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Google Earthlings fly to Mars

Brendon Lucas

The Sea is rising

after upgrading to google earth 5, it would appear the isles of Scilly are beneath the sea, lol

Opera sings praises of Microsoft-browser statement

Brendon Lucas
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Now i don't like MS anymore that the next computer guy, but if Microsoft want to include a web browser with as part of its windows distribution wheres the problem?

Note to Moron Eric, one of the main reasons why Linux Mac, and every Major OS except Windows, is more secure and stable than windows is its built its built in package and dependency system, every application that you could ever need readily available and a few clicks away to install, and it keeps everything up to date and running smoothly, (well unless you use Ubuntu, but thats not a real Linux Platform, its a developer toy, lol :) Mac, Linux, Solaris, don't really have this dodgy third party vendor issues that Windows users suffer, so for Microsoft to at least include a web browser is surely a good thing.

The concerning part of this case is the precedent it would set, it would be open season every time a software outfit got upset that an OS vendor was opting to support and preinstall a piece of software, i like having a selection of apps integrated into the OS, it improves the desktop experience and functionality, thats why i won't use windows, too much downloading and purchasing of dodgy apps that don't really work in balance with the system,

so for once, leave MS alone, or all hell will break loose.

OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users

Brendon Lucas
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OpenOffice.org is comparable to MS Office, but is considerably easier like every package on a Linux system to install and keep up-to-date, if the author of this review wants to give his personal opinion without actually having any knowledge on something he should do it in a blog not on a respected technology news portal, we expect better el'reg, this article is utter tosh, and you no it.

Microsoft preaches togetherness for online security

Brendon Lucas

Those who don't know UNIX are destined to recreate it, eventually!

Before anyone can take software and systems management seriously on the antiquited Windows Platform, it needs a proper package management system, like those found on Linux and Unix systems, this ad-hoc InstallShield idea provides no basis for system continuity, system consistency, system security, system reliability or system stability.

HP gets an ology for FOSS

Brendon Lucas

All that FOSS/OSS support

And still no real compelling Open Source OEM systems for the average home user to purchase.

Give people a choice. Not everyone wants Vista, The ones that do, either haven't read the EULA or don't know about the alternatives.

Parliament ponders the weight of e-petitions

Brendon Lucas

Current experience

When i tried to put a petition on the PM's website regarding the proposed new Computer Misuse Legislation, i was informed that it would take 5 working days to approve or deny, it actually took over a fortnight, when i contacted there admin team, i got a vague un-professional response about been busy.

But its up now;


UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban

Brendon Lucas

Tell the PM's office

It's taken a fortnight but the petition against these provisions to the Computer Misuse act has been approved and can be signed here:


To sign the petition you need to be British citizen or an expatriate, in an overseas territory, a Crown dependency or in the British Armed Forces.

Becta excludes Vista, Office - again

Brendon Lucas

Stinks of Corporate Corruption

UK Schoolchildren should be given access and exposure to operating systems that follow the computing industry standards, not the only one that goes it alone. Windows, is simply not fit for purpose anymore, the whole industry except Microsoft develops and recognises standards.

Beware of pickpockets and malware-laced banner ads

Brendon Lucas

MS FUD doesnt wash, lol

"Of course, once the percentage of non-Windows users rises, they will also be targeted."

In reality people want to attack corporations and servers not home users, they want to attack the people who actually have the bigger market share than microsoft they want to atatck the countless Linux or Solaris systems out there, the fact is they can't, because they are inherently more secure by design. So they get hordes of insecure windows machines and just bombard the real computers out there with more traffic than they can handle to temporarily take them offline.


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