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US Air Force outlines combat raygun safety

David Boosalis

Only 32 pages

32 pages for a highly sophisticated weapon. I thought to myself this isn't the DOD I knew from long ago that used to producte 320 page manuals for using a shovel.

The link provided for the manual showed to be a manual on which manuals to refer to

Samsung unwraps MacBook Air beater

David Boosalis

million dollar platform - 10 cent OS

Looks nice, to bad there is no commercial OS that is worthy of such a platform.

NASA's Ares V may crush Kennedy crawlerway

David Boosalis

Add more surface area

Why not just add more contact to the ground and spread the weight out. It can't be that much to add design treads with bigger surface area. Farm tractors have been implementing this for years so they don't damage crops.

Linux squeezes into connected devices

David Boosalis

Linux already shipping on millions of phones

Linux powering cell phones is nothing new. In Asia Linux has shipped ten's of millions of phones phones. Here in the US Motorolla has now shipped its first Linux phone, and lets not forget the IPhone is a *nix phone


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