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Transport Dept wastes millions on shared services deal

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"...before being given an abridged version) via CD"

Either that or the full version of not just your data but everybody else's as well - because using a SELECT statement requires an expensive contractor/a six day wait/an outbreak of common sense (choose 3 options from 3)...

MI5 spy wife was Formula One chief's Teutonic thrash tart

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The extra capitals were the only thing you found odd!

Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact

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@Flying Train

I wonder if the scriptwriters have ever read Space Train (Terence Haile, 1962) - the (abysmal) level of scientific understanding and coherent plot design sounds horribly familiar.

Brit tourist blags his way onto Iron Man set

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Paris Hilton


"...Most Americans can definitely tell the difference..."

I think the best was in a hotel in Cincinnati, when my friend and I were stopped by several members of the local "Caledonian Society" because of the Scottish t-shirts we were wearing. One of them told the others that it was 5 years since he'd last been in Glasgow and it was so nice to hear a real Scottish accent accent again - pointing to the dual nationality Dutch/German guy with me...

As an Englishman, I've been assumed to be French, Kiwi, Irish (even more remarkably I was in Boston at the time) and, far too often to count, Aussie. So no, most Americans can definitely NOT tell the difference.

Paris has been outside the US, so she might be able to tell the difference...

Dutch transit card crippled by multihacks

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It couldn't possibly be named after the Charles River, which is as iconic to Boston as the Thames is to London. Could it? (Nah! Much more likely to be named after an obscure pop record...)

Iowa man sacked for demanding prostitute

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Hotel Babylon

Not something I watch but it sounds like they actually got something right!

A friend once asked the concierge in a large hotel in Birmingham (UK) for an extra pillow (wanting exactly that) and was "rather surprised" by what arrived...

Nigerian keyboard firm sues One Laptop per Child

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Goes back to at least 1980

When I first encountered/used multiple shift keys on an IBM terminal with an APL keyboard.

Net watchdog goes pig-sticking on Comcast

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TNT (lost disks'r'us) version, surely?

El Reg fires up online standards converter

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Wot! No mention of the light-femtofortnight?

About 14.28 inches from memory

Air France compensates 170kg passenger

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I'm another one "above 2m" (just how many of us are there these days?).

To answer your questions about emergency exits, "do they charge you?"- I've had BA try, unsuccessfully, on a couple of occasions but nobody else (and I try to avoid BA if I can - service with a snarl). And "can you book an emergency exit seat?" - in my experience, never, and I've tried. Any flight covered by FAA regs forbids it - you have to show up at check-in before they are allowed to allocate you one (something about you satisfying them that you are both fit and happy to operate the exit in an emergency). I have yet to find any seat selection page on any airline's booking website that gives you the option - and requests made when booking by phone or face-to-face always meet with some variant of "we can't do that".

Mind you, I've found most airlines very accommodating when I show up at check-in. On a number of occasions this has included free upgrades :-)

UC Davis shpreads beer schience goshphel

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I'd be interested to see you tell a Trappist brewer that his beer won't improve in the bottle...

Or the brewers of Gales Prize Old Ale, or O'Hanlons Thomas Hardy Old Ale. They'll both improve for a good decade, possibly two.

The trick is that you don't have to pasteurise (kill) beer before bottling it. In fact there's a name for it: "bottle conditioned beer". Then just leave it in a cool and dark cellar to mature for a while. How long is going to depend on a mix of how good a brewer you are (it won't improve forever) and how much self control you have (before you drink it).