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Virgin Media switches to Gmail


Price reduction?

Surely as they are not going to be running their own email servers any more and are moving the email accounts to a BETA service then we should have an appropriate reduction in our monthly costs.

Cant see that happening though.

Stargazers peer into the 'Eye of God'


Just one eye?

No-one ever told me god was a cyclops

Scorpions tale leaves IWF exposed

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What else is blocked?

Looking at the IWF's site I cannot see a list or partial list of blocked URL's. I can understand this as it could be used as a list for ppl to hunt down offensive material.

What I dont know though is what of my URL requests are affected by this or any other organisation my ISP decides to align with. Surely if my request for data is interrupted by IWF then I could get a response saying this is the case. If I just get a 404, how can I reliably and quick assertain that the problem is IWF/ISP rather than the server I am requesting from.

Also how can I know what organisations my ISP subscribe to in this manner?

So many questions, so few answers (virgin media tech support are not forthcoming). Do I have a right to any of this information?

Lords told to listen to science on cannabis

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Whats the fuss

Legalise it, tax it. Whats wrong with that?

Its not going to be more destructive to the general population than cigarettes and alcohol surely

Holy f**k, Microsoft covers up ‘undesired’ words


They've been censoring for years

Anyone who uses MSN will know that live realtime censorship has been in place for years. Although rather than replacing the undesired word with *** the whole message returns with a "unable to be sent" message. Coupled with the fact that the list of blocked words or terms changes silently from time to time, you may occasionally find yourself being unable to do things like share youtube links or talk about being a sysadmin.

Amazon flash mob mauls Spore DRM


Is this legal?

Ok, I've bought the game and its in a box on my shelf.

If I download the cracked version, install that and play it as i want am I breaking the law? After all I have bought it. I'd prefer that to installing the DRM (as I dont believe it would go 100% when uninstalling)

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead


cant rate

why cant we rate this article like many others onthe site, is it due to the amazingly poor quality??

ISP typo pimping exposes users to fraudulent web pages


I own the domain, but not the subdomains?

To me the problem here is that if I own a site the ISP can make any subdomains under it show whatever they want. At the moment it seems to be ads, but surely they could put a rival service there. Maybe if someone made cheapmp3s.itunes.com point to a different store and started marketing that address then there would be enough fuss created which would hopefully ensure that when someone owns a domainname people cannot legally redirect subdomains for any reason (mistyped or otherwise)

Commodore goes titsup (again)

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Why I love el reg

twice in a week we've been treated to a story containing 'titsup' in the title. Where else would you get that than an english site :)

Boffins: Antimatter comes from black holes, neutron stars


reverse properties

"Nor is it clear how the antimatter gets away from such massive gravity fields, to drift about the Galactic core getting annihilated."

Isnt antimatter supposed to have a repulsion to gravity rather than the attraction of matter?

Camouflaged code threatens security apps


file size

isnt the filesize a useful check in addition to the checksum? I'd be inclined to check both


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