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LG fu**ed off with swearing

Doc Technical

Profanity filter? Old news!

The "TV Guardian" set-top box would monitor the closed-caption text and mute the audio (and replace the text) when naughty words were spoken.

But I did love the basket-o-kittens option.

Laptops to blame for Qantas jet plunge?

Doc Technical

What application was he running?

"Last July, it was claimed that a passenger clicking a wireless mouse during a flight sent a Qantas jumbo jet off course on a three-degree bank."

One can only hope it was a flight-sim.

My name really is Ivan O'Toole, admits Ivan O'Toole

Doc Technical
Paris Hilton

I wonder if he's related...

...to Miles O'Toole.

Paris, because she's been there and done that.

Ransomware Trojan code break 'impractical'

Doc Technical

Pay the ransom?

Perhaps I'm not getting it, but it seems to me if someone actually paid the ransom (as distasteful as that would be) having the unencryption code would make unraveling the key fairly simple. Wouldn't that wind up being cheaper than all the man-and-computer hours involved in brute-forcing the beast?

Sysadmin jailed for 30 months over failed logic bomb

Doc Technical

Really awful bomb

Just deleting data willy-nilly? How very low-rent. The trick is to introduce a small amount of random corruption (say, transposing a couple of digits in a numeric field so it looks like a keying error) slowly, over a long period, so by the time it's discovered (which will hopefully be about they time they're migrating the data to a new system altogether) it's far to late to do anything about it, and none of the audits will ever match out.

Not that I'd do anything like that.

Apple targeted in DRM monopoly suit (again)

Doc Technical

In other news...

My new CD player won't play my old Foghat 8-Track tapes. Damn you Sony! Damn you to hell!


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