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Civil Serf blogger faces disciplinary action

Ian Peters

No problem if the statements are true

but if they are untrue statements in the blog, then I think there is every right to deal with the blogger appropriately.

Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix

Ian Peters

Can someone please explain

Is the application or OS at fault here? If its the OS, why does it not appear to affect any other MS OS?

Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries

Ian Peters
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Detailed customer research by BT

Does anyone every see these types of research? Why do journalists never seem to ask to see them as proof?

ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears

Ian Peters

re: "Nothing to Hide"

oh dear.... another person with their head buried in the sand and does not understand risks. I bet you don't lock your doors, don't have a password on your PC and happy to let anyone search through your house and wallet because you haven't got anything to hide.

Isn't ignorance bliss......

Google mounts Chewbacca defense in EU privacy debate

Ian Peters

Since i've had Broadband

I've had same IP address even though i do not have a static IP. When i was on dial up, i always got a different IP.

My connection has a contention of 50 so i am guessing that that the 49 other users also have the same IP and that we are behind a NAT router.

NASA, UK boffins plan tunnelling Moon mole robot

Ian Peters

Beagle 2

This one gives the UK boffins experience on entry to the surface

Heathrow 777 crash: 'No anomalies in the major aircraft systems'

Ian Peters

i've heard rumours

That the 777 is prone to issues where the flaps do not always work as they should and these early landings are not uncommon to correct this issue. There is also a conspiracy theory that Boeing design cannot be found to be at fault as they are a contactor for the US military

Inside the Windows 2008 stack experience

Ian Peters

"competitive advantage" - nope, your playing catch-up

"Killer features continue to appear in software that confer such competitive advantage that procrastination is impossible.

The "it" in question here is the ability to handle spatial data. SQL Server 2008 has it. End of story. Yes, I know Oracle had spatial data types first"

That doesn't give you any competitive advantive as you'll be playing catch-up to the companies already using Oracle (as you pointed out)

Man stumps record £375k for number plate

Ian Peters

what a prize tw*t

How about the REG (sorry about the pun) creating a Darwin Awards like competition for people doing this sort of thing as they need removing from the gene pool as well e.g. Darwin Awards - Complete Twat Table.

Bloke takes missus up the Oxo Tower

Ian Peters

?? Is Lester angling for a free meal

or has he had one already?....... Is the Inq getting paid for this advert?

Mind you, it doesn't say if they are recommending the ovepriced restaurant or the overpriced bistro section.

Swedes to probe cow-belch threat to planet

Ian Peters

I thought the Aussies did this years ago

maybe they sorted out the other end

Microsoft puts dusty, old Office code on web

Ian Peters
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Open Office XML - its a spoiler name

As you have fallen for the trap of getting it arse-about-face - its supposed to be Office Open XML


Ian Peters
Gates Horns

ps: its not Open Office XML

Its Office Open XML and its a spoiler format and name.


Office update disables MS files

Ian Peters

re: For Pete's Sake........

You obviously dont work in a organisation such as goverment where documents are stored for longer than 10 years.

If you can explain to us all the security implication of non-executable data file, we'll be all ears. This is security problem with MS Office itself and have probably coded themselves into a corner where they cannot fix the error.

Apart from that, your post was so childish which indicates that can't think further than a 12 year old can until he/she grows up and gets experience of the world outside his/her own little world.