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Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters

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As a doctor she is clearly unfit to give advice on global warming/energy use by societies/etc and as such should not counsel her patients on it. As a private person she is very much allowed (and should be encouraged) to voice her opinion as these things - but it definitely SHOULD NOT take place in her practice and definitely NOT while wearing her doctors badge (or whatever GPs are given to represent authority).

Truisms, obviously ...

The music biz's digital flops - a short history

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Pandora and their problems

Reading pandora.com offers a different take on why they closed down the UK access to the service - http://blog.pandora.com/faq/#79. And note that, should they have had major problems generating revenue, that would likely have been the case globally, not locally (if they had problems getting listeners and thus ad-income in the UK they could have tried for a better market presence. Instead they shut down).

Also, if memory serves me right, Pandora didn't so much have problems generating revenue as they did have with generating revenue to match the crazy costs that were put upon them by the body that decides the cost of playing music on the internet or by satellite - have a read at http://blog.pandora.com/pandora/archives/2007/03/riaas_new_royal.html

HP pulls memory Missing Link from bottle of beer

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@Brian and others

From the article:

"In other words, it's nonvolatile memory - with a few advantages over flash. "It holds its memory longer," Williams says. "It's simpler. It's easier to make - which means it's cheaper - and it can be switched a lot faster, with less energy.""

Sounds to me like he's saying it's faster.

@Jim: You're arguing from semantics that there can be no memristor? That doesn't seem a bit daft to you?



Barcode faking for fun and profit

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Nothing like old news

I recall reading an essay titled Cracking [barcodes] as an art about 6-7 years ago ... describing how to take advance of barcodes. Nothing new in this article. I guess some people just like reinventing the wheel.