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Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling

Ian Hallsworth

God help us if the Royal Mail goes

A private courier cound not deliver a parcel to me because I had put the wrong post code on it. I had asked for it to be delivered to my workplace whuch is a big massive building which is actually signposted and because I was the last digit out they cound not find me. Next parcel came royal mail with the wrong post code and they still managed to deliver it next day.

Teens reject Microsoft's Zune

Ian Hallsworth

I still use my 1980s Sony Walkman (And the orange headphones)

Still does the job it was made to do although finding tapes is getting harder by the week. And the kids think the size of it is rather "cool"

Microsoft chases satnav market

Ian Hallsworth

Where do you want to go today?

i'll get me coat

Cambridge woman in £90m 'leccy bill shocker

Ian Hallsworth

A spokesman said: "We have systems to ensure these errors are not made

Obvisly you dont

Over half of US HD TV owners blurry on Blu-ray

Ian Hallsworth

Whats wrong with good old fasioned VHS

Whats wrong with good old fasioned VHS?. I still have it, i'm still waiting for some films to be released on DVD never mind BD or whatever. Mind you I do have a BD ad HDDVD player and an apppleTV (Yes that was me)

Dot Mobile goes titsup

Ian Hallsworth
Paris Hilton

Im not surprised

I work at a uni where they have had a stand here everyday for the past 18 months and I dont think they have sold a single contract to any student. They (the sales team) never appear to have anybody interested so as the title says "I'm not surprised".

Paris? Why not

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike

Ian Hallsworth

At least BT fix problems

Switched to NTL, phone line went dead within hours, NTL refused to acknoldge fault. They tried to ring me to tell me this. Told them to come and take their line out to which they said I was in beach of contract. Told them that they were as their line didnt work. Told them my partner was a contract lawyer which must have made them do something as engineer came back next day and took line out and BT reconnected me FOC. 2 weeks later fault with BT line fixed within 48 hrs.

To you lot who say Switch, I say this, Try moving out to 5 miles out of a city like me. At least BT have provided ADSL at my exchange, perhaps if BT were allowed to pick and choose like the other providers you would think differently.

Investors cheer Toshiba plan to drop HD DVD

Ian Hallsworth

Look out for some cheap discs then

Brought a HDDVD drive last week as there doing the 7 disc offer which works out that you get the player for free (give or take a fe pence) but if the format is dropped then they will be some cheap discs in the shops (Matrix Trillogy £10 anyone).

Toshiba pitches HD DVD players as... DVD machines

Ian Hallsworth

Makes for an expensive DVD plyer then

My standard dvd player (Sony GX350) will upscale dvds and that cost me about 70 quid, which is a dam sight cheaper than a hddvd player. So Toshiba expect me to spend 200 quid for the same functionality as a 70 quid one. I somehow think that joe consumer will also spot this

BT Vision targets Xbox gamers for growth

Ian Hallsworth

Only 100,000 users im not surprised

tried to order it today mainly cause i want the series record and the power plug networking and was told that my 2400 line is not good enough (You only need a 2000 line).I suspect that the 100,000 are those you can pratically touch the exchange from the front gardens.