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Microsoft and Novell to push SuSE Linux sales in China

Paris Hilton


Oh well!

After using SuSE in all it's flavours since 6.3, I guess Unbuntu or Mint have got a new user.

I had hopes that when Novell bought SuSE that at a big player was going to push over Microshit'es house of cards.

Another delusion shattered.

Why Paris, 'cos she's not the only tit around here.

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

Gates Halo

Unison is a piece of what OS?

Mr Greenwood makes a couple of comments I wish to take issue with...

He's using Unbuntu and he let a log file get to 32GB before he could figure out how to turn it off? BWAH HAH HA HA!

And he'd miss unison, a piece of Apple's crippleware? I've been phishing about with 'nix boxes for a long time --- Now it seems Apple are backdating a claim on a standard 'nix package that's older than some of Job's sales pitches.


Oh and for the Apple fan boys: In yer faeces! lol

Gate's for sainthood, obviously, for once he didn't let the side down.

Ransomware Trojan locks up infected PCs


Food for thought

Pr0n and chips, anyone?

yuk yukyuk

Yes, yes, yes, I know... my coat's to takeaway ----->