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Explaining the Chocolate Factory's Patent Panic

Graham Lerant

The article is based on flawed logic

What if Google didn't just want patents but acquired Motorola to manufacturer some phones! Is this so implausible?

Google lands patent for, um, estimating shipment time

Graham Lerant

It's time to stop

reporting on these feeble Patent stories.

Second thoughts - I think I'll patent 'sitting down to take a dump'.

I may not have been the first person to think of it, I may not have been the first person to have done it, but I'll patent it anyway.

Lossless music goes High Street

Graham Lerant

I have often wondered about the mental state

of folk who pay more for a lossy download than the CD itself costs from HMV or Amazon.

Oh I forgot! It's the stupid kidz!

Apple fails to get US 'App Store' trademark injunction

Graham Lerant

I'm bored

Bored with all these stories of imbecile american firms taking each other to court.

bye bye America!

Microsoft bags two more Android patent deals

Graham Lerant

Patent Schmatent

This patents nonsense is one of the reasons the USA will sink into oblivion and the East will be the new force.

Having software patents is just as daft as patenting novels. Imagine if Dan Brown obtained a patent on 'The Divinci Code' and then sued every other novelist who wrote a similar yarn.

In a sane legal system you copyright your software and anyone else can reverse engineer it which leads to innovation and inter-operability.

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site

Graham Lerant
Black Helicopters

At least the Yanks didn't shoot him.

At least they didn't fly in, shoot his Mamma in the leg and shoot him in the head before dumping him in the ocean.

How many people here seriously believe that Americans believe in the rule of law?

Naked cyclist streaks through Suffolk village

Graham Lerant

No Humour, We're British

Criminalised for a harmless wheeze.

That sums up the U.K. Humourless, joyless, politically correct morons.

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

Graham Lerant
Thumb Up

Good Job

I'm running Vista 64bit on an Acer 7720 laptop.

My only issue with Vista was jitter when playing audio and placing any kind of load.

SP1 installed in 30 minutes - 2 reboots (1 obligitory and 1 for luck) and the system feels a lot faster and more responsive. The great thing is I can't cause any jitter on my audio - and I've tried!

Great job!

AmigaOS 5 surfaces... sort of

Graham Lerant

Minimig rulez

"To be honest this is a bit like having the headline "Talbot to restart production". "

If you quoted the headline "The Krays to restart Talbot production"

You would be overstating the acheivement and understating the integrity of the characters involved.


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