now I remember why I refuse myself a 2 wheeler license: I simply couldnt help using all the horse power available.....

Remembering the Cray-1



Sorry I forgot to beg for this article. Reminds me of the days I had to sort punch cards, play with IBM 3090/S38/S36/AS400Model-B20-40-60 and Harry (Harris computer). I still have some 8inch IML boot disks left in case I ever find another....

Harry was the best: in winter times, this was the first system we'd boot. Why? Well, after power on it would produce a nice warm place to sit on top. The harddisk (amazing 10MB storage) took about 3 minutes to speed up. You could not boot the CPU before the HD was fullly functional. I hated the 3 minutes extra cold. 1988 was nice.

The AS/400's were cool too, but lacked a convenient place to warm up. Probably this is why they are still running......

During those days, I actually dreamed of having -any- cray available. SUPERcomputer!

Take care, more of these 'This old box' wanted!

GPS is killing children

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The 240 applies to public highways using a 10 year old jap'; the tracks are a different story: I'll do whatever the car allows me to do with it.

I do not worry about the assault either. After all, the witnesses told this: we saw a men speeding, ignoring red light, braking very heavily and in that process he must have both wrecked his car and himself. Slight little detail that the wrecking happened later than the crash :-) I actually got an applaude for the civilian arrest I made.

Paris Hilton


I may have been somewhat upset about your post icm the incident that happened yesterday. Therefore I would like you to know it's no personal thing between you and me or anything. Actually I do enjoy your comments. As I understand now, you are a responsible driver and therefore there is no chance I will have to drag you out of the car and crap you up :-) For some reason, the Paris icon didnt make it on your post, so to make up: here it is!

The issue with the parent vs. cardriver responsibility remains. Parent responsibility for their kids in my opinion is big enough. Indeed we prepare the kids for worst case scenario's. But, people that are send into a residential area by their TomDumb seem to worry only about their own convencienes. In my case, yes the driver was speeding; we cannot blame his sat nav. But, it was the sat nav that brought the idiot there in the first place. If he would have used nav4all, this wouldnt happen as often as I see it happen.

To Cor: 240 is easy to achieve, but I do this only deep in the night or in the job of racing. In holland you get a big fine when caught, and in re-occurance they take your license away. This, in 25 years driving (and speeding where conditions allow me) never happened to me. Most of the times I use a racing circuit to do my car-fun :-) I do not think my driving will put me behind bars.

To Tigger: try A44 between 2 & 6 AM. It's near where you live, and there is no lights on this road. If you cannot find a circuit, well.. this is where you want to be without any car in front of you. And, the bonus is there is NO kid to take out!

To anyone going through my area: just do what you have learned when you got your license. That means: no overspeeding to 80 when the limit is 30 (= no license to be granted), dont play with the satnav/phone/reading newspapers/putting on make-up while driving your car, and notice a red light when it IS red while kids are passing (with pedestrian GREEN lights on). Last but not least: do not trust your satnav crap if it wants to 'shortcut' through such areas. I do take my responsibilty as a parent very serious, but I cannot teach my kids to encounter for adults with a brain age lower then theirs.




"Right thats it I'll never buy a nav4 thingy with this feature as its obvious this company are causing global warming by making cars take a longer route, its also anti-darwin as any bright kid wont be playing on the road anyway, so they are also lowering the IQ of the world gene pool by allowing stupid kids to survive into adulthood."

The nav4 thingy will put you through the shorter route. Our (I'm dutch) residential aera's mostly provide the longer route, with the added remark that these area's are usually subject to speed limits of 30 Km/h or less.

Secondly, our kids (I happen to have a son of 4) do not play on the road, but they'll need to cross roads in order to get to school. People living in our residential area tend to know the area and adjust their behaviour. People from -anywhere- do not know and misbehave normally. Today, I was crossing together with my kid. the traffic light being red for cars, and someone almost did not stop. He was speeding at about 80 km/h, where 30 was the limit, and if it werent for his brakes, he would have killed 5 kids crossing then. Kids, however bright, typically do not develop 'traffic awareness' before the age of 6.

I guess you understand I opened his car and had to sort of beat him up, bashed his car and I was about to stick a knife in his goddamn eyes since he wasnt seeing anything anyway. - after the kids left obviously - It's a shame the police was around before I could finish the job. I got a warning, he received an article 5 ('crazy/dangerous driving') ticket of 500E. If the police would have left it my way, I would have been able to make it very Darwin and I would have corrected the gene pool of people that cannot drive a car properly.

Whoever you are, you are invited to use your TomDumb and drive my area. Please try to take out a kid. I would love to meet you..... Probably you dont have kids, nor do you understand that main roads are intended for fast traffic. Whatever. I hope you may grow up once.

ps. I use a MIO (Belgium GPS device), and I typically ignore stupid residential diversions. It isnt that hard to do. I do like to speed on highways; my car does about 240 km/h and I regularly meet that limit - just not in residential area's -


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