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Ofcom confirms three Freeview HD channels 'by end of next year'

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Improve Coverage

Never mind 720 or 1080p, I'd just like to have a decent signal strength!

T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP

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Free WAP

My provider allowed free WAP access, which was great. I used to check the train timetable for free, very useful it was too.

Videogame retailers support Byron Review, says Byron

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@ anonymous

"Nobody cares about age rating system except a few people who are magical mushroom people."

That woman obviously cared because it's her job. She didn't make the sodding law. I'd do the very same, I don't want to lose my job just because an individual hasn't bothered to keep identification on them. The amount of customers who give me a "You've just spoken Russian" look when I ask for ID have to realise I'm not picking on them, I'm simply following policy.

Kids brought up by technology not parents, quango claims

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Raising the e-generation

My sister is fifteen years old - going on sixteen - and I can say her MSN conversations into the wee hours are probably not good for her health. She spends most of her online time browsing sites like Bebo, and chatting on her IM client. I think the problem is that these websites become pretty addictive, and 'The' way to stay in touch with friends. My parents try to be as strict as they can but at the end of the day, at least she's not out starting fights or drinking. As for mobile phones, children/young adults shouldn't really need them switched on at night to receive texts :\ It'll make them more inclined to check their phone every ten minutes instead of sleep.

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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Please remember

The Elonex One is aimed at the education sector. In addition, a price tag of £99 does believe it or not limit what the device can and cannot do - a larger screen, better battery life would be nice, but for half the price of an Eee, I'm not going to complain about imperfections. It may not be the right choice for those who have the bank balance to go with something like the Asus, but for a student such as myself the price tag is perfect, and will indeed save my shoulders from over-load as I epically fail to transport my current 15.4" notebook from A -B on my delicate 5ft 2" frame. I've seen a lot of commenting on the way the Elonex looks - but it won't stop me typing on the train if I have work to be done; I don't really care what other people think. As for the models - both should be male. And topless. And be covered in a fair bit of lotion to...er...y'know, protect their skin. Then maybe I'll get back to you.

Microsoft previews TellMe phone voice control

Stacy Kidd

Maybe I'm reading too much into this but....

what if voice commands eventually integrate into the majority of mobile phone features, like inserting text on text messages for example? I'm not sure I'd want to read aloud what I'm going to do with my boyfriend and the washing machine that night....


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