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Nato secrets USB stick lost in Swedish library

Michael Shimniok

I love it...

"It is unclear how the USB stick ended up in the library."

But, so long as all these USB sticks holding classified military secrets don't end up in anymore libraries, we should be just peachy.

Can we go back to paper and typewriters now?

Camouflaged code threatens security apps

Michael Shimniok


From the get-go, Tripwire (you know, the filesystem integrity checker) was set up to use > 1 hash for this reason. IANAC either but would expect the probability of compromising 2 (or more) hashes to be extremely small -- at this point anyway. Ah, good ol' defense in depth...


Old school VXers calling it quits

Michael Shimniok

Convinced YET?

Err... I guess this is an interesting confirmation of a trend that's seen lots of press over the last few years, and something many of us have predicted for years (some maybe decades).

So, I wonder if anyone out there STILL isn't convinced that the days of mischief hacking/vx have declined to background noise... If not, let's show them this article and/or smack them into a proper sense of reality. Nicely, of course. :)

Ah, how nice to finally lose sleep over something worthwhile: truly motivated evildoers...





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