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Web hosting and domain name merchant UK2 Group puts up for sale sign


Needs watching

I'll need to keep an eye on this to see who might bite. I'll need to decide to move my site or stick with the new lot.

Sexism isn't getting better in Silicon Valley, it's getting worse


I should really know better than to read the comments on these articles. FFS.

Boffins solve bacon crisis with newly-patented plant


A bacon replacement is already out there

Tempeh Rashers are the best replacement out there. You can fry it to nice and crispy, has a similar texture, and generally just tastes amazing. You can either make your own using a marinade for flavour or buy ready made from brands like VBites.

The Breakfast (Table) of Champions: Micro Machines

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I loved this on the PS2. I'll need to check out this new fangled "ToyBox Turbos".

Biometric behavioural profiling: Fighting that password you simply can't change


Password managers

What does it profile when I don't type my password or username?

All smartwatches are insecure, reveals unsurprising research


But what were they wearing?

Afraid I just can't take this report seriously until I know if the people who compiled it where complying with the company dress code or not.

Cash register maker used same password – 166816 – non-stop since 1990


Re: That caption for the second image

Either from a Mr Hanky add, or possibly from a Google fibre April fools. I think. Maybe.

Five years of Sun software under Oracle: Were the critics right?


Re: Pleasantly surprised

You can stop it asking. You need to "suppress third party offers".

Before you say so, yes, they should just not do it at all but this is the next best thing.


Hollywood vs hackers: Vulture cracks Tinseltown keyboard cornballs


It's not a movie but...

The absolute peak of this effect that I've seen was in the Canadian TV series XIII ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1713938/ ) where they hunt for a skeleton key to everything although they don't know it until they see it. When they eventually find it they introduce it as:

"The hackers holy grail, a skeleton key that let's you access any system, any program, but it's behind dozens of layers of encryption!"

It's then shown on screen and it turns out to be the HTML view of an Engadget page from 2011.

Scottish independence: Will it really TEAR the HEART from IT firms?


Banking Jobs

You do know that both RBS and Lloyds have said they do not foresee moving *any* jobs? Just their registered offices?

Leak of '5 MEELLLION Gmail passwords' creates security flap


Re: The list

Nigel, you can if your address was on the list https://haveibeenpwned.com/.

It's run by a guy called Troy Hunt http://www.troyhunt.com/ an Aussie security person.

Acer cranks Chromebooks with Core i3 models


Re: College/school work?

I think I'll need to do a bit of digging and find out to what you can do on the Chromebook, software available etc., then see I can get some more details off of her about what she plans to do with it.

Chromebooks have pretty much passed me by so I don't really know much about them this at this point.


College/school work?

A family member is heading back to college soon. This looks like it could server her needs quite well for a decent price. Does anyone have any thoughts on it's suitability? Effectively I suppose it would just be used for note taking/browsing, probably moving things back to a full powered laptop when she gets home.

New iOS 8 SDK: Come in, apps. Get cozy, sip wine, swap numbers


Possibly just stopped a tablet defection

I've been considering ditching my IPad for an Android tablet since I started using LastPass, the integration it has with Android on my Nexus5 is fantastic and makes it really easy to finally keep good (better) password security. Having to switch apps and copy and paste the passwords on the IPad is a drag.

If Swype or similar are going to produce something for the iPad I can use rather than that god awful keyboard then that'll be a big improvement. It's not enough to keep me, but if LastPass can use these new API to provide the same kind of autof-ill they have on Android then that would probably be enough to stop me jumping ship. At least for now.

China to become world's No 1 economy. And we still can't see why

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Possibly the most interesting thing I've read about China in the media for a long time. Good work Andrew.

Satya Nadella shakes up Microsoft, appoints 'Scroogled' man Mark Penn as strategy chief


I feel a little sick

Those quoted paragraphs of BS have made me feel a little queasy. This sentence in particular "He also oversees a multidisciplinary SWAT team that deals with a range of projects involving marketing, media and compete." Really, he has a SWAT team? What the hell does that mean in this context? If you refuse to sign the MS contract you get raided? Then we get to "compete" what the heck is that? Gah!!

But... you work in IT... Why aren't we RICH?


The scary thing is that I could see that app succeeding. Offer different styles of auto tune, perhaps as a microtransaction. Spong rap battles with friends over text. Hell you/we could even integrate it with WhatsThePoint to catch onto the current investor frenzy.

UK spies on MILLIONS of Yahoo! webcams, ogles sex vids - report


Sniffing what?

Sub-header: "Perfectly legal for us to watch your unencrypted steamy cam sessions, sniffs GCHQ"

Anyone else wondering *what* they were sniffing?

Official FACT: Gadgets are giving YOU a wrinkly 'Tech Neck'


Now I feel sullied

I can't believe you sent me to the Daily Mail with that "pictures" link before you mentioned the story was from there. I feel sullied and wrong now... I trusted you El Reg, I TRUSTED YOU!

Samsung pulls Galaxy S3 update as users moan: It's PANTS



Whilst issues like this shouldn't really happen, and when they do the solution should be quick in coming, I'd be interested to get an idea on how many people are having trouble. My wife's phone was updated on the day the update was released with no issues. It wasn't until during the update I became aware of people having trouble, so was a bit nervous, but as I said no issues here.

Boffin's claim: I have found how to get girls into tech


We've been here before

This has been gone over more times than I can count on here (and that's at least ten (I tend not to take my socks off in the office)) How do we get more women into tech the same way you get anyone else into any other sector. Pay good money, don't discriminate, accept that the industry/office/team needs to have some flexibility so that people can more easily fit their personal and work lives into the 24 hours of the day.

From a more IT centric view how about each of us takes a little bit of responsibility and stop using terms like "lovely ladies", "bimbo", "eye candy", etc. when having these discussions both online and offline? How about we call out our colleagues and friends who continue to assess the women in (and coming into) the industry for such practices? I'm not saying make a big scene, but let them know that you don't think its right in the way you think is best. Maybe, if each of us takes a little bit of responsibility we can make things better as a whole?

Maybe it would help if we all imagined working as the only male in an otherwise all female department? If we were honest with ourselves how would we be described if it was only in terms of "eye candy"?

In the spirit of honesty, I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm not saying I don't like looking and good looking women, I'm not saying I have always treated everyone I met with utmost respect, I have caught myself being a right arse some times. However when I do catch myself doing things I wouldn't like to be on the end of I apologise to the person involved and try not to make the same mistake again.

Wholesale change isn't going to happen overnight, but we work in IT, incremental change is meant to be something we are good at.

NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too

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Simply put...

Bravo Trevor, bravo.

Copyright troll Prenda Law accused of seeding own torrents


The Prenda defence should be interesting.

I can see Steele now, "But judge just because its the same IP doesn't mean it was me, you can't identify a user from an IP... No wait you can... Oh shit you can't. "

Red Hat renames JBoss application server as WildFly


Re: This is not a joke?

Their April fools was loaded on JBoss 5, it only just finished starting up.

Wannabe infosec kiddies put Enigma Bombe machine to the test

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Re: If you have any interest at all in the subject...

I really hope that story is true, it has brightened my day no end.

Soldier 1: "I dunno what the Fuhrer is on about, this war stuff is easy, we never see any enemies".

Soldier 2: "Probably running scared from us!"

Soldier 1: "Yeah that's it! Haha".

Solder 2: "Ah well, guess it is time to send in today's report"

Council IT bod in the dock for flogging scrap work PC parts


So were they for the scrap heap or not?

The last paragraph has thrown me here. Were these things going into the bin, or being given to a third party for refurbishing? The last paragraph obviously indicates the refurbishing but the rest of the article makes it sound like they were destined for the bin. The story plays a little differently depending on which is the case.

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game


Hang on, Hang on

Guns do have other uses than shooting people! You could club someone do death with one for example, HA got you there you filthy lefties.

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

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Not much of a deal is it?

With a minimum 18 month subscription to The Times at £17.33 working out at £361.94 including tablet cost, unless you were already planning on both buying a Nexus and subscribing anyway, I can't see it pulling in too many punters.


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Re: paywalls

It certainly has options for handling paywalls, however I don't actually have any accounts with paywalled sites so can't actively test it. But as I say it certainly gives you the option to provide login details for sites that need them.


Re: so....

I just tested it on a 3 page El Reg article and it pulled all 3 pages happily.



I've been using this for a little while now and I love it. I've got the Android client, the iOS client, and the Chrome extension so I can save to my Pocket from any of my devices and read from them as well. If you don't have it (or similar app) get it.

One of the main uses for me is actually when I'm catching up on twitter, if someone links to something that looks interesting, then into my Pocket it goes.

Intel runs three Ivy Bridge fabs ragged for April blast off


Those prices converted to GBP

Core i7-2677M at 1.8GHz (GBP£200.42)

Core i7-2637M at 1.7GHz (GBP£182.72)

Core i5-2557M at 1.7GHz (GBP£158.08)

Core i7-2657M at 1.6GHz (GBP£200.42)

Core i7-2617M at 1.5GHz (GBP£182.72)

Core i5-2537M at 1.8GHz (GBP£163.81)

Converted using xe.com/ucc

New tool turns any marketing wonk into a mobile app whiz


It'll all end in tears

Drag and drop software development will only take you so far. It will end in tears the same way as most if not all of its ilk.

This kind of thing is just about acceptable for prototyping beyond that...

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop


Yeeeee HA!

You just have to take your hat off to the man's work. Outstanding.

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225


Price is back up

Price is back up to £330 on Dixons, Currys, and PC World websites.

Think your CV is crap? Your interview skills are worse



Not nearly enough flame bait in there, I was really looking forward to today's ire filled comments section.

Sony HMZ-T1 3D head mounted display



Your source was worried enough about being identified for you not to name them, but you narrow the field down to a single store... that seems a tad harsh. As for the glasses there is a part of me that wants them as they look like they could be very cool and may actually make 3D worthwhile. The other sensible part of me says not a chance I have better things to spend £800 on.

Smart meters: Nothing can possibly go wrong, says gov


Consumer Benefits

Are there any benefits to the consumer on this one?

Kindle users can 'borrow' an extra book - forever



Do they have plans to offer this in the UK?

US telcos agree to warn users before they bust their tariff



When did Big Business *stop* thinking reaming people was an acceptable business model?

BT bitchslapped for misleading 'Join now' Infinity ad


If Only

If only they would make their roll out plans for Infinity clear.

The Reg dips toe into social media ocean


Staying power

Google+ obviously hasn't demonstrated enough staying power yet, give it 5 years or so :)


Which one

This is your official one? What was @ElReg? Should I stop following that one and follow @regvulture now?

Here lies /^v.+b$/i


For each year I lived I made the most of it.

for( int yearOfLife = 0; yearOfLife<=ageAtDeath; yearOfLife++ ){

Integer it = Integer.MAX_VALUE;


Has UK gov lost the census to Lulzsec?


Sweep under the carpet?

If they have, surely the government will have to actually do something about data security. No more half hearted measures, no more letting companies off with pitiful fines (if any), and proper hard hitting penalty clauses in contracts with companies who are being given our data by the government.

BT earmarks 66 more exchanges for fibre-to-the-cabinet upgrade



Thanks for that. My cabinet is indeed mentioned, sadly it is not in any phase at this point :(


Which cabinets though?

How on earth do you find out when your cabinet is going to get the fibre though? My local exchange(Glasgow Halfway) has been enabled for a long time and FTTC is "available in some areas" but I can't find out which areas have it or when those that don't, are going to get it.

Modern Warfare 3 prompts hand-wringing, chiming cash tills


Must have missed that bit in the newspapers

I didn't realise the 7/7 attackers actually raced through the tube system firing at the trains using a cannon mounted on some kind of jeep.

I really should pay more attention.

IT job seekers can't smell spell

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I never do this but I can't resist this time.

Surely you mean "How did your CV *get* through"?