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Australia to issue passports for males, females and... X


Why "X" ...

... when "?" is more appropriate.

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard


The alpha-numeric stickers ...

... are coming in a separate box, probably around pallet size.

Microsoft spends $7.5m on IP addresses


I have a few for sale ...

... they all start with 192.168.

I've been hanging on to them, waiting for the price to rise.

Australian Liberal MPs splurge on sticky, delicious ... toner


Well, the opposition leader's name ...

... has just become "Toner" Abbott

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7


Not free, but

I've used NOD32 / Eset for perhaps 3 years now, after having tried many others. Very small footprint, low processing overhead, effective and reliable.

World's most advanced rootkit penetrates 64-bit Windows


Well, I'm safe ...

... my user name is administrator and my password is passw**d.

International Telecom Union drags self out of past


What's the address ...

... of that Hilton Hotel again?

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size


It's "elicit" your sympathy ...

.... otherwise your post is illicit.

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon


The back end of somewhere

Coming soon to you – Julia GillRudd's Australian Republic of Socialist Emirates, (ARSE) with the enthusiastic support of the red Greens.

Because we will only be able to get to 50% of the websites, the internet here will be known as half-ARSE.

Defunct mines, of which there will be many, will become known as Bob Brown's ARSE holes – symbols of having been well and truly screwed.

The Green Police will wear Brown shirts (made from hair, of course), and be called ARSE-kickers. The under-cover recycle bin Police (as well as traffic cops) will be called ARSE-creepers.

Electricity will be generated by ARSE-wind, supplemented by gas-fired power stations.

Border control will be such that nobody will need to enter ARSE from the back any more - it will be wide open to all - after all, that's already Brown's policy.

And after Red and Brown have finished this great country will no longer be worth a crap to live in.

Footnote: Bob Brown, the leader of the Greens, looks like holding the balance of power. He's a radical communist and a very open homosexual.

Aussies face 10 year browsing lock-up


In a word...



I'll tell you why

You asked "I don't quite understand, has no one pinned them down (say on a national tv show) and asked why?

Because this bunch of socialist idealogy-driven incompetents decree such regulations without ANY prior discussion. Usually the first time anybody learns about their crap is when it's too late. Furthermore, the media is so intimidated and tightly dominated by Rudd (our PM and wannabe world leader) that they're shit scared to publish anything that might offend him.

'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook


Now that's tolerance for you ...

... from the religion of peace.http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/grenade_32.png

'Switch to Century Gothic to save the planet'


Do all your printing ...

... in green ink.

Brazilian uni readmits miniskirted student


We'll see ...

"Whether she does remains to be seen."

Obviously the miniskirt left other remains to be seen, too.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords


Want a strong password?

Allow backspaces. So a password of "1357" is constructed of 1-7-backspace-3-8-backspace... and so on.

Oz gov suggests world's worst copyright protection scheme


@ Sandman

Yep - the common denominator is that they're all socialist governments now, striving to impose central control on every aspect of one's life. They're hell bent on emulating Russia, China et al.

Google name 'worth $100 billion,' says Strategy Boutique


Where's my 3 nanoseconds of fame, then?

My business brand is worth approximately $1371.34, according to some guru that values domain names and websites.

Can you publish a longer list so that I can see my name in lights as well?

Aussie protests over Great Firewall



It's not about accessing illegal material. It's about three concurrent issues:

One, the overtly socialiast government is striving to control access to what it deems acceptable (whether legal or not);

Two, even at 99.99% accuracy, filters would block millions of legitimate sites;

Three, our largest (and monopolistic) telco sells 256K ADSL as high speed broadband. Even as a web services business I've tried for 4 years to get better than 1.5M ADSL, and I've finally achieved 1.6MB / 384K on a static IP, that costs me AUD 200 per month (that's around GBP 85 per month for all of 5GB traffic).

What performance hit do you think I can afford, simply to pander to a left-wing religious zealot filtering everything I access?

That's a down-under smiley - everything's upside down here.

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover


Too much anon

The more I read comments on The Register articles, the more prominent Anonymous Coward appears. Over 40 items this article alone. He who knows everything about everything, and has a variety of (sometimes self-contradicting) opinions on everything else.

I need to ask the question - is this his personal blog, or is he one of the fortunate few with nothing to do all day?