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You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


Re: And that....

If you are truely interested in a local home computer for automation, this might be a start.

(Raspberry Pi based)


DEATH WATCH counts down seconds to wearer's demise


Seems mildly relevant.


ATTACK of the ROBOT BANKERS brings stock market to its knees


Re: Paper based

Sure, While were at it, We can go back to punch cards and ticker tape! >.> There are many reason this is a bad idea. The BIGGEST is the material waste this generates.

Drizzle: Big-Data-happy MySQL fork debuts


I am........THE DRIZZLE!

They most likely took the name from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. There was a episode where Master Shake tries to be a super hero. *shrugs* Or they just thought it was funny.

Obama 'deep space' Mars plans in Boeing booster bitchslap


I can see how this went down.

Executive has their secretary help write a scathing rebuke. They try to invoke a sense of national pride and generally make it seem like its a huge loss for the American people. But in reality boeing is pissed because a president isn't playing their version of ball. How long before you see "lobbyists" whispering in senator ears about how terrible this is for american goals.

Phorm turns up in Brazil


Phorm filler plus! :p

The "Is it safe?" made me think of a episode of clerks. And I'm suprised that they haven't partnered in Nigeria. It seems to be their target market. :p

TVs to play DivX thanks to AMD


Wow, flashback

Didn't they try this before? oh ya! The DivX PLAYER! Get the hint, no one wants this. Even if you intergrate this, how is it ANY different then streaming it from a video source?

Revealed: USB 3.0 jacks and sockets



Why would you willing subject the public to a standard that NEVER reaches even expected speeds, let alone ones that should be attainable in theory? Firewire is a MUCH better standard, since it doesn't deal with the host based crap. I mean, I could possibly understand if they changed it to the peer-to-peer architecture that firewire has. But really? Do we really need this kind of ugly #@% * in our devices?

Nintendo Wii hack opens door to homebrew games



*quote* This is one of the things that has held back the PSP software sales. Homebrew, aka copying games.*quote*

You have it bass ackwards, you can already run pirated games BEFORE this happened. In fact thats all you could do. This opens up the possibility of doing interesting things with the hardware. And to comment on the psp situation, I will NEVER buy a psp because you have to mod the firmware to make it remotely usable. I prefer the GP2X [ http://www.gp2x.com/ ] as a gaming platform because its open from the ground up. Want to play movies. Ok. Want to write software for it. Sure. Want to do something not envisioned by the devs? No freakin problem. DRM is for those that prefer to be sheep. Don't be sheeple.


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