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Want to use WD diagnostics? Buy Windows

Aidan Samuel

I know I'm missing the point,

...but couldn't he use wine?

Bendy bike inventor scores design prize win

Aidan Samuel


Just to reiterate what Andy 17 said:

If you unbolt the front tyre, you can now take the entire bike.

I wonder what the winner was (as this was only a runner up).

HTC pushes out Android 2.1 update for Hero

Aidan Samuel


Any word on if/when 2.1 will be released for the HTC Magic?

EA imposes used games tax

Aidan Samuel

Might reduce piracy no?

Might be the primary goal of this...

Labour candidate tweets postal votes

Aidan Samuel


"could have an impact on voting intentions on the day and is therefore a breach of electoral law"

So party political broadcasts and debates should be banned too?

That aside, I agree with Bo! El Reg should start a "Technocracy"!

All decisions could be voted for online by the people; finally, a true democracy!

Stick a fork in floppies - they're done

Aidan Samuel


I like the way the "save" icon in various parts of the Andriod UI is a floppy. I wonder if half the teen population wielding an andriod have ever seen one in real life.

Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

Aidan Samuel

Nokia may be wrong

and mobile camera phones will never be as good as DSLRs, but it's crazy to call camera phones "idiotic". The skill and effort it must have taken to fit a 5 megapixel camera inside something slimmer than my finger is just staggering.

Kit attacks Microsoft keyboards (and a whole lot more)

Aidan Samuel

XOR encryption

Are you guys on crack?

XOR isn't inherently "secure" or "insecure".

XOR your plaintext with a one time pad and your encryption is stronger than AES, XOR your plaintext with "PASSWORDPASSWORDPASSWORDPAS..." and you're in trouble.

Stop hating on the XOR!

Telcos to deliver VaaS

Aidan Samuel

It was either that...

...or Voice2.0

Firefox 3.5.4 fixes critical memory flaws

Aidan Samuel
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Critical memory flaws?

Damn. And there was I, hoping they'd fixed the bit of code that eats up 250mb of ram.


Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

Aidan Samuel

It's the "O2 Joggler"...

..not "Jogger"

Virgin Media switches to Gmail

Aidan Samuel

@ Blasmeme

"Customers will get the same 7GB inbox as Google offers free via Gmail, and the same features including POP3 and IMAP access"

POP3 is probably what you're using at the moment. I.e. you'll still be able to download emails onto your computer.

Micron becomes Fusion follower

Aidan Samuel


The news article linked to from this article was published on April 1st, 2008.

Open source fanciers finger Beeb's Win 7 'sales presentation'

Aidan Samuel

Silly me

I though the tabloid cartel owned the rights to words such as "slammed" and "blasted"?


FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

Aidan Samuel

@ GC Birzan

Nice link.

It always amazes me how incredibly stubborn and irritating that guy is!

Coventry fans blue over 'hackable' cashless payment system

Aidan Samuel

one meeeelion hotdogs

What will these nefarious skimmers do with all these cloned cards? They can only use them at the bar in the stadium right? And it will all be on CCTV. Doesn't really sound like a serious issue.

CookieMonster nabs user creds from secure sites

Aidan Samuel
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hsbc.co.uk - pass

just the personal side, didn't try the business side.

Caterpillar plans 600 tonne godzilla-lorry robots

Aidan Samuel
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I'm always disappointed that these unmanned vehicles don't look much more menacing.

Facebook app shows botnet risk

Aidan Samuel
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Big deal. What about the thousands of forums that allow you to post <img .../> tags?

You're only going to get a few thousand people installing your app, and they are not all going to do it within a few seconds of each other. Your browser is liable to cache most things this 'malicious' app forces your browser to retrieve. And most websites can handle serving a few thousand pictures over the course of a week perhaps. In fact I'd go so far as to say that's what they were designed to do.

Scotland's oldest newspaper exposes readers' smalls in public

Aidan Samuel
Paris Hilton

What? - seconded

"Using the HTTP Post method of encoding a database query would have meant that a requested page comes with a URL that looks like gibberish, effectively eliminating the problem of URL manipulation"

errrr... did this line come out of a gibberish generator? This means nothing to me. Should it?

Anyone care to explain?

Apple faces lawsuit over wobbly 3G claims

Aidan Samuel


Just for completeness:


How to beat AVG's fake traffic spew

Aidan Samuel


Whoever sold Exploit Prevention Labs to AVG must be laughing their heads off as AVG realise they've bought a bag of nails and try in vain to get some kind of value out of it.

AVG fake traffic spares Google AdWords

Aidan Samuel

How long until...

we have a captcha for every page?

Ubuntu chief ushers in the age of Intrepid Ibex

Aidan Samuel

Hardy Heron?

I was hoping for Hungry Hippo.

Camouflaged code threatens security apps

Aidan Samuel

Here's a solution:

Salt your hashes.

If each user prepended their own unique salt to an executable before hashing, a single maliciously crafted exe couldn't infect more than one person.