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Tesla X e-SUV to sport monster touchscreen on the dash

Charles Parker

Well the CAD dashboard shot looks nice and good quality. The reality dashboard shot looks disgusting and cheap, seriously for the price they are mugging you! More like an interior from a 1980s Fiat

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

Charles Parker

Got to love them Yanks they are as stupid as sh*t, he could have done something useful like given it to a charity and put a youtube clip of the handover, rather than trying to impress his small endowed fellow gun slingers with a moneyshot.

UK gov publishes IT action plan to back up previous IT plan

Charles Parker

"As a first step, to facilitate a two-way dialogue with citizens, departments"

The telephone was invented quite a while ago...... Gov needs to be citizen centric, ie. providing a service.. not finding a nice little quiet job reading the newspaper in a locked room on the 14th floor...

NASA releases stunning new moon-landing snaps

Charles Parker


Looks like a close up photograph of a cappuccino with a shot of Photoshop

Bury council defends iPads for binmen

Charles Parker

Save £170k

Alternatively, they could save £170k by in-sourcing then its a fixed cost per year for a crew and a dustcart. Sort of like the old days when ctax was cheap and you got a form of service compared to these days when you get flannel and call centres.

Go Daddy 'negligent' in handing over ownership of accounts

Charles Parker


I had problems daily at exactly 12pm (so lunchtime rush I guess). Email timeouts and cant send or receive until early afternoon, this happened everyday! Tech support are a joke and deny anything is wrong. They ask for ping trace routes when its obviously capacity issues. The support forums have various email complaint threads that dont get sorted, whatever happened to server monitoring and capacity management?

I've now transferred away from them, agree with the other comment to keep domain names separate from the web host. It might cost £1 more a year but you can quickly repoint your site somewhere else if you need to without the pain.

NASA still dreaming of last Atlantis launch

Charles Parker

Bit of a half measure report

"Atlantis also will fly a system to investigate the potential for robotically refueling existing spacecraft and return a failed ammonia pump module."

Be interesting to know more about the robot refueler, do you have to tip?

Reg readers bring down HMRC website

Charles Parker

New HRMC Strategy for next year

Since so many people managed to forget about the deadline, perhaps HRMC should have a chat with Ryanair on how to get the word out... maybe a young girl in a school uniform rolling around on a tax return or something...

Toshiba remains upbeat about HD DVD

Charles Parker


Take a look at "The Fountain" on Blu Ray, watch this on a HD 1080 TV and it will blow your mind away, the clarity, detail and depth is staggering! The storyline is one of those arty types so you may need to watch it a few times or read up on the net about it :)

I agree a lot of movies that appear on either HD format are not true HD quality, disappointing but will hopefully get better. I rent all my movies and you can tell the difference between DVD and Bluray, even on the rubbish movies, you get a much clearer sound and the clarity is better, DVDs produce quite muddy pictures. IMHO.