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Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

Ken Okumura


Loved The Prisoner - got into it only after staying at the hotel and seeing it on constant loop on their TV sets. I was holding out for a film version with him making a cameo appearance.

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah set for top two spots in Christmas Day charts

Ken Okumura
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Go Jeff...

Surely a link to the facebook group is in order...80,000 members and climbing...


Paris, because I'm sure she's a closet Buckley fan...

Mobe number middleman turns old sims into gold

Ken Okumura
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Uhh...isn't it a bit flawed?

Given that if you found a number you liked, you could just call them up and buy it direct from them and save the 10% commission?

Paris - because she might have thought of the idea.

Former beauty queen cuffed for torturing ex

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The wonders of makeup...

Some of the Google news sites have a "before" and "after" pic...