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3G Americas warns against text warning systems

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This does indeed exist on GSM. But there are a number of drawbacks - not least of which is that the majority of operators don't implement it and most users have never heard of it.

The existing US emergency alert systems are good old fashioned point-to-point SMS that the users have to opt-in to. Understandable that there is a bit of a capacity problem...

Climate change blows out eco-boss's record bid

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So how would he get to Australia....

....without emitting any CO2?

Or is he a hypocrite as well as an idiot?

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank

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Doesn't surprise me in the least

Lloyds just don't seem to understand technology.

They used to have an on-line credit card facility under the Accucard brand. When they decided to amalgamate it into their core cards business they told the users by sending out a paper mail shot under the Lloyds brand - without making any announcement on the website or by email, even though the card was "on-line only".

They then seemed surprised that most of the users binned the mailshot thinking it was junk mail, got rather ratty when their cards suddenly stopped working, and now won't touch any Lloyds product with a bargepole.

Yes, I was one of those users. My card was cancelled while I was 12000 miles from home. Thanks a bunch Lloyds.

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Richard Ormson

@ Lukin Brewer

>Solution B: lobby to get the speed limits changed to something that you can live with. Why is it that no one seems to go for solution B?

Because the majority of limits are set by local councils - who have bought into the speed kills argument wholesale and won't even consider evidence that contradicts this (such as limits they have previously lowered resulting in increased accident rates - have a look at the A4 East of Reading for example).

The best that can be done is reduce the rate at which councils lower limits by submitting written objections. Getting them raised is a lost cause until it becomes apparent even to local government that existing policies aren't working. Don't hold your breath on that one.

EU sets cellphone users loose in aircraft

Richard Ormson

1900 band in Europe?

Did someone sneak through an extra frequency auction while I wasn't looking?

1800 band seems more likely...

Hamster-in-rain emergency prompts 999 call

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Pot and Kettle?

"For many years we have been trying to educate the public on what is or isn’t a 999 call,"

And for years the public has been trying to educate the police on what are crimes worthy of investigation ..... but if they persist in portraying themselves as a social service rather than law enforcers, what do they expect?

Speed-cam fines topped out in 2005

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Democratic ?

"obey the democratically-enacted laws of the land"

Umm - thought we were talking about speed limits here? They're usually put through by local councils, in closed sessions, having advertised them in publications that the vast majority of people haven't heard of. Oh, and once they are imposed it's too late to object.

Depends on your definition of democracy I suppose. If you go for the soviet version, then speed limits are democratically enacted. By most other standards they are dictatorially imposed.

Virgin Media to mount French invasion

Richard Ormson

Well it's only fair....

... since France is clearly where Virgin Media learnt their customer service skills

US lifts lid on world's largest toilet

Richard Ormson

Both of the above are correct.

It's both a heliport and a train museum. An unusual combination... See here for more, and a pic of the building:

See: http://www.airfloridahelicopters.com/orlando.html


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