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Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive

James Comer

@Ivan Headache

"Obviously bing searches google."

Check your logic.

You have reached this conclusion because if you type "London Weather" in both then it brings up information about the weather in London? It might just be possible that both search engines are set up to return weather forecasts independently of each other?

Moreover, given that today they return different forecasts, I fail to see how either is getting their information from the other.

Microsoft wraps Live Search in chicken and breadcrumbs

James Comer

Good, google could use some competition

Or we'll all be on here in 3 years time ranting about how the evil empire of Google has runied blah blah blah

Ballmer's bid to swerve 'Vista Capable' row comes unstuck

James Comer


"have a reasonable expectation"

"In general, a claim is to be construed as broadly as possible"

"the narrow view"


The above four words/phrases epitomise where you are going wrong in your thinking, I have to assume you are biased and just looking for a stab at MS.

The sticker says vista capable, so the only question to be answered is; "can a machine with this sticker run Vista?" If the answer to this question is "No, Vista cannot be run on this machine" then this is clearly misleading/deceitful/fraudulent, but if the answer is anything other than no, then clearly it is capable (to whatever extent).

It is simple case of the english language and words meaning what they mean rather than what you think/want/interpret them to mean.

Ballmer eggs on Hungarian student

James Comer

MS employee laughs at the idiots

When I saw this video this morning I though it was pretty funny, I mean who doesn't like to watch their boss getting pelted with eggs, but the funniest was the guy who was doing it, he managed to get out one barely coherent sentence, then looked sheepish as he slowly wandered out the room. Didnt exactly get his point across, whatever that was.

I don't know what this business is with the Hungarian government, but if I was to take agentT's comments as fact then I dont understand the grievance, you say the Hungarian government bought something and then afterwards decided they paid too much. Thats the story of most consumers lives, live and learn if they think they got such a bad deal. Although lets face it, the guy throwing the eggs probably just thought people would think he was cool to throw eggs at a visiting businessman. Personally I hope he gets expelled.

As for Microsoft being evil, this is a pretty ignorant view point to take. Im not so besotted with my employer that I am incapable of objectivity. Businesses make money, in fact they have a legal responsibility to share holders to do so, so if you think MS is evil just because of the scale of the business and the size of revenue and profit then your argument is, at least to me, fundamentally flawed. Then again I am a proud capitalist, not a hippy.

On this subject, one unique feature of Microsoft, is that nearly all the profits earned by its creator, are being pushed back in to charity? The B&M Gates foundation is currently worth some $27b, is this all part of some evil plan? What about the $100m to immunise third world children. Clearly part of a masterplan to sell them software when their older....

Oh, one last thing, Anton Ivanov, the term you are searching for on the lines of rent, i think you will find is license. Software is licensed for use, its not a new thing, its not exclusive to MS, its pretty standard practice. It's the same with the music and films and books and well lots of things.

I look forward to the no doubt dozens of posts that will appear to tell me im an idiot.

Feel free to email me directly jimmy@hotmail.co.uk

Bhutto murder used to spread malware

James Comer

Bit Twister - no i dont think you understand

You seem to have failed to grasp the point that Graham Lockley had made.

The fundamental reason you are 'safer' using a mac is the relative number of users compared to windows. Think of malware/spyware/viruses as complementary products to operating systems and thinking of the people who make them as businesses. Which operating system are you going to compliment so that your product has the biggest impact, the one that 80% of the world uses or the one that 5% of the world uses?

Is Vista perfect? was Xp? No. Far from it. But you know they are still amongst the best commercially available operating systems in the world. Obviously the advantages of open sources software are going to be the weaknesses of Microsofts products. The main catalyst behind the anti-microsoft movement is the fact that geeks (and yes people who write in these forums are geeks, myself included) derive their power from their knowledge, the same as conspiracy theorists, it is therefore fashionable to oppose the mighty and the conventional.

If MS packed up and stopped producing software tomorrow and all we were left with was the products of open source collaboration, the world would be a much worse place. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft is the biggest charity in the world, it takes the truely ignorant to be so dismissive.

You're SO wrong, it's just funny. Very funny.


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