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Outrage over Nokia factory closure



What rhymes with "miner"?? Please bear in mind that I haven't slept in days so please, be gentle if it's really obvious :-)


As soon as I clicked "post comment"..

My brain had a dump and I could swear I heard a little muffled voice say "china"

Dublin's free Wi-Fi falls foul of competition law


You do have to pay to have your rubbish collected though!

And to use the motorway

And pay for kids water (from the tap no less) at school

And pay for all GP visits

And Pay fire service if house catches fire

And subsidise your kids poorly funded school

And... oh why bother.. rope anybody?

'First' iPhone Trojan rolls into town


Anon Coward..

Well done on calling 'heystoopid'..

Heystoopid: I too would like to see your broad outline as to how Linux will make the i-groan more "secure by nature"..

I have been a long time reader of The Reg and to be honest, the amount of pure drivvle spouted by these supposed Linux gurus has really begun to grind my tits...