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Microsoft names Windows 7 RC1 dates

Gary F

It will never happen...

"Stable and completed code for Windows 7 will be released to early adopters during the coming week"

If that is the case, it will be the first time that Microsoft have ever delivered stable and completed code.

Pigs are undoubtably taking flying lessons as I type.

iPhone 3.0 beta reveals mixed blessing

Gary F

Desperate Haters

It's no surprises from the Register here.

Apple add pretty much all the features that the nerdcore here moan about being missing from the iPhone and they still try (and fail) to put a negative spin on it.

Am I really supposed to be upset that a FREE update will mean that I don't have to buy third party apps to fulfill certain functions ?

If those apps are truly any good, then they should not fear competition from these additions.

There are plenty of apps available now that replicate and add to the existing built-in iPhone apps. If they truly improve or add to the experience they will still sell.

As I've said before, with this update, the haters are running out of reasons they can use to pour scorn upon the iPhone.

(Go on, berate the 2mp Camera and no flash - it's about all you've got left and sounds pretty weak now).

It will me more difficult to justify their worship of the nerd-only google phone (and soon the Palm Pre) with their second rate copy-cat interfaces, poor support and crappy app stores etc.

Fanbois will abandon iPhone for Palm, says Wikisugardaddy

Gary F

Pre? Palm? Who the hell are they??

So Palm think another copycat, iphone wannabe is going to make all the iPhone users just chuck their devices in the bin.

These people are seriously deluded.

Famous brands like Google and Blackberry have failed in their attempts to win the market with "me too" phones.

The general buying public don't even know who Palm is, and the sensible tech savvy who have heard of them have long since walked away from their outdated hardware and operating system.

This is not even taking into account that Apple will no doubt release a new iteration of the iPhone which will totally eclipse the Pre.

It will generate huge publicity and then huges queues at mobile phone shops. The iPhone is STILL the only phone to generate enough excitement for that.

Woohoo, the Google phone is out. Look at the queues and excitement...... Oh, there isn't any.

As much as it rankles the nerdcore, people actually LIKE and want the iPhone. Go ahead and talk about the crap camera, lack of MMS, lack of copy and paste etc. Then go look up comparative sales and marketshare whilst you cry onto your crappy, wannabe google phone.

Only now are the competition even coming close to the usabilty and user friendliness of the iPhone.

If the next iPhone launched with a 10mp camera, video recording, MMS, copy and Paste and a free beer cooler, it would be interesting to see all the haters scramble around to desperately find reasons to despise it again.

Look at me. I'm a geek, I hate Apple and I've got a Pre. Nobody else has, and the OS is clumsy and old, but at least it isn't an iPhone, Aren't I cool?

No, you're not.

And you never will be.

No matter what languages you can code in or how many MP3s you've downloaded from bit torrents.

And hating things just because they are popular definitely does NOT make you cool, just as liking them doesn't either.

2008's top three touchscreen phones

Gary F


I love how despite being number 3 here, the iPhone is used as the comparison subject in the article.

Strange how the "number 1" HTC was not referred to in the LG or iPhone sections, but the iPhone is mentioned in all of them.

Seriously, every other phone this year has been compared to the iPhone and not each other and you don't acknowledge it.

Yes, there are other phones with better individual features, but NONE of them are the complete package.

The iPhone delivered so much, and that is why every phone that has followed has aspired (and failed) to be a iPhone killer.

Where were the queues for the HTC or LG ?? Nowhere, thats where.

Your top touchscreen phone article is an epic fail. It mentions one phone so many times, but then fails to acknowledge its relevance.

Your anti-Apple /anti-iPhone bias is pathetic and sad.

Apple sued over Jesus Phone 'hairline cracks'

Gary F


This is not news - heard about this days ago.

I find it strange that the Register is so slow at reporting these things, considering their obvious desperation to publish anti-Apple / iPhone stories and feed the Linux nerd collective an excuse to spew their bile.

Also, @ it's a wonder and Arghh... (Fraser).

If you are unable to work out the correct use of the words "lose" and loose" then your comments should be disregarded by all intelligent people.

Google fixes world's most stupid bug

Gary F

Android Handsets for sale?


Are you telling me that android handsets are out?

I hadn't noticed.

Seriously, i haven't had a single person show me one or talk about them.

Zero buzz.

Listening to the geek community, this was supposed to be more like the second coming of christ than the iPhone.

Great that the first thing I hear about them since launch is this hideously embarrassing bug.

Can't help but think that the Register nerd collective would have been much harder on this if either MS or Apple had been responsible.

Must be gutting for all the haters that their saviour from the iPhone succumbs to such a silly error.

Apple bans App Store heartbreak chatter

Gary F

@Sean (without stupid accented a)

You said "That DRM addled shit phone is doomed now that android is out."

OH MY GOD, How fucking stupid are you??

Have you actually seen the first android phone? It sucks big time. Feels cheap and nasty to hold and the interface adds NOTHING to the user experience.

It has absolutely no buzz around it outside techie/nerd/geek circles.

Android is no threat at all. Google will learn fallibility with this weak effort. Time will show you this, even if you cannot / will not see it now.

As for your "wankers" comment, perhaps owners of iPhones think to themselves "only wankers (like you) wouldn't buy an iPhone anyway, judging by non-owners"

As for these whining developers: they read (or should have) the terms and conditions and the NDA. They accepted that all Apps were published at Apples discretion.

If they didn't want to be held to these terms then don't start developing for the iPhone. It's that simple. Don't go whining after the fact, thats just childish.

There are plenty of happy developers making lots of cash compared to this vocal minority (given way too much page space by Apple haters like the Register)

World goes mad as Bill and Jerry eat churros

Gary F

Francis Vaughan

You stated "I suspect Apple will be pulling them soon"

Wow Nostradamus, any more earth shattering predictions?

Will November follow October maybe?

The Mac adverts will be pulled soon just because they have been a long running (and successful) campaign which has now naturally come near to the end of its run.

It definitely won't be forced to end its run by this dog turd of an advert.

If you are that much of a fanboy that you even have to desperately defend this crap, then I truly pity you.

I wouldn't be letting you choose which movie to watch at the cinema, or let you anywhere near the TV remote control if you really found this crap enjoyable.

Desperate, contrived, forced, and ultimately embarrassingly unfunny.

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones

Gary F

An answer to your question

"5Mp snapper, OLED display, HSDPA and Wi-Fi. What's not to like?"

The awful user interface, like all other Nokia phones.

Apple's AppStore closes in on $500m in software sales

Gary F

@ Alan

And here we go with the name calling again.

What's the matter? Are you getting phone envy cause your Nokia / Motorola / Other hideous interface device is being threatened.

Funny how when I had a Nokia and Motorola phones, nobody called me a sucker, but now that I have an iPhone, suddenly I am judged harshly.

Amazing as it may seem to some reg readers, I do actually prefer my iphone to any other phone that I've used.

Like ALL phones, it has its annoyances, but for me, far fewer than any previous phone that I've possessed (and I've had a few).

Once again the jealousy / paranoia from the Apple haters is laughable.

If the iphone and Apple are that bad, why do you feel the need to attack all the time?

Surely it is just us "suckers" who are affected? How can that effect you, to the degree that you have to sink to immature name calling.

I suspect that name-calling is all you have to offer in absence of a reasonable, well thought-out argument.

And lastly Alan, regarding the comment "because it is a very well publicised, gimmicky, flavour of the month device"

Over here in Australia, leading up to the launch, the iPhone got virtually NO publicity. No TV ads from any of the carriers, no newspapers ads, no in store promotion.

Seriously, the day before the launch, none of the local phone stores had anything to indicate there was going to be iphones in-store the next day.

But despite absolutely zero hype, what happened? - Sell out, and still now with most stores a waiting list to get one.

So, flavour of the month, yes. Well publicised - didn't need to be.

In my experience with the iphone, people see it in action and want one (by your reasoning, I must only know suckers).

I've never had any other phone get that sort of reaction.

Of course these are normal people, not tech-heads or phone geeks.

They see a nice looking phone, that has many functions that are actually easy to find and use.

Gary F

Joe K - the only Bollocks is what you are typing

Do you really expect to be taken seriously Joe?

You start by saying "I got tired of waiting for Vodafone to get the iPhone, so bought a N82"

After that, anything you say becomes irrelevant.

What you actually said was: "I was too impatient to wait for my first choice phone (the iphone) and brought a poorer substitute instead"

If you had considered the N82 the better choice in the first place, you wouldn't have been waiting for the iphone.

Now it sounds as if you are desperate to justify to yourself that it was the right decision.

"an all round better phone" you say. How the hell would you know if you were too impatient to wait for the iphone and therefore have not used one for any length of time?


People call Apple users sheep, but it appears that there are plenty of sheep right here.

The Register prints yet another anti Apple / anti iPhone article and the flood of sheep come to the comments section, talking about products they have so obviously never used.

It's actually amusing to read to seething insecurity of some comments here. Some people here sound like they lose sleep, worrying about the fallibility of their computers / OS / phone.

Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning

Gary F


Why are the first 3 posters talking about Darwin?

The article clearly states that the posters are from New South Wales, not the Northern Territory.

(Aussie joke there - sorry, couldn't resist)

Blade Runner replicant checks into rehab

Gary F

Disease = excuse

And the first step is admitting you have a problem......

Not that you have a "disease". You admit that you are an addict and are powerless.

I don't care how many people quote wikipedia (yeah, great source) or online dictionaries regarding the status of alcoholism as a disease.

Calling alcoholism a disease is an insult to truly ill people.

To answer some points:

"You can contract it socially"

LOL hilarious. Lets also call vandalism a disease, because weak minded sheep who cannot control themselves or their impulses can contract that socially too.

"You can pick up vulnerabilities to it genetically"

Can we have some proof on this one please. If ones parents are alcoholics, then one may follow the pattern due to learnt behavior, but there is no proof for a physical, genetic factor.

"It is neither viral nor bacterial, but psychological"

Agreed, but just because a person is psychologically weak, it doesn't justify a "disease" tag. Mentally ill perhaps, but not diseased.

"I'm assuming that the above posters think all addicts are weak, and just like a drink".

Actually, I DO feel that they are weak, and yes, they did start and continue drinking because they liked a drink. Nobody starts on the road to alcoholism because the don't like a drink.

Most of us who enjoy a drink have the psychological strength and sense not to abuse it - it's not like in this day and age that the dangers of alcohol are a big secret.

Calling alcoholism a disease is a way of excusing it. If its called a disease, you can imply that the person had no choice about it.

People prefer to call it a disease rather than an addiction because they want to avoid the negative impression addiction implies.

Hardly admitting you have a problem is it. Oh well, back to step one for you.

Junkie sues pusher over heart attack

Gary F

@Pete James

Just to comment on the paracetamol issue.

Firstly, I don't agree with the original posters comment regarding the pusher / chemist comparison, but i need to correct something here.

You rightly state that a responsible pharmacy will restrict the amount of paracetamol they sell in a single transaction.

That makes no difference to your argument.

Do you know how many Paracetamol the average adult has to take before severe liver damage or death ? (if not treated).

I suspect the number is a lot less than you realize. The average paracetamol party pack from the local chemist or supermarket is easily enough to cause liver failure and a slow, painful death.

(Also does the average supermarket actually care if I buy 3 or 4 packets - what if I go through the self service aisle at the local Tesco - no checks there).

One thing is for sure, and the original poster was correct about this - Paracetamol is perceived as a safe drug, but is actually very dangerous and potentially lethal with only a relatively small overdose.

To comment on the main story - sorry, but I don't sympathize with either party. The pusher is an obvious scumbag , purely for the fact he is a pusher.

But I shed no tears for the "victim" (drug addict).

"Boo hoo, I was vulnerable etc etc". She had choices -there is always a choice. She was supposedly clean but despite knowing the dangers she CHOSE to take more. Feeling low is not an excuse for extreme stupidity - never will be.

In the western world we are taught the dangers and risks from illegal drug use from an early age (even before the victims starting age of thirteen).

She chose to take the free sample. She chose to start to take drugs again at age 20.

I chose not to lose sleep over the health consequences to such an idiot.

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

Gary F

@ Hollerith

I am shocked that despite your obvious delicate sensibilities and Politically Correct leanings, you chose to use the word "denigrate" in your post.

A few years ago, I recall the PC sheep flocking against a public figure who dared to use this word.

Now that you have caused offense by using that racist term, perhaps, to save the rest of us from your ignorance, you should hand yourself in to the PC police and never return to the internet.

In a general comment regarding the original story, I can't believe that some of you are twisting this into a slur against Shi'ites / muslims.

The joke was not made to infer that Shi'ites are "bad".

The joke was a play on words to illustrate a diversity in 2 elements.

Some results were good, some were bad.

Some Muslims are Shi'ites, some are not.

I agree it was a poor pun on the word Shi'ite, but if anyone takes offense from this comment, they are obviously actively seeking to be offended.