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BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

Mark Milaszkiewicz

i'll have one

1.8m tall box... put it in my back garden if i can get 40mbps

Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

Mark Milaszkiewicz

you can find all the tweets

if you search without the preceeding #

didn't you try that before writing an article?

BOFH: Stick this

Mark Milaszkiewicz
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I've never thought

about offering users a carrot... might be worth a shot here..

genius work as always, a laugh out loud episode today... amazing..

Apple to surgically remove MobileMe parts

Mark Milaszkiewicz

David - there is a method to get things working right...

The syncing works perfectly, if you do it in a sensible way.

1 - sync iphone with computer, to ensure address book on computer is up to date

2 - sync your computers address book to mobile me - aka the cloud

3 - then log into me.com and make sure everything is there

4 - activate contacts syncing on iphone, it'll delete everything that is "local" and download what is in the "cloud"

then it works perfectly!

NYC 'Top Model' stampede: The truth revealed

Mark Milaszkiewicz

i'm so glad

that there was someone in NYC at the time to capture the events in real time for us to see..

wow... great work!!!

iPod Touch torches tyke's trousers

Mark Milaszkiewicz

I'm so glad that this was pointed out

thanks anonymous coward - "And, since Apple don't and never have made a product called "iTouch" surely this lawsuit isn't valid?"

i totally agree.. if you can't get the product name right, how do we know it was even a proper apple product, though they say they bought it from an apple store etc, he could have actually picked up his nice chinese clone that then exploded, which could have been called an iTouch..

Street View vehicle kills Bambi

Mark Milaszkiewicz

i was hoping for

a playmobil reconstruction with some pirates, and optimus prime...

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

Mark Milaszkiewicz
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what? the boss??

wow.... the boss has come up in my expectations!

awesome as usual!

BOFH: The Christmas party

Mark Milaszkiewicz
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perfect way to finish off..... awesome, on form, brilliant...

now, what to do for the rest of the day in the office on my own..

*goes to delete files*

Google: The Satan Phone cometh

Mark Milaszkiewicz

and another thing...

it looks a bit fugly

Mark Milaszkiewicz

no syncing? locked?

where are all the iphone haters now... a locked device, $179 with a contract? (ok, $20 cheaper than an iPhone in the US), but no syncing? at all?

PC World pips Asus to UK Atom sub-laptop premier

Mark Milaszkiewicz


rebadged MSI...

is it really that bad?

Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo

Mark Milaszkiewicz

thank you!

these make my friday afternoons.... MORE MORE!!!

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap

Mark Milaszkiewicz

i'm just wondering what will happen

if i go wearing my

"smoking leads to heroin addiction, paedophilia and suicide bombing" t-shirt to T5?

anyone want to pay for a flight for me to try? !

Samsung hammers out stylish Steel slider

Mark Milaszkiewicz


but there is a plastic base bit, which means the signal gets in that way!

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

Mark Milaszkiewicz
Jobs Halo

@Edward Noel

the reason you buy mac products from Idiot World (my pet name for PC World that is), is you go in just when Apple have launched the new range, and buy the previous range at knock down prices..

i picked up a MBPro, about 3 weeks previous range, for £899, rather than £1299 for the new one...

luckily, i don't need advice..

BOFH: Shiny new computer room

Mark Milaszkiewicz
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I can see the Head of the place I work at try something like this....

Mobile roaming in Europe: Have your say

Mark Milaszkiewicz

what about networks that appear in multiple countries..

my thought is that if your operator is in the country that you use at home, there should be minimal roaming charges, as you're still using their network.. Orange, Voda, Telefonica (o2), T-Mobile, etc are over many places in Europe, and especially data / in country calls, could easily be bundled..

Just my thoughts

Biometric methadone dispensers tested on UK lags

Mark Milaszkiewicz
Paris Hilton

@s .pam - no its not £350k a prison

3,500,000 / 100 = 35,000

Paris, because she probably needs help working out basic maths!

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor

Mark Milaszkiewicz

@ Michael Jolly

you have blue eyes too??? you're my long lost brother!

lend us a fiver?! ;)

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes

Mark Milaszkiewicz

cheap broadband, no caps?

i'm with sky, and luckily in the past 12 months have had very little problems, great connectivity and speeds, no throttling and i only pay £10 a month (ok, i have a sky subscription too, but the cheapest it works out is £26!)

tiscali have the marketing right to attract the punters who really don't have a clue, they just see a bottom line price, and think it'll give them everything they need. Then this happens, and they can't do anything!

bring back dial up?

Asus to show second-gen Eee PC next week

Mark Milaszkiewicz

So plenty more opportunities..

to post that wonderful picture.... !