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What did we say about Tesla's self-driving tech? SpaceX Roadster skips Mars, steers to asteroids

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no one has mentioned

The Dead body in the boot yet..... Tut Tut Mr Musk....

That was fast... unlike old iPhones: Apple sued for slowing down mobes

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Good idea, implemented badly

I think its technically a good idea, but as mentioned the lack of notification or choice to the user is the issue I think most people have. The technical reasoning behind it I think most people get.

But if you think cars: you get a oil warning light, or a battery light come on.

If the CPU is being throttled then the iPhone knows its being throttled (i've seen other stories around the net with app's showing usage on phone then vs now values). So why not just have a phone performance/health indicator or graph over time. (and maybe a turn on/off switch) this simple 'phone requires a health check' indicator is all that's needed surely.

Apple iOS 11 security 'downgrade' decried as 'horror show'

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Re: What The AF?


Re: What The AF?

"What did I miss here?"

As I understood the article, the issue is that the Stasi can:

1. take your phone

2. demand the pass code

3. make their own password-reset backup containing all your secrets

4. give you back your phone and say "Have a nice trip, Sir."


I got the same as you, but I also got:

then with that backup they took, and the encryption password you used for the sneaky backup (and that backup having the password you know in) that they can essentially restore that backup at a later date, access that AND get all your other data including any other passwords you may have (as it was all behind one wall which you have the keys for).

so now aftwer the event I can access your emails / bank / other stuff that at the time I didnt even know I wanted.

so unless you prudently change your passwords on everything you have that backup is a security risk for you.

(that's what I read, but I may have totally got it all wrong)

D'oh! Amber Rudd meant 'understand hashing', not 'hashtags'

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thats me sending the poor dear, lots of love obviously.

but you know, if we could convince every dodgy doc/image etc author to HashTag it in its properties,

i guess it 'would' make tracking them easier.... and save all the nasty hard work involved in this dastardly hashing and researching of all of the nasties out there...

BOFH: Password HELL. For you, mate, not for me

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I Changed my name about 10 years ago give or take, and i still get calls for my old name.

this being a good initial sign this is a spam call. 'hi is this Mr xxx' ........ um (ok so i know this is a sales call from a VERY ols list, how much spare time do i have? do i fancy playing Y/N).

but this has been great as if they say : 'we see you were involved in an accident within 2 years' well you can really push on that, i got them to admit once they have old lists they buy to make up call numbers.

or sometimes, 'oh im sorry, i died about 10 years ago now.' followed by im sorry to hear that, and they continue...

ive tried all the fun ones, 'sex change, call me mary' to im a mormon, and dont have electricity or a phone (great for survery calls) make up REALLY outlandish stuff. ive been 90, with a teenage bride, (or multiple).. its a challenge to make up the most outragious stuff you can and keep them going.

My misses made an indian cry once because she kept asking if he was happy with his sexuality... lol (almosty felt bad for him)

when there is time, and you int he mood it can be light releif.

Japanese robot space maid will incinerate Earth's dead satellites

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But why not

We hear in the news: the hard part of space is getting stuff up there.

followed by: water / materials better off in space as dont have to transport up there etc etc.

so logically why incinerate the stuff, why not stockpile it and re-cycle in space (a space junk yard if you will). strikes me a LOT of that material could be re-used.

I suppose i get that millitary items may want to be incinerated for security reasons / secrecy, but you get what i mean.

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

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Ive done 'some' pair programming, it has been useful for knowledge sharing, but i can only do it for short'ish periods of time. it actually turned out more like 'live peer reviewing' < [Copyright me, here + now..!.]

when im looking over someones shoulder your instinct to just take over is very high, (but that can irritate, but not doing it can be like torcher), esp when the person is doing something very different to what you would do.

I agree with the end quality agrument, but actual time saved im not to sure about as you have 2 people and more discussion time (much more usually), and i have had some VERY heated discussions where different approaches collide.

and yup when your being the dev, its odd, you feel like you need to share (so much), and the tangents you can go of on are mad. (but thats knowledge sharing for you i guess)

So in summary (from experience) combinations of minimal live peer and post peer reviewing on code is best for quality and mental state of mind. But you need to have your happy personal place to retreat to when the other person has made you start loosing it.

LG picks up US smartphone crumbs, gains on Apple and Samsung

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I notice 2 missing apps:

Phone, Messaging

i guess my next purchase will be a smart tablet that also makes calls and does messages then,

instead of a smart phone as phone (or messaging) do not seem to be on the list of used app's..!

I am aware the figures are potentially correct (if data is actually collected on these apps, which i doubt it is), but most people i know do use phone/messaging less than apps most of the time.

Smell burning? Samsung’s 'Death Note 7' could still cause a contagion

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Its a translation issue:

They didnt say its the best Android ever,

they said:

[dev] its the hotest piece of exploding technoligy we have produced.

[marketing] sell sell sell its the hotest tech we have...!

[Translate to other languages] best android ever etc.

its a simple mistake'a to make'a..

Internet of Things botnets: You ain’t seen nothing yet

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What i do want:

[Think Red Dwarf]

A toaster with AI constantly asking me if i want toast or other toasted products....




that i can give as a present to really piss people off.....


'Neural network' spotted deep inside Samsung's Galaxy S7 silicon brain

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The tech here is basically the same principle as Autocorrect (loosely) isnt it, and we all know how successful that can and cannot be some times (for those who dont, see autocorrect.com, v'funny). I guess here if it gets it wrong it throws it away, or will we start to see new wesites where i asked to do 'x' and it did 'y' with funny/deadly curcomstabnances...

15 million tech-fried Brits have tried giving themselves a 'digital detox'

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I only partake at work

I work in IT (dev) and honestly try my best to NOT go online / do IT etc out of hours.

its simply to much and totally agree with this story, and actually think there should be a mandatory unplug period for everyone. I also definately try and instill this into my kids (they are the doomed generation if we dont teach them now).

I obviously dont live in a straw hut with no internet, but definately attempt to limit it as much as possible. (if you want to comment my facebook ID is xxxx and you can contact me on twitter at : xxxx :o)

So im not addicted, i have to do it for work....!

Forget card skimmers, chip-card shimmers will be your next nightmare

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Im supprised its not more of a problem for random pocket scanning.

if you think about it, if i had 'Box X' with my scanner in, and just walk down the street and brush past a person on the street (like the ole pick pocket days, but not entry into pockets is needed) and just try and scan a chip for a payment. i know its < £30 per transaction, but walk down a street get enough pockets and that would quickly add up.

There was an issue a while back (assume its still a problem, dunno) where longon underground did this, the oyster card was in peoples pockets, they scanned, but it took peoples VISA's as priority and they paid for there ticket, instead of their Oyster paying the ticket, just because they were close enough to be in range, so its just an extention of that is you think about it.

so yeah,modern day pick pocketing via a swipe. im supprised thats not a thing yet.

$17 smartwatch sends something to random Chinese IP address

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Re: Optional

Give them time

and they will all become watches in the end....

Sick and tired of modern Windows? Upgrade to Windows 3.1 today – in your web browser

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Wait What..? There was a windows before 95...?

I started with Vic20 / C64 / Amiga / BBC, programming since 11, game released via Mastertronic.

then college, programming Amstrads / IBM's etc (all DOS days : pre windows),

and all was well with the world.

I then went off doing 'life' for a few years, came back and it was windows 95.

and I remember how new it felt from the old dos days,

but I 100% missed out of the windows 3 and 3.11 days,

I think I may have subsequently used it a handful of times, but basically, yeah got away with it,

and here is am still working in IT, and I managed without 3.11...

(have also managed to dodge windows 8, 8.1, ME, and Vista, so im doing all right.. :) _

How to help a user who can't find the Start button or the keyboard?

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I got asked by a client if their site could have a lighter shade of black please....


Hacks rebel after bosses secretly install motion sensors under desks

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a Browser / web history monitor to see who is reading the register will weed out all the slackers....

Sack the lot of them slacking commentards... lol

Newspaper kills 'what was fake' column as pointless in internet age

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Paris Hilton

What annoys me even more

is the people on facebook who punt it around like its all the truth,

and (quotes):

'All your sheep believe the news corp's, this is the real truth here + here + here + here' oh f'ing stop punting this shit at me will you..!.

'your all Sheeple who etc etc etc' awful truly awful.

now im sure on the 'real' news outlets there is a certain amount of bollox,

and in reverse im sure some things don't make the 'real news' for various reasons and these sites may get lucky some times,

im personally in the state where I just ignore it all and don't believe any of it any more, BUT that's dangerous, as when something important is being told to us, I probably now wont believe it.

I have a suggestion: you know the new domains etc, well under '.news' domain enforce truth only (yeah i know but its worth a try:), and if any falsehoods are found they get fined / banned etc, but basically be strict etc. (and the crap to '.crap' or '.shit' and have easy remove this bollox from my internet option please..!

(as a developer / techy person, I hate that im starting to hate the internet, and I spend most of my life convincing my kids NOT to use it, I remember when it was a fun place, back in the 60's :) )...

and Paris even her antics are not even barely news worthy any more, now that's sad.

After Death Star II blew: Dissecting the tech of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

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You gotta think outside earths commerial bubble.

So all the big ship builders are bankrupt as the empire was there main source of income,

supply of new 'products' to a whole universe would be dribble feed at best (don't see apple or Samsung mass production/branding on everything do we from the apple system)

and surely at a point (as many here have indicated) when design works it kinda sticks,

even in todays society we see it a bit:

planes (still have 2 wings)

cars have (mostly) 4 wheels

Computers, power is so high these days the home market is pretty stagnant, there will be a time in the future where the only reason you get a new one is the manufacturers self destruct has kicked in, but that's our society's economic problems not the star wars universe. do you REALLY need that new laptop/tablet/PC box for xmas?

even TV's there will be a point where we simply don't need improvements, smart=OK, 3d=OK, higher pixed density than the eye can see= OK

some manufacturers have already just given up as there aint much more you can do outside the new and shiny slightly different curved edge, need something to spend my spare cash on brigade.

but in a universe where the local new and shiny shop is a galaxy over on the right, and funds are sparse, and the designs you have are solid and been around for 20k years or whatever and spares are in every corner scrappy, then honestly commercialism as you or I know it is a very different thing.

Per-core licences coming to Windows Server and System Center 2016

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Re: Oh Joy!

(I think I got this right)

The article says: Physical cores.

so you pay for 64 cores and then your VM's are covered.

(it did say 2 VM's free, so I guess more you have to start coughing up more)

which ever way you cut it, its a con for M$ to bulk up there revenue.!

and the only reason they are doing it is because they are in decline.

they need to break up the group,

compartmentalise there ranges etc,

and realise the huge entity called M$ cant continue as it is.

as they are trying to bulk up a group, where ranges are in decline.

if they keep it up the group will start to fail.!

Apple's design 'drives up support costs, makes gadgets harder to use'

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Thumb Down


Where I generally get and to some extent agree with what your saying,

why is it, a 3 year old can pick up a ipad etc and just run with it, if its so hard to use?

and why is it there are more seniors and non computer users that ever in history using these devices?

statistics kinda go against everything you say here.

That being said, labels which your not sure if you can press or not is bloody annoying!

but watching a 3 year old pressing the TV screen and wondering why it wont change is funny,

so swings and roundabouts.

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos

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Eat it slower then

and dont Inhale it is what they are saying then,

coz I can 100% believe inhaling bacon is bad for you health.

(like inhaling smoking / inhaling asbestos)

Phone-fondling docs, nurses sling patient info around willy-nilly

Kirstian K

The answer is simples

Snapchat...... it very securely deletes itself once seen, and don't doctors only need a few seconds per patient anyway...

BTW: I am of the actual opinion that if my life depends on it, I would take the insecure save me now, and not give a toss about if a hacker of some sort got a glimpse of my todger, or knew I have a boil on my bum.....! oh wait a mo, is this site secure, I just gave away personal information that could seriously impact my existence...

Help! Our Virgin Media TiVo boxes are stuck in a loop! Help! Our Virgin..

Kirstian K

They have sucked recently

Im quite hacked off with the Virgin service recently.

the billing system update was a shambles, I was betting bills for one amount, and different amount taken from bank.

and totally wrong bill amounts too what I was meant to be billed, oh and promises of refunds that they forgot to do twice..!

the number of times I don't even have a internet service (120meg service, and cant even ping server to get speed test to run etc)

as for TV, over priced, and there is very little good content at the moment,

and I have noticed quite a few times that the on demand services are consistently off line too.

(ive not had the issue mentioned here btw with rebooting)

the router is also rubbish, I had an engineer round who advised just call and ask for latest hub (OK), did call up and got the rudest non English person who refused to give me a new hub.

im just at the end of 12 months lock in after last time they overcharged, and basically wait for you to call and complain before giving you reductions (and then locking you into 12 months),

so im off.

im going to use the money I save per year (80-90 pcm x 12) to justify buying new swanky TV with online/ondemand stuff + free view + PCR built in, and get a cheap internet provider (only).

oh and I DONT need a phone line thank you very much either, all I get is bloody sales calls on that line (and my grandparents....... what is it with grandparents not calling mobiles..?).

(ex happy customer for 15 years : since Telewest)

rant over :o)

Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!

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Re: Bye bye upgradable laptops

[I wonder how long before Apple drop OS X and only have iOS though.]

See what they need is ios on top, with an icon to go into the desktop osx, that's a really cool idea.... cough.!

Car? Check. Driver? Nope. OK, let's go, says British govt

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Having a Drink?

So I can see uses for this, but what about existing laws?

for instance, at the moment, if I had x drinks, and went to sleep in my car,

if the keys are in the ignition, I get done for drunk in charge of car (and im sure lots of intricacies I don't know about too).

so what if : I have a drink, drive myself, then get pulled over, I press the driverless button,

and say, sorry officer was not me driving, was the car.


I am simply a drunk passenger, current law would do me for being drunk in charge of a car.


what if im drunk, and I say 'drive me off that cliff', and 'over those pedestrians', if the car does it, am I responsible, as im a drunk fool in charge of a robot, who im giving drunk instructions too.

apart from that, what 'could' possible go wrong.

(from Bristol, and agree with the comments about single track roads, not even n Clifton, how about country lanes...)

Google wants to KILL apps with the 'Physical Web'

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Black Helicopters

Security Settings?

So what about the fact different web'app's would need different permissions to devices on your phone/pad/tab? you give one site access to you phones camera/microphone etc,

and hey presto ALL web apps have access to those items (as the browser is currently a single security point). now you can browse to any site, and in theory not know if they are listening to you, or watching you etc, or (read facebook messenger T&C) watching your every move for marketing/spying practically, purposes (one app I wont be downloading)..!

I for one will always download an app for anything I 'trust', and lock down the browsers, and having a locked down browser means no useful app would ever really work this way.

Ordnance Survey intern plonks houses, trees, rivers and roads on GB Minecraft map

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No Profit

'the game has yet to make any money and its developer Mojang has now been snapped up by one of the old guard, in this case Microsoft, for a whopping $2.5bn.'

correct me if im wrong, but selling it for 2.5 biiiilion IS a profit..! (a f'ing huge one)

5.5in iPhone 6, iWatch hypegasm: What will Apple reveal - BE the rumour

Kirstian K

dont care but:

I recon there will be a mini curve ball:

wait for it.....

its gonna be called iTime or something just as dumb, not iWatch.

just like the iTab and it being the iPad. wow, no one saw that coming and the world was on fire talking about it.




Anagram of above? any other thoughts?

Applelutely fappulous: Fashionistas bow down before the JESUS PHONE

Kirstian K

Re: I think i remember this.

I stopped being cool a long time ago, that goes without saying (I can still just about blag my kids tho)

oh dam just fell into thinking im cool bucket, that was the last of it gone... DoH

Kirstian K

I think i remember this.

So as I remember this from the loooong distant past:

Cool is the people who are cool, but don't think they are cool.

when they think they are cool they stop being cool,

and trying to be cool really isn't cool at all.

there is a fine line between cool and hip,

hip can be trendy, and cool,

you can try and succeed in being trendy or hip.

then: there is residual cool.

this is when you have some cool (or a lot), things you do are subsequently cool, even if sometimes they are not in any way.

but people are very forgiving when you are cool, especially if your very cool. but beware, a lot of people have relied on residual cool, but not noticed when they have ran our of residual cool. then they fall into the trying to be cool set, and we all know where that leads.. (M$ : lol)

So in conclusion, if your cool your cool, if you aint you aint, and only someone who is cool can say if you are or not...!


Straight to video: Facebook to add 'view counts' to autoplay newsfeed vids

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in hate mode for facebook recently....

I always touted Facebook as a mix of : uber users, and the occasional, its a tool users. (myself being in the latter), and as a tool its very useful:

being able to message my friends easily (oh wait that's now a separate app that I refuse to install)

being able to simply see what my friends / family are upto (so whats all that crap on my newsfeed then)

and being able to filter what crap I do/don't see (oh so there is auto play and I have no control now its played whether I like it or not)

and bills etc etc, you get my point.

Ole Zuck boy is a sell out, non trustworthy, biatch, who I don't think deserves the data he holds, and he has no appreciation for the trust that has been bestowed on him by the public and I hope he falls flat on his face for the blatent abuse of peoples trust and data.

I for one am toying with writing facebook_over 35.com which cuts the crap and is the simple useful part of facebook, without all the anti trust.

or maybe just maybe (never going to happen) they split facebook into 3 parts:

1) messaging (without the horrible port probing etc)

2) facebook as a tool (contact / profiles only)

3) newsfeeds all the rest of he crap

ah utopia your such a pipe dream...

ROCK FROM MARS FOUND in Africa, reveals Red Planet's SECRETS

Kirstian K

Dating is easy, i did it in school.

And So :

the reason we know how old it is, is that as you can see by estimating the circumference and the distance between the rings, that mars at the time was about 20 meters across, and approximately 100m years old.


Kirstian K

So let me get this straight.

I can now steal your phone if I cut off your finger.....


LG: Oi! Samsung's not the only one with eyeball-tracking smartphones

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I cant think of anything worse,

This is an example of Tech for Tech's sake.

if I happen to look up because someone says : wanna cup of tea, I don't want to look down to see its paused.

or scrolled to the end of a doc, because the dog licked my foot and I temporarily glanced tot he side.

if I ever have this, I think it will be turned off pretty much immediately.

not even mentioning that its starting to get a bit big brother,

because you just know google will follow up with,

'watch what adds your looking at' tech, and then it all starts getting a little creepy.

Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII

Kirstian K

Darth Micky..!

That is all.

Microsoft to end Windows 8 discounts on January 31

Kirstian K

Wanna hear something amazing.

I actually found 2 windows 8 features I like:

The new copy dialogue. (It's actually usefull)

And the fact they finally built in mounting of iso's into the system.

(the rest is crap)


Start menu with all the dumped files on the start screen.

Rdp'ing to it was dog slow.

Touch points..... Really!

Then it's just windows 7 (as long as you know short cuts, and can work out the changes where they have moved stuff, download a start menu replacement and ignore the front screen)

I love the comment about getting rid of aero because it was distracting. And then give your that stupid metro interface with live tiles (which will become malware/live adverts before you know it) which is REALLY distracting.

I also love the other comment: after you get used to it, it's intuitive! Lol where you you start on that. My 2 kids 1.5+3 use iPads etc and just got them. Adults get windows 8 and struggle.

I for 1 won't be buying it, ESP for the new prices. I think this is a very bad move for them. I bet apple/android markets are rubbing their hands in glee.

The latest tech firm to be accused of tax dodging: Microsoft

Kirstian K

Correct me if im wrong

But we pay tax on the price of their products already,

they then dont pay tax to our goverment for those products,

meaning were being screwed (no supprise their then),

and so they are litterally taking our tax as extra profit. (so ive got that right yeah)

BUT 'if' they do have to pay tax going forward,

whats the betting they will put their prices up to cover the tax they now hopefully have to pay.

ALSO why do we pay more for these products over hear inthe UK already compaird to the US for examply,

I know they say exchange rate, but its also tax.

these companies should be pinned up against the wall and robbed right back (with interest in my opinion).

no more robbing everyday man for his small change, lets get these b'stards to pay what they should.

end of.

Facebook's IPO was a disaster? RUBBISH, you FOOLS

Kirstian K


Re: And if $20 is twice as good as $40, then is bankruptcy infinitely better than $40?

this worked for Steve Jobs and Apply Stock back in the day, bought low stock and re-built it and REALLY cashed in.

let the stock get down to < $2 and buy buy buy. back in the money again.

its all a conspiracy i tells you..!

(i miss the Jobs Halo Icon..)

Panel production problems may stop iPad Minis getting into fans' mitts

Kirstian K


I will be waiting till the new new ipad (with small addapter) comes out,

and buy a iphone 5, and ipad mini, and ipad new new, and ipod and a new set of mini docking stations etc

all at once because thats surely the easiest option.

what else an i going to spend that 17 Gazillion Yen i have stashed and spare in the bank on eh..?

Windows 8: An awful lot of change for a single release

Kirstian K

Windows HE (Holo Edition)

moving forward,

when we all have hologram monitors on our desks (as seen im many SciFi movies/Tv series) this touch shenanigans will also be a thing of the past, and people will say:

do you remember looking back at the first touch windows (8 i think it was) everyone was up in arms about the change, and look where we are today, re-written (again) from scratch (again) and god i dont want to have to fondle a hologram, why oh why did we have to change.

at the end of the day, computer workers/technitians will always have a keyboard (or maybe a voice interface i guess) and need more from a computer. And home / casual users will not need the same as the hard core users (this is where apple have it right i think). they are 2 seperate markets. simples.

MS NEED to get into tablets, i think their approach is brave. But i would not be supprised if versions split in the future for clarification, (the RT/Intel option will confuse many im sure)

im just wondering what Apple will do when they decide to change their OS (as peple are already complaining ios6 is just the same again etc and want a bit of new) but if they do change significantly, they will hit the same walls as MS is now, oh why oh why..

worst case scenario MS goes bankrupt, everyone is either Apple / Google OS.

big whoopdy doo...

i will be on the beach with my flying car powered by google if you need me, with my holo porn on hard light.

O2 network staggers across UK

Kirstian K

I have pretty much repeatedly had terrible reception at home and work for about 6 months now,

im about to jump ship, i think o2 us useless.

this is not new news to me.

Six months under water and iPhone 4 STILL WORKS

Kirstian K


I wonder if David Blain could do his latest trick underwater for us...!

Stem cell discoveries land Nobel gong for Brit, Japanese boffins

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Free Pen

A couple of years ago when my eldest was born,

we were going to save his stem cells in one of those stem cell banks.

(cost a couple k as i recall)

on the day they never turned up, (so we didnt have to pay etc)

but now im glad we didnt do it as the more we progress its obvious that it would inevitably been a waste.

(got a nice free pen though)

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech

Kirstian K

Thinking about it,

wouldnty it be great if the entry criteria is to hack the TV station, and bring down the xfactor....

or even better, steal all Simon C's money from his bank....

they would get my vote... lol

Kirstian K
Paris Hilton

What a 100% shit idea

So Many questions:

1) what the Fuck does Simon C know about coding?

2) what the fuck is he going to do with this 'ace' programes at the end? (probably get him to attemt to sort out piracy once and for all... ha)

3) for a show format, its bollox, i love coding, and i would find this boring

4) i bet the winner ends up being someone who does a nice graphic or something (as that works visually for TV), and lets be honest the best code, no fucker who watches these programs, will ever understand anyway, so repeast item number 3, what a bollox idea for a show...

5) anyone who is a 'good' or lets say 'Excelent world class' coder, should have more sence that to go on this show in the first place, so imediate fail (again)

just for reference, Simon C - what a C U ri T..!

Paris, because she knows a good algoritm when she sees one..!

iPhone 5 sales curbed by lack of smashable screens – report

Kirstian K

Cant believe i got sucked in


1.3 million activations per day..... ok

but you know what they say about stats.

this is not android sales, this is activations.

so re-installs, upgrades, new purchases etc,

its one of those stats that sounds cool, but i bet there are also 0.5 million de-activated devices/os's too,

through upgrades, loss, thrown in the bin etc.

im personaly not bias either way on apple / other, but i admit the constant trolling of anything to make a story,

and using stats to just get readers is REALLY starting to grate.

the old days of Spectrum / Commodore was bad enough, this is fanatical, and has to stop sooner or later.

i hate to say this i really do, but its only a matter of time before this goes sour. im just waiting for : android (or apple) user kills other etc on the news, its got to the point where it it cant go anywhere else, everyone really needs to grow up and get a life, its only phones, and operating systems. the hate that this causes is really a joke.

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

Kirstian K

The whole system sux

Example, i got broke into in the UK last year,

they came in the back door, the alarm went off, some police happened to be passing my house when this happened (going to a fight up the road in a shop),

they came round the back, caught them in the act, in my house, red handed.

and 6 months later i got a call, they got let off, insignificant evidence....!

im baffled by this, another time i was chatting to a copper about some kids that had been causing some hastle locally in gardens etc, and they said: you cant really do anything, they are minors, you cant touch them, throw them off your property or they can get you done. i said what can you do, he said, well like us nothing...!

the law unfortunately like the banks and the goverment, is not on the side of the victim/regular joe. It always on the side of the criminal/person screwing you (human rights etc),

the whole system is broken if you ask me.

glad the victim here came out on top. (no matter what the device was that was in question here)

Microsoft job ad advises 'Xbox 720' out by Feb 2014

Kirstian K

Its not XBOX 720

Its XBOX 3.....!

720 is just an internal name used because someone patented the number 720..!

Microsoft pops preview of 'biggest, most ambitious' Office yet

Kirstian K

Me Thinks :

a LOT of people in this world have had PC's for a long time,

and there is a change happening, one that scares and frightens those people who have all been used to being young and of the 'PC' eara. the fact is: they need to allow the new and brave through...!

its better to risk and die, than to do nothing and fade away (eh MS?).

office nees to work in the cloud and on tablets : fact

people will continue to use desktops etc : fact

its the private market MS is after, Apple have been grabbing that market (and google) in droves. and MS want a piece of that pie, at the end of the day metro is only a different menu and on by default when you log in.

(ok i personally aint to keen, but on a tablet it would work well i could see it as an ipad replacement (maybe/ish), when it gets some apps on it etc..)

there WILL be hacks making it more customisable, and it will settle down and people will cope, you will get used to it, but also statistically something stupid like > 50% of computers will be mobile/touch based by 2014

(i forget the actual stats, but its something stupid like this)

so in all real terms the desktop is suddenly a second place and mobile gets the extra effort.

MS knows this and is betting big on this, i say good on them.

last point

you know, metro is not aimed at Buisiness right? Win7 is still the buisiness software of choice, people have only just moved to it, they aint gonna budge just yet, MS know this, so is this a window of opertunity to try and grab the personal tablet market. it makes so much sense. i would HATE to use Metro at work, in fact i just dont think i could. but this market place is static, and flat line, why would you move again now. tablets is where the money is at.

if you were MS what would you have done? copy apple? stay the same? create a new menu for office, add a few tweeks, and say, look how dull we are? you would complain about that too.

more positivity people come on pleeeaaase...