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HP ScanJet 3C takes lead on Bohemian Rhapsody


Bloody awesome.


Says it all.

1,076 developers, 15 years, one open-source Wine

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The Time HAS NOT passed.

Personally, until there is an even balance in the OS market, the time for a innovator as such will never pass.

Apple chucks PA Semi at Jesus Phone

Jobs Horns


And then we will have the whole PowerPC "we've realised that being the loner in the corner is bad, so we're switching to a funky new applemactastic platform. (small print: re-buy everything! yay for profits!)" debacle.

Seriously, ARM chips are good. No need for integration. No doubt they'll find a bug in their firmware, as it would be, and then lock the jesusphone until you have the chips upgraded. For a small labour charge of £120. If you don't want samsung to make your POC, then use prefab ARM chips in your own mactarded production line!

T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP



Apple have not proven anything worth note of anyone with much sense.

They have proven that some specially designed, lo-fi sites created specifically for use on a single screen resolution (which to be fair is quite large) can be usable.

I worked that out 3 years ago.

Kids brought up by technology not parents, quango claims



They "admitted to not turning their phone off at night"

Government meeting, in a secret bunker, somewhere in the lake district...

Gordon: Too many children are committing crimes; leaving their phones on overnight.

Blunkett: What effect could this have?

Gordon: Um...It reduces our level of control! It increases the possibility of an uprising!

Cameron: Hmmm....my hair goes even more strange during the night. I wouldn't want anyone taking a picture of me, what with these new camera-phone modern technological wonders!

Blunkett: So what's the solution?

Gordon: Its obvious. Tax mobile phones being switched on...and we could have price bands and everything...this is all so exciting...

AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer


Ruddy American...

...patent laws...they'll try to patent the mp3 next, oops been there dont that, okay, it'll be the contact list next...oops been there done that, it'll be the whole web next...

Caribbean firm circumvents BD+ copy protection


The same old story.

They said the same about DVD. They Failed.

So they're saying it about DVD Mk2, and they failed.


The trend is so obviously going towards no copy protection; I certainly wouldn't buy a BluRay disk unless I was confidant that I could use MY media how I want. I BOUGHT THE DAMN THING, I DECIDE WHAT I DO WITH IT!

So what's the easiest box to hack - Vista, Ubuntu or OS X?


@Ubuntu by Anon Coward

"Fair enough if some other distro is more secure "with no known exploits" but if a regular person like myself can't install it becuse you need and command line stuff then we would just go with OSX, Vista or Ubuntu."

Command line stuff. Because It's all so scary. Amateur.

"I'm sure someone could write a Linux distro that was 100% remote secure"

100%. Totally, completely and utterly. I could do that now, including a pair of wirecutters and my ethernet cable.

"if an everyday user can't use it easily then it is useless for everyday people. "

No sh*t, sherlock. And if an everyday user can't use it they shouldn't be using a computer in the first place.

Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping


I do know something about it...

So, I have Virgin their 5 days. Yes, they are doing it. No, its not opt in. Or opt out. There's no opting about it. (Disclaimer: he said that he would check that). He understands my concerns about privacy. However, there are "no pricacy worries". "No private data is collected"...sorry, but the contents of my e-mails are private. He is sorry Virgin hasn't told customers sooner, and offered to file a complaint with Ofcom. I'll leave that one till the next call...

ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears


I know absolutely nothing about it.

Just rung virgin media call centre. The rep knew 'nothing about it'. He checked his intranet, nothing there, so I directed him to this article. He seemed surprised, and said he'd pass it on to his 'customer liason officer', or the like.

We'll see what a call in a few days yeilds...

Gates! says! Yahoo! offer! fair!

Gates Horns

Giving away free software

The small print:

(Only once you have assassinated Jobs, tortured Woz until he tells us how they got that much so thin, persuaded the remaining fruity shareholders to sell off, bought many Microhoo shares and convinced 5 freinds to buy vista. Activation code: 123-aff-ill-iii-hate-52883)

Microsoft immune system rejects execs


I'm sorry, did I detect a hint of sarcasm?

"Yahoo!, possibly the world's most popular dotcom."

I'll just get my coat.

Apple cripples Sun's open source jewel


Bah. Humbug.

As some-one quite rightly hinted, it's your fault for buying a mac. They serve no functional purpose. Their only reason for existance is to be Job's personal cash cow. Stop arguing. End of.

p.s. This is server sofware. And which retard would run a server on OS X?

Domain name gaffe launches Clearswift clients into e-mail panic

Paris Hilton

Trusting someone else with e-mail?!

Whichever companies trust ONE server from ONE company to handle ALL of their e-mail have no sense at all, and deserve to be closed down on the spot. If you are that stupid, you should be nowhere near a computer, let alone the Internet - and let alone e-mail! (Eye twitches at the 90% of users that really ARE that stupid)

Paris icon - they are about as stupid as her, anyway.

Motorola swings axe at TTPCom



I don't know what all the fuss is. They might be a good company, but their phones are absolute crap. Non standard design, over complicated UI, unpressable buttons, REALLY annoying sounds, cruddy workmanship and all the rest of it. And overpriced.

Let them go bankrupt. It will make the world a better place.


Yahoo! readies! jobs! purge?


Mountain? Understatement

@Chris: Come on. Why, just why, would any sane person even attempt to use webmail, let alone Yahoo! Crap! Maybe! Mail! If! We! Feel! Like! It! Today! (a.k.a. if we've had more than 1 search hit)

@Robin: Why do they spend money on stuff like that? To look like google. Being a google evangelist, it's hard to say google does some trivial stuff, but they do. So what is the converstaion like in the boardroom?

A: Hey! I! Think! We! Should! Get! Better! At! This! Whole! Search! Thing!

B: How?!

A: Copy! Google!

*b codes yahoo pipes*

A: That's! Our! Work! For! This! Year!

B: YAHOO! Our! Share! Prices! Will! Go! Up! [sic]

A: Yay!


You make a good point about being crap. Especially concentrating on what they're good at; fortunately, when they do this, they will close all of the uneffective parts of the business. They will fire 100% of the staff.

And @Chirs: Mountain? I think Mars Mountain would be a little more accurate.

(I heard it rained yesterday. Muddy mountains are hard to climb. Especially if you're bright yellow and could list more names for useless products than the searches for them with said engine actually return)