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I'll give you my Windows 7 installation when you pry it from my cold, dead hands (and other tales)

Paul A. Walker


I worked for the NHS a while back and saw my colleagues going through the pain of moving from XP to 7. This was only about 4 years ago, I hope they aren't having to move all that to 10! (The day I left I wiped my laptop and installed Debian, and swore I'd never go back to MS).

Halfords invents radio signals that don't travel at the speed of light

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I quite like DAB for the rock stations etc. I have an older car with a non-powered antenna and a small powered amplifier / splitter I got on eBay for about a tenner connects both the DAB and analogue ports on the header unit, providing a much better signal than the adhesive antenna that came with it. It works well all around the north east, and I've travelled up and down the country with reasonable success with it, although you don't half notice how crap the sound quality is even at its best when you pop a CD in!

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: Well, lookie here! For once a space game that doesn't promise the universe

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Freespace and Freespace 2 were great, and since Volition released the engine there's been a huge community remaking and expanding them. Blue Planet is fantastic.

Microsoft Surface users baffled after investing in kit that throttles itself to the point of passing out

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Erm... what did you say again, dear reader?

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I'd wager this chap is a full-on gammon. There's a modern idiom he won't approve of either.

Can't wait for Linux apps on Chrome OS? And you like stability? We'll see you in December, then

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Re: Better options

Yep - my 2011 Toughbook runs like a dream with Debian...

Constant work makes the kilo walk the Planck

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I was at NPL near Teddington last week, where they are also working on this. Critically, they are working on a design that will be (reasonably) affordable so that labs and businesses can have their own mass reference. Very interesting stuff.

El Reg uncages its truly demonic BOFH t-shirt

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Polo shirt with BOFH logo please, like in the old days - I lost mine when my suitcase disappeared on a train in Kent somewhere.

Is lightspeed really a limit?

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Re: I don't get it ...

There are two issues that are counter-intuitive. Firstly, how we all add velocities in a normal common-sense way is wrong. It is nearly enough right if you are dealing with slow things like cars or bricks but it is in fact incorrect, and the proper way to add or subtract relative speeds can be derived in a straightforward way, see Lorentz instead of Galilean transformation.

Second, the maximum speed limit (that the first point relies on as an assumption) actually falls out of the nature of spacetime - it is a fundamental parameter of our universe, in the same way as the strength of gravity or the value of the charge on an electron is.

So, sadly, you can't just strap more rockets on and keep getting faster til you break the limit.

Event Horizon Telescope spots source of black hole jets

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The most powerful force in the universe - the Schwartz!

Tree-hugging Chinese throttle rare earth production

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Su Bo

Dreamed a dream of sustainability eh?

I'll get my coat...

PARIS team to tackle the ultimate post-pint snack

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Geordie lass?

Try again - if you're from Teesside you're a smoggy, not a geordie!

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!

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Great, I'm on a plane tomorrow...

..flying the length of England. Mine's the one with the parachute on the back.

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test: Flameout at Mach 5?

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obvious what caused the failure...

...bloody volcanic ash AGAIN!

NASA telescope gazes into heart and soul of universe

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of course

You're right, it's obviously much better to be good because you are told to be good, rather than because you think it's right.

Boffins demo one-molecule DNA 'walker' nano-bot

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Indeed! I aspired to be a boffin but had to settle for geek.


Are you a 'supertasker'? Probably not

Paul A. Walker

Well I don't know about drive and talk on the phone...

...I found reading the article and posting this reply whilst driving a bit tricky!

MPs to go clubbing in cocaine inquiry

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"If you were boracic, there was always Evostick." I assume you mean brassic?

Proto-mammals survived ancient global warming in Antarctica

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No-one said they were mammals...

The article says, somewhat misleadingly, that they were mammal-like. They were part of a group called mammal-like reptiles, which were ancestral to mammals. They possessed some physiological characteristics not seen in other reptile lineages, and the groups would ultimately diverge into mammals, birds, dinosaurs etc. You certainly wouldn't look at one of these critters and think it resembled a mammal.

YouTube Lad from Lagos gets a bite

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not a bad looking girl...

...pity she opens her mouth and ruins it.

Hubble snaps fall-out from Jupiter impact

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all these worlds are yours....

...had to jump on the bandwagon, sorry!

Man+dog plunged into 'faecal lagoon'

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Sludge lagoons

This happened to me as a child, my uncle's business was next to the sewage works and I strayed into the sludge lagoon. It can look like solid dry mud when in warm weather but under the crust it's like quicksand. Managed to crawl out losing only one boot, but I had to ride home in the back of the pickup, and then strip and get hosed off in the yard. Golden days of childhood indeed.

Don't call me Ishmael

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I have a HAL9000 on the domain...

...and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I did have my servers at my last place named after characters from Norse mythology, but no-one could spell so it was a problem. My routers were named after Marx brothers but after Zeppo I had to use Karl, which segued nicely into Engels, Lenin, Trotsky...

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

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... b**locks to the lot of them.

That is all.

Third e-bike to line up for 'zero-emission' TT sprint

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let's not be too harsh...

...remember how crappy and impractical the early petrol bikes were - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hildebrand_&_Wolfm%C3%BCller They'll get there in a few years, especially if they keep racing them.

Man U fan pwned in Facebook honeypot

Paul A. Walker

lucky for them..

He wasn't one of Van Vogt's Slans

Will Microsoft parachute Windows 7 in early?

Paul A. Walker


I can't say I'm interested in their next crappy release. This means nothing to me... oh Vienna.

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

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what a fool

Read about this stuff in MCN - the police are tracking them down, and possibly taking their bikes off them. Now I'm not in favour of our ridiculously tight speeding laws, but the fact is that idiots like this give the rest of us motorcyclists a bad name and just give more ammunition to the groups campaigning to restrict what vehicles can do.

Academics kick off nuclear power war of words

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wind turbines

Before we go nuts building these monstrosities all over the place, how about we get some mileage out of the ones we have? There are two sites in my area, and there are never more than a third of the turbines working when I drive past.

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

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Now new here...

I worked retail a few years ago and this was on the piped Xmas music we got sent by head office, it wasn't beeped out instead there was a gap where faggot was!

Might as well ban the whole song anyway, its awful!

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

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@ Adam et al

"Our stores have come on leaps and bounds over the last two years since we stopped paying commision to make sure that we offer impartial advice to customers."

Bollocks - its more than 2 years since the old commission structure was changed - and it was changed, not scrapped. All that guff about service team bonuses and store bonuses so you have demotivated sales staff who feel they aren't rewarded for their job and service staff who feel pressured to be selling. I know, I was there.

We weren't called Tech Guys when I worked there but we damn well had sales targets, especially when we were pushed to offer more expensive instant repairs when the shelves were empty of jobs anyway. All the best techs were eventually pushed out and replaced with cheaper part-timers anyway. Compare how many staff in a PCW are over 20 now than a few years ago.

Sidcup massive threatens Reg hack

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Charva indeed

I can definitely state that here in Newcastle area, we've been saying charver since at least the early nineties - chav was new to us much later. We always understood it to be a contraction of "chart raver" referring to the hordes of pilled up scallies that invaded the rave scene and spoiled it for everyone else.

I choose the smiley due to the obvious drug culture reference.

Babbling net software sparks international incident

Paul A. Walker

I will not buy this record...

... it is scratched.

US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading

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"Bitterman said he had put the Hebrew religion on the same plane as any other"

There's where he went wrong - nobody wants snakes on a plane.

'Law and Order' cop accused of child porn possession

Paul A. Walker

re: Doesn't sound likely to me

I can guarantee you it does happen - I used to work in a repair centre (I'll give you a clue, cheesy TV adverts) and was present when a colleague found a load of child porn on a laptop brought in for a wipe. The guy was arrested and had a house full of kiddie porn tapes. I have to say I don't feel bad that we invaded his privacy.

Google in crusade against neckties

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image matters

In my place the only ones that wear ties are managers and customer-facing sales - ie people who have to look professional and have some authority. On civvy Friday we still wear polo shirts, how much respect can you have for a manager in a football shirt or whatever?

Granted not everyone in a suit is competent (most aren't perhaps) but many companies simply don't want scruffy-looking employees and that's up to them.

Speedy evolution saves blue moon butterflies

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As soon as you see thermodynamics mentioned you might as well stop reading, its another creationist.

Exams, contracts, and nuclear research: stupid, stupid, stupid

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Without re-stating the calculations, I got 7 minutes too (I'm 27, GCSE in maths). Mind you, a girl in my office yesterday who's about my age asked for help working out postage for the franking machine because she couldn't add 1250g and 250g...

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

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Sad but true

Not dissimilar to my home village near Durham, which has bloated from a small, close-knit community to a faceless commuter town over the last twenty years. I couldn't afford to live there any more.

NASA chief regrets having unpopular opinion

Paul A. Walker

Impartial eh...

"...possibly referring to a future race of proto-humans who may find the bone-blistering heat from an environmental apocalypse pleasurable..."

Some impartial, professional journalism here then?

USB Mini Fridge drink chiller battles booze?

Paul A. Walker


Real beer isn't chilled anyway...

China will head for the moon this year

Paul A. Walker

not a hoax?

That won't stop the conspiracy nuts - they'll just claim the Chinese footage is fake too!

Compost your shredded bank statements today

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Little green open boxes...

I bet that's Durham... we have those damned things, when they don't blow away!

UK kids' table manners a national disgrace

Paul A. Walker

re:What to do....what to do?

Be fair, Navel training is not for everyone... it depends on if you're an "innie" or an "outie"...

I'll get my coat.

UC Davis shpreads beer schience goshphel

Paul A. Walker

Perfecting beer?

There's no need for other countries to waste time and money "perfecting" beer - in the UK we did that centuries ago, they should just learn from us.


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