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Blind spot - the trouble with optical drives

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Didn't panasonic/matsushita already do this or tried some kind of caddy system (still got my 1x panasonic cdrom in the loft somewhere), I'm pretty sure you can buy DVD-RAM discs in caddies too. I reckon its all down to cost cutting, I mean 1 DVD-R disc costs about 12p how much more would it cost if it was incased in a caddy, I'm guessing by atleast 8x, but the difference wouldn't be so much with a 50Gb blueray recordable media probably not even a 20th of the cost of the disc.

HP biased against BIOS password security

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The transponder fob idea's not bad and could mean no more need to remember any passwords, plus if you walk away from the laptop/pc the computer would autolock and unlock as you aproach.

Games consoles not green enough, claims Greenpeace

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Greener on the other side

I'd like to see greenpeace make something greener instead of nagging like a constipated sow.

Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

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southpark "over logged"

"but it sounds like this guy just needs a girlfriend...."

Quoted by Randy Marsh: "once you've seen japanese girls puking in to each others mouths you can't just go back to playboy (women/girl friend)"

Toshiba samples Cell-based HD GPU

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This is not going to be another ageia physics processor type board.


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