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12 of the best... mice

Gates Halo


The Title says "12 of the best mice" - But not only did you manage to completely ignore anything made by Razor - That's like compiling a list of the 12 best F1 drivers and ignoring anyone German who drove a red car.

You also managed to list things which were not mice......................... Have you taken all your pills this morning?


Bill - Because M$ do make exceedingly good mices............

Nokia's N97 flagship to sail in this month



Had the N95 - First Nokia in ages, and thought it was OK.

Upgraded to the N96 - Buggy peice of #### (three's fault for not releasing any firmware)

Now the N97 - Think I'll try Sony again.

Windows 7 to ship October 22


Free Upgrade?

Did I read that right? Because I bought Vista Ultimate x64 M$ will potentially *give* me Windows 7 for free...............

That can't be right. What's the catch?

E-trade scammer pleads guilty to Office Space scam


What if

If he'd opened the accounts in his own name, would it still have been fraud?

Leaving PCs on costing UK business millions




We run an app called "Shutter" (see link) which shuts down everything at 18:00 - Job done.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'


Lay-in on Saturday mornings!

Well now that it's over I no longer feel the need to get up at stupid-o-clock on a saturday morning to download the latest episode so I can get my "battlestar fix" as early as possible...........

I loved/love the show - The darkness made it so much more refreshing than anything I've seen before - DS9 series 5, 6 and 7 nearly took us there, but never quite had the balls to go the whole way. Battlestar was about Genocide, and the fight for survival against an unrelenting and unbeatable enemy - If it wasn't dark and downright depressing at times (especially the secong half of series four - poor Dee :( ) it just would not have been the experience it was.

I am glad it had an ending - A lot of finale's leave enough scope for a sequel or direct spinoff - This didn't. The second half could have been a little shorter, with a lot less flashbacks, but the show has always put one thing ahead of the technology or even the plot - the charecters. We got to see them say their goodbyes, knowing that most of them would be ok.

Glad "The Plan" has been scheduled for the Autumn - gives me something to look forward to.

Inside the world's greatest TV remote


Seems pointless

Seems pretty pointless - I can turn most TV's off in less than 70 seconds - I have a device called a "finger"............

One-eyed man creates prosthetic 'surveillance' eye

Paris Hilton

Sounds like a divorce to me.......................

No dear - I wasn't checking out your sister.............

Mitsubishi to unveil i MiEV Sport Air at Geneva Motor Show



A slow, impractical car that looks like a Micra. Have I left anything out - Oh yeah - they're sticking a fraking French badge on it too..........

I can't think of anything more appealing.

And seriously - Lithium Batteries? On a concept car? Where's the fuel cell?

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth




Good news - provided it's better than the last two series.....................................

Inside Dell's containerized data centers


Yes - But..............

Very nice, but does it play GTA IV at a decent framerate?

Intel Core i7 'Nehalem' CPUs go on sale


Memory speeds

I think you'll find the Extreme edition supports 1333MHz DDR 3 natively, and up to 1800/2000MHz on some enthusiast motherboards.

MS explains 7-year patch delay


That's nothing!

Meh! (Hurrah - Meh is in the dictionary!) Surely the patch to allow stable LAN games of C&C Generals has been a lot longer coming, affects more people, and is far more annoying!

/Me back to Supreme Commander

BSF programme boosts schools' IT spending


FITS, SEF and SIP...........................

Anyone wanting to preserve their existing infrastructure need only complete Becta's FITS framework, them incorporate it into the school's SIP/SEF - That way you've proven that your system already meets the BSF spec, and you get handed a wad of cash to continue running your systems the way you see fit.

That's what our LEA is telling us anyway.

I've heard both positive and negative views from existing school techies who's schools have already started down the BSF route. For school IT Support staff this is either going to be a career maker or breaker. It's going to depend a lot on how goos your network really is, and whether your school's leadership team recognise that enough to fight in your corner rather than throw the cash at Dell/RM/whoever.

Interesting times........................................

Shaun - Blackfen School for Girls Network Manager.

Fasthosts brings down Edugeek - and leaves it there



SchoolTechies.co.uk is still up - but that's because it has it's own webserver on the LGfL's nice 100Mb fibre network.

Give Fasthosts the two fingered salute and host it yourself - There are plenty of schools with uber amounts of bandwidth.

I'd be quite happy to discuss hosting it. shaun at blackfen dot bexley dot sch dot uk

Bugs casts shadow over Firefox 3


and window.open is funky too

And they've changed the default behaviour of window.open'slocation value so you can't hide it any more - most annoying!

Dell's wee Eee-alike loses some keys



To enter System Setup, press F2.......... Oh wait.............

Nvidia paid the right amount for 3dfx, court affirms


w00t - 3DFX back in the news!

May I be the first 3DFX fanboy to say that we still miss 3DFX - If it's woeful mismanagement hadn't driven it into the ground, I think it would have saved us from the woes of an nVidia monopoly of the PC gaming market.

Yes ATI is still around - But for how long - It's parent company AMD is having trouble selling chips to the big boys, and I feel it's only a matter of time before nVidia throws some more cash in their direction for a little more IP.

I'm not saying that nVidia products are bad (Apart from their latest 700 series chipsets which are a buggy pile of ****), but monopolies always tend to provide rubbish support, and development slows without competition........

</end rant>

Microsoft tries to talk its way into VoIP

Gates Horns

If you want easy VOIP.......................

Try Trixbox (trixbox.org) - I was able to get it up and running with virtually no Linux experience, and it's running great. There's a good support community, and excellent documentation (Google for "Trixbox Without Tears").

Best of all it's free!!!!!!!!!

Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1

Gates Halo

So for so good..........

I'm planning on doing a fresh install of Vista this weekend, so wasn't overly worried if SP1 went horribly wrong.

Installation did take a while - and M$ are still incapable of making a progress bar that works - For god sake - how difficult can it be - a progress bar shouldn't go straight from 0% to 100%, nor should should an installation have three different progress bars when one would do the job. A progress bar has one job to do - show the end user how far into a job their PC is, so they know whether to just go make a coffee, or go watch the Godfather Trilogy. /end rant.

When I came back to my PC, everything looked normal apart from some customer feedback spyware doohickey. I decided to copy the 400MB patch onto my backup server, and something weird happened - it copied the file. It didn't spend three hours calculating how long it would take - it just copied in a few seconds. I've just tried the reverse - I copied a 1.3GB file from my server onto my desktop - It instantly said it would take 34 seconds, and it did. That alone is worth the hours installation, as if it carries on working will save me time in the long run. Well done M$ (yes I know it should have worked like that from the beginning but if M$ feel appreciated maybe they'll fix other things too - like why I'm using 1GB ram when I only have Firefox running).

I'm sure there will be horror stories about this patch - And I may well have been led into a false sense of security only to get my head chopped off at any moment, but for the moment M$ still have at least one moderately happy customer.

Cambridge brain touts wind-n-server combo farms


What a fantastic idea.........................

........now we can have laaaaaaaaaag in single player games too :)

Why I downgraded from Vista to XP


Same here

I had the exact same thing with my Sony UX1N1 UMPC - Vista business ran fine for the first few hours - The novelty of having Vista on a pocket sized device was great.

The novely soon wore off - Having more than 50% of my system resources being taken by a clean OS install (I never use the OEM installed OS - I never trust what "extras" they've decided to install) was simply unacceptable - It made gaming impossible :)

So I managed to install Windows XP (Which wasn't easy on a device with no built in CDROM and a USB CDROm which wasn't recognised by XP setup) and havn't looked back. Command and Conquer Generals works brilliantly on the little touchscreen, as does Civ and Quake3.

I do like Vista - My Gaming rig at home has been running it for a year now, and has only just started to feel like it needs a reinstall. My 1.8Ghz P4 bathroom media center has also been running Vista 24/7 for over six months now without any problems. It's far more stable than any other pre-SP1 M$ os I've ever used since 3.11 :)

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo


@ Anonymous Coward

I guess we now know what Billy G is doing with all his free time :)

Seriously though - This is the Register - They post pics of giant BSOD's and we laugh because it's funny. If M$ decided to use a V1 console to demo their hardware, then they're clearly more stupid than we think.

Seriously - this is funny - either laugh, or go get a sense of humour transplant.

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic


Is it just me.........

.........or are they getting a lot tougher on illegal music downloads.........

Champion of competitive CAT-5 untangling is crowned


Not a real sport......

Championship dishwaser loading on the other hand..........

US may shoot down spy sat to safeguard tech secrets

Paris Hilton

What about.......

This sounds like a good way to test that big honking railgun they've just developed.........

Surely there should have been a contingency for this kind of scenario - If I was spending a few million dollars of a spy sat, I'd have some kind of automated self destruct built into the system - Even something as simple as a few pounds of explosive strapped to the outside so that it explodes during reentry.............

Paris - because she likes secret video cameras..........

Vodafone CEO finds wireless too complicated

Jobs Horns

I completely agree!

.......with the line about binning macs............

Guitar Hero gets true air axe


Tone Deaf?

Why didn't they do a video of someone who actually knew what Smoke On The Water was supposed to sound like???????

Parents to get classroom spynet in 2010

Paris Hilton

This is news?

We've been working towards this target for almost two years. All secondary schools needed to have a VLE by 2008 and an MLE by 2010.

Most of the London Schools went with Fronter for the 2008 target, as LGfL got us a deal.

The MLE is down to our respective MIS providers. Capita have been developing their portal for quite some time, but as this is Capita, it's both costly, and there are always reliability issues.

Serco on the other hand, have provided this functionality for years (http://www.sercolearningsolutions.com/schools/products/mis.htm), but scrapping one MIS system in favour of another is costly and time consuming (Implementation and training).

As If us School techies didn't have enough to do..................

Samsung enhances Q1 Ultra UMPC performance



So Samsung have finally caught up with Sony's UX1N1 - That's had the 1.3 for almost a year now.

Any reason why you've pictured the Q1T instead of the previous Q1 Ultra?

For my money, I'd still go for the Asus R2h - You get way more in the box. But as I was spending work's money, I got the Sony, as it's a lot smaller, and actually makes sense as a UMPC (It's mobile, and has a keyboard).

Any of the three are still nice toys (I bought all three for my IT Support department). However, all three are way too underpowered for Vista - Even when all the nice GUI features are turned off, the mighyy Sony still struggles, and takes way to long to boot. And with all the nice graphics turned off, you're missing the point of Vista.

Just my oppinion.

MS preps critical Vista patch for Tuesday


There goes my uptime..........

4 months uptime on my little Vista box so far - Oh well :)

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC



Did the hack involve 576 carefully ordered piecies of bread with various holes cut in them?

'Heavy' handset challenges all comers to prove its mettle

Paris Hilton

What's the point?

My Sony W950 has survived similar drops without problems, and at -20 I'm pretty sure my ears would fall off, rendering that particular feature pretty pointless.

So this phone is good if you're a bit warm - Otherwise buy an iPhone :)

Microsoft releases battling OS release candidates

Gates Horns

Microsoft is Sylar?

Anyone else see the similarity - Sylar kills people and steals their powers........... Oh wait - my bad - Microsoft are more like Bob - They can turn any c**p into gold...........

999 comes to VoIP

Paris Hilton

Hoax Calls?

How exactly are the emergency services expected to chase hoax callers if they're potentially anywhere in the world?

Man sentenced to 20 years in murder of online rival


Made me panic!

Saw the headline and paniced! - I killed at least 30 differnt people in COD4 online last night.

Air France compensates 170kg passenger



If airlines were to adopt a Person weight + Luggage Weight = Price policy, then surely that would eventually mean that fat people would simply leave their luggage at home. Holidays would be ruined by the sight of fat people bathing in their opaque pants, or worse having to sit next to a fat naked bloke on the plane!!!!!!!!!

I say we ship all the fatties out to Japan, and let the "Research Ships" deal with them.............

Helicopters: President buys British, Queen buys American


Carbon Footprint?

A lower Carbon footprint compared to what? I'm sure a Hummer does better milage.

US Navy buys 'Metal Storm' grenade-gasm gun

Thumb Up

Future Weapons

Saw this on Discovery Channel's "Future Weapons" show - Very impressive bit of kit.

UN mandates stability control in trucks - cars to follow


Off button?

This is bad. For most cars this will be fine, but imagine if you've just spent 35K on a Monaro, or worse 100k on a new Ferarri. If the EU are insisting that all cars have these features, does that mean that manufacturers won't be allowed to fit an off button?

I vote we send Jeremy Clarkson to Brussels with an AK47...............

Bike bonk bloke cops three years' probation


Oh come on!

Tell me this isn't sexy;


Mmmmmmm........ uber-travel.............

Nintendo to fire Wii Zapper into Europe for Xmas


Op Wolf

Will they be releasing Operation Wolf on the Wii Shopping Channel? That would be very cool.............

£20 seems like a good price.

Online scammers exploit California wildfire disaster


Dangerous Game

Didn't Arnie vow to personally hunt down and terminate anyone who tries to cash in on this disaster?

Chinese bloke games himself to death


What was he playing?

Anyone know what he was playing?

Now that the Team Fortress 2 beta is available, I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of this.

Droid pilots beat humans at air-to-air refuelling



Mmmmmmmm......... 2 metre doughnuts.................


Seems familiar

In three years Cyberdyne will become the largest supplier of military computer systems. All stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne computers, becoming fully unmanned, Afterward, they fly with a perfect operational record.................

Anyone else getting a feeling of de ja vu?

Teachers vote to ban internet


They're not all idiots - honest!

I've just finished rolling out our new Meru wireless network around our school - I've had one teacher make slightly negative comments about it, and that's it. The rest of the staff haven't been taken in by the BBC's scare mongering, and my IT budget keeps going up every year.

I know schools like mine are in the minority, but they do exist.

Good luck to all the school techies out there who are not as fortunate.


- A school Network Admin somewhere in the south east.

Your very own R2 unit multimedia machine





Me Wants!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for this since I saw a video of it last year.

Anyone have any ideas on how to convince the wife that I need one of these?

Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'


So what's happening?

I've had dreamscene and hold-em since February - What is the point of this article? Have they since been removed?

Dreamscene was a nice idea, but running at a decent resolution is way to cpu intensive.

I do like the poker game though.

Looking forward to more extras, if that's what this article is about.