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French pass 'three strikes' file-sharing law

Edmond Orignac
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Will not be vaporized by constitutional council actually

Constitutional council members are 9 appointed members, 3 appointed by the president

of Chamber of Deputies, 3 appointed by the president of the Senate, 3 chosen

by the president plus the 2 former presidents Giscard and Chirac. There might be 3 members

of the constitutional council appointed by a leftist president of the Chamber of deputies

between 2000 and 2002, but the rest belongs to the majority, so there is no risk to the bulk

of the law. There is of course the possibility that the Johnny Hallyday clause will be removed

by the constitutional council as it violates both the right to property (enshrined in the Declaration

des Droits de l'Homme of 1789) and the equal protection under the law of a famous tax-dodger

who has at least one fan in the CC. The clause that prevents ISPs from charging people for

their Internet connection if they have been cut from the Net, or that prevents them from cutting

the phone line in the case of triple play subscription is likely to be also removed, either by

in conference or by the CC as it creates a financial loss to the ISP as a result of the actions

of a third-party for which they are not responsible. The most interesting bit of the law, which is

of course that if the internet connection of one person is used for downloading copyrighted

material, it is this person who will be disconnected from the Net as Internet users are now

responsible for securing their connection will of course stand. The nice bit will be the

Décret en Conseil d'Etat (decree by the Council of State, i.e. by the highest administrative court)

that will declare what are the approved methods to secure an Internet connection.

It will be interestind to see whether the Council of State can realize that WEP is insecure,

and if so whether it will dare to force Orange to adopt WPA. Of course, in any case, Wi-Fi

hackers will be secure...

French government decides mobiles 'may not be safe'

Edmond Orignac

This message just received in Arecibo...

Just before Christmas, the city of Paris has also cut Wi-Fi access from public

libraries (see http://www.liberation.fr/vous/297128.FR.php), after deciding to

provide public WiFi access in october. Of course, since radio waves cannot penetrate

metal, a better solution would have been to offer free tinfoil hats to the public as a protection. For the most

paranoid, a plate armour is a full Faraday cage and is perfect for using a cell phone

without the hands-free kit or a laptop.


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