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PETA cooks up gory game in Cooking Mama protest

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PETA fights Mama's bloodlust with a fun and even more gorey game?

I found the tofu endgame bland and distasteful, no surprises there then!

The turkey part was actually quite fun although I'm not sure I drip with blood while plucking feathers or cracking eggs. I didn't think PETA was against egg eating?

Also, I was reminded of the PETA southpark episode as soon as mama started loving animals and was informed that people living with turkeys in sanctuaries report they have varying tastes in music.

Emacs diet for Visual Studio?


Did someone say emacs and vi?

Agh, so much trollbait for emacs lovers like myself, someone even mentioned vi in an emacs story *wags finger*. I winced at the description of emacs as arcane, however true it may be. I hope that MS do use emacs, competition is always healthy provided they play fair. If they copy from us then we should be able to mimic their good ideas, should they have any.

I like eclipse and use it as my debugger all the while wishing emacs had a better one/I was more proficient at gdb.