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Supersonic silent biplane COMING SOON ...ish


What we need is a plane that has one wing at low speeds and then two wings at ... OMGTHE X-WING FIGHTER!!!

Texting worse for drivers than drink or drugs


Yes. Text and drink.

Does this mean that if you're driving along and you want to _safely_ text a mate you should down a few cans?

Google's IP anonymization fails to anonymize


anonymosu messaeg

To protetc teh privayc of thsi messaeg soem of teh charactesr haev bene swappde. As yuo can see it rendesr teh messaeg completeyl indecypherabel.

'Why not try nude female midgets?' says Microsoft Adcenter

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yes plees

Plese sen me linkz 4 duck porn. i wil trade linkz 4 mouse bdsm.

Surveillance Teddy nabs granny-bag robber


Be afraid...

Should'nt this be tagged under Rise Of The Machines?

First the Robobears will be bluetoothing data to the police (for convenience you understand), then they'll be given arrest powers (as part of the governments on going value enhancement measures) then they'll be suited up and given engage / destroy subroutines (to address the governments concern over terrorism).

Next thing you know you've got a furry paw pressing your face into the dirt and a lascannon on the back of your head.

Please ignore the net neutrality sideshow haunting Comcast's BitTorrent bust


Just wondering...

..what impact, if any, this might have on UK... given the recent excitement about cracking down on illegal file sharers.


It's pretty clear that sharing copyrighted files is illegal, but how can the ISPs ever know? And if I have a right, given in the terms of my contract, to use a file sharing application how can the ISPs legally stop me using it?

This was my first thought when I read about Virgin and the like sending out letters. How do you know I'm not distributing my own files, or any files that are publically and legally available?

MPs lambast BBFC over Batman

IT Angle

I for one...

I for one have not seen this film. Do not think for one minute that it will prevent me from putting my concerns into writing. My senior advisers have told me this film contains scenes of violence and peril and not 2 hours of bunnies licking their hind quarters. As an MP I have a knack for spotting things that are bad and then saying that they are bad and then saying that it would be good if they were good instead of bad. However, as an MP I often have difficulty separating reality from fiction.

You would be right in thinking I am agast. I am agast.

In the coming days I will be spearheading a joint select committee hearing into whether films should have an onscreen warning. Our draft measure is to have "Does not contain little fluffy bunnies" occupying no less than 75% of the picture for the duration of the screening.

I am counting on you and your readers for support. Please, let's not have another Godzilla.

MP Robert Huffington-George MP B.Sc



It's official: The Home Office is listening


All Your Database Are Belong To Us

Sorry thats all I've got

Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide


Now you've gone down in my estimation

Meh. I don't really like this kind of clean hands journalism. It's the kind of tabloid stuff that gives us "Jordan calls Posh scrawny cow" (psuedo quotes). Brilliant! Y'see the printing media didn't say it, Jordan did! But we get to print all the juicy details. Whoopeedoo! And you can be disgusted at the same time! Yey!

Same thing here.

If you've got some spat with some other rag, keep it to yourself eh?

Microsoft crowbars Live Search into Facebook


Pumping Live Search with queries

How long til the MS press release claiming 3.86 bazillion searches a second?

It's alive! Alive I tells ya!

US Air Force may allow killbots to be flown by non-pilots


Remotely manned?

Shouldn't the term be "remotely manned"? Since there is actually someone sat in the pilots seat, it's just that the pilots seat is very, very far away.

Just a thought.

DARPA plans soldier-tagging system for US troops


Flash! Thunder!

I imagine the system would be a hitech version of the method used by WWII troops to locate and identify each other. The enquirer would call out "Flash!" the receiver would answer "Thunder!" Only by knowing the code word "Flash" can you pursuade the receiver to Identify themselves. Only by knowing the reply code word "Thunder" can you convince the enquirer that you are genuine. The enquirer, who is not afraid to give away his position, initiates contact.

This version would probably do the same, the electronic recievers would only respond with their ID when a broadcast coded message is detected.

This means that troops would not be giving their position away (unless of course the opposition had cracked the key)

US sees first airliner flight with laser defences


What have we learnt from Sept 11

The plane doesn't need defending from missiles. The plane is the missile.

Clearly a few people a BAE missed that training day.

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins


Seriously Folks!

"Either way, it does give new credence to the cult of the Jesus phone. Amen."


Seriously folks, tip your waitress. I'm not kidding, they work hard. And try the house steak, it's delicious!

Nike pulls Air Stab trainers


Fact Check

"With the current gun and knife epidemic that is sweeping our country we would expect retailers to be taking a more sensitive approach to promoting products to a young and impressionable market.”

Actually, there aren't any statistics for knife crime that show such a trend, since police only started recording "knife crime" last year. And today was the first time such figures have been released.

"Because this is the first time we have such data this says nothing about the trend in such crime," said the Home Office's Scientific Advisor Paul Wiles.


Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway


Let us spray

"If Jesus couldn't drive the merchants out of the temple, maybe his AK-47 could. Motherf*cking-Aye." (Matthew 13:5)



Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley


Mommy wow! I can speculate too!

".. the perpetrator might be using net satellite images to pinpoint hutches."

He might also be using GPS to get himself to the target. And he might also be using a 3G iPhone to communicate with accomplices. And he might be taking pictures of his victims with a 16 bazillion megapixel camera and uploading them to a central server using a publicly available file sharer. With his wireless broadband. Pretty easy this weak speculation eh?

iPhone 3G to be in 'very short supply for weeks' - carrier


Blah Blah

Another new high tech gadget will be in short supply. Ooh I'd better get my order in now then. Cos they must be so good.

I've trained my brain to filter out this guff now. Join me.

Street View spycar prowls Inverness

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The french have had this for ages...

See http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/villeendirect/

You can actually zoom into peoples homes and watch them undress. And read their credit card details. And watch them make home made explosives. And watch them undress some more.

Former beauty queen cuffed for torturing ex


Re: IT/Paris Hilton angle?

Alan, please go back and read the article again. It says they stole his cell phone. The iPhone is a kind of cell phone.