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Microsoft names Windows 7 RC1 dates

Ryan Bass
IT Angle

...refinements in the new taskbar, the behavior of Aero Peek, Touch, and Windows Media Player...

MS are really in touch with what people want from their OSs. I wish I were being sarcastic...

El Reg offers cut-and-paste comments service

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I paid £3.29 for the Radiohead album, but I don't think this model is going to be successful for smaller bands. Back to the drawing board on this one.

Wait, had what with a what?

How the BBC plans to save your ISP

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Nice work Chris

Enjoyed the article a lot.

Jane Fonda c-word slip shocks US

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Paris Hilton


The whole idea of the Vagina Monologues is to make people feel stupid for being scared of words like "cunt". Of course, she knew exactly what she was saying. Anyone who knows anything about the monologues will realise that.

Paris icon because, well... y'know...

BOFH: Carbon neutrality

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Excellent stuff

Can't beat some casual undermining of climate change.

NASA to beam Beatles song into deep space

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For years I thought the line in that song that goes "chai guru deva, om" (or something) was "kangaroo dave, ooooh"

Et tu, Gmail? Simple hack defeats last barrier to decades-old attack

Ryan Bass

RE: Shock. Horror.

Abolish free email services?

That gets my vote =]

Google to reinvent UK newspaper biz

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Steady now

In all fairness, I imagine Cade is learning about England every day.

For example, today he learned that we never shut the hell up moaning. :)