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David Blaine does a Benito Mussolini

IT Angle


until I saw the subtitle, I had hope on this one...

Columbia set to resurrect Ghostbusters


@Joe K

"As for the film, this idea was mooted about a decade ago, the idea that the 'busters would train a hip new bunch of young hip "characters".

This was already done in the cartoon series Extreme Ghostbusters... it still had Egon and Janine, but it was bloody awful crap pandering to demographics.

The IT Crowd goes west


RE: IT Crowd and also @mistercheese

I bet the Transformers Tshirt will make an appearance in V3.0 (thats what they should be calling the Seasons, right?)

America does already have a comedy about Geeks, but what I've watched was VERY hit and miss, for every genius gag, there was something cringeworthingly tiresome. Same seems to be the case for Lab Rats from what little I have seen of this.

Geekier quality gags have been used in The Simpsons and Futurama than you get in Big Bang Theory.

IT crowd V1.0 was awesome, but V2.0 was still good, and I can see why they tried to move away from the geeky gags to stuff the proles could understand.

US nuke missile crew falls asleep on the job


@anonymous from mars

Not sure about in the US but in the UK armed forces, that last line over radio would basically be a command to launch a heavy artillery attack. I was always told in the army to use SAY AGAIN if I didnt hear something clearly because of this...

so in the vein of that message

REPEAT, target chavsville UK

Free for all on London Underground



things like this and the price of a single ticket are the reason I just get a zone 1-6 travelcard whenever I'm in our fair capital... though to be fair I am using it more as a tourist and an everyday commute would be expensive whichever way you use.

Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations

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holy mixed messages pr@tman

what about all the theories that gaming MUST be a cause of violence along with rap music???

Convenient how that is forgotten by the same government that tells us that BS when they justify things like this because letting them commit virtual violence will reduce the chance of them committing real violence...

Doctor Who fans told to lay off Hamlet


Shatner's done better

Even William Shatner does better on this, he tells his adoring (though I've never understood why) legions of fans to just Get A Life... Mine's the red one with the starfleet insignia.

Sat nav blunder places The Rock in Skegness


Finally the Rock has come back to... Skegness?

Finally the Rock has come back to... Skegness?

thought not, but would have been a hell of a turnup for the local caravan parks or even Butlins.

Grissom bows out of CSI


as long as

they don't have that annoying Catherine Willows take over as boss, I'm sure it'll be fine. I would hope for the return of Jorja Fox, but it's unlikely. Can't stand her (the character, don't mind the actress) but I like every other main character, even Ecklie.

Dell buys into Dell for $100m


why the badmouthing?

I can honestly say that while I have bought machines from other companies that have promptly failed within a year. Then I bought Dell machines and even the laptop has been running strong with little fault (most of which was my own stupid fault) and the desktop is the most reliable machine I have ever had.

TSA says 'checkpoint friendly' laptop bags on the way


How come..

Heathrow has the technology in it's scanners to be able to circumvent this annoying and time-consuming regulation, yet the main airport in Boston, MA (and apparently all other US aiports) don't?

I was livid when a yankee scanner monkey recently manhandled my laptop out of it's bag, actually DROPPED it into a tray and then refused to put it back in the bag at the other end. I am currently in the process of suing because the drop screwed up my hard drive and my laptop never started again after. There's only so much shock absorbency tech can do.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face



Think I'll stick with Firefox 2, I did have one of the betas of FF3 and didn't notice much of a difference. I can also say that I have downloaded both Safari and Opera and used each for a few days before running right back to FF2 as Opera didn't show any noticeable advantages for me, and the same with Safari. I will keep them installed as they are both still better that the feature theiving IE7 as an alternative to FF2.

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap


I think

I've seen this before.... in the titles to "Have I Got News For You"


Also I have been denied admission to clubs because my Tshirt had SECURITY written across the front, have to wonder how that would have fared at T5.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot


RE: Less FUD more Vista

"Windows XP. Microsoft should just pull the plug, that sucker is obviously on life support."

Oh is that why many people are reverting to XP after they have the much hyped 'Vista experience' and decide it's the POS that it is.... XP's still got about 3 quarters of the computer market hasn't it? while Vista numbers dwindle and M$ rush through the next version of Windows?

All in all XP's looking pretty healthy for something 'on life support' to me

Sky One to resurrect Blake's 7?


How about...

something ORIGINAL and not another rehash. Those who mention DR WHO, that's NOT a remake, it's a continuation.

Lindsay Lohan sweeps Razzies



So Paris's movies are better than Lu-do or whatever name she's going by now?

Facebook loses a few bitches


@Lord Baphomet

but if by your own admission you've never used it, HOW can you possibly KNOW what it's like at all. Personally I don't trust heresay and other such conjecture on such matters. You can say it doesn't APPEAL to you, but without having been there, you can't possibly have judged it in any way.

Ofcom cracks down on London pirates


@ Martin

It's not just pirate radio that does that, in Nottingham I find that tinpot local station 96 Trent FM invades the 97-99 range in some areas blocking Radio 1 with their drivel on a regular basis.

Wheels come off Paris Hilton movie vehicle


done before

Surely Britney beat Paris Hilton to the s**t movie throne years ago with Crossroads?

and wasn't Paris herself in some lame horror thing?

Star Wars animation heads for the silver screen



So those prequels weren't bad enough that we actually need MORE star wars? I bet they'll come up with something more annoying than Jar Jar Binks just so the kiddies will like it

Brits split on ID cards



Yes, it was all stored on a MacBook Air which was inside a Manilla envelope at the time too.

New England Patriots victims of trademark hubris

Black Helicopters

Reeks of RIAA...

"They wouldn't necessarily have been going out and selling stuff with 19 and 0 all over it, it would have been more of a defensive registration to stop other people from making money off it with t-shirts that said 19–0 on them"

Sounds like an excuse that will inspire the (FU)RIAA to inflict more BS on us under the same kind of lame excuses.

Brits can't distinguish history from the TV listings


@Chris Phillips

Surely like 64.5% of all statistics it was made up on the spot. 83% if all people could probably recognise that.

Michael Bay to relive A Nightmare on Elm Street


End Of An Act...

I have to agree that I share the sentiment of a song from Team America: World Police here... no not America, F**k Yeah, but End of an Act, with lines such as "Pearl Harbor sucked and I miss you" and "Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies..."

On Transformers, I think it was like Alien VS Predator Requiem which I saw at the weekend, if you take out the bits with the lameass teen stereotype humans, it's a good film.

I do hate how Hollywood is getting remake happy though, I mean the only really good example I've seen of a remake was Ocean's 11, the list of bad ones long, and including The Italian Job, Planet of the Apes, Rollerball, Flight Of The Phoenix, Ring (and by entension most japanese horror movies that have been remade), Thunderbirds (directed by a guy who knows Trek but nothing about T'birds), Battlestar Galactica (it might have been critically acclaimed but I still don't rate it), even Flash Gordon for deity's sake...

All of this and the awful Freddy V Jason and Jason X lead me to the conclusion that we don't NEED another of these movies, especially when we have perfectly good modern gore movie franchises like SAW.

Man stumps record £375k for number plate


why the fuss?

What's the big deal here? So he spent that on a number plate, how is that hurting anyone or anything except his own bank balance? and in this case, it wouldn't exactly hurt that, I say if he's got the cash to do it, why the hell not?

New Bond movie is Quantum of Solace


I agree with Pete James

I agree about the anokrak syndrome, although it seems to be minorities of fans of the shows it affects. Doctor Who seemed to have it less than others

I think the same will affect (and indeed, probably already is affecting) the Star Trek film due out at the end of the year.


Quantum Leap of Solace?

Does this mean when Bond has beaten the villain and put right what once went wrong, we'll see him leap out in shower of blue energy?

the holographic shiny Al jacket please...

DC Comics to kill off Batman?


Bad timing?

Is it not bad timing to kill off Batman when the guy playing the Joker in the imminent Batman movie has just died himself?

Software pirates put sizeable dent in UK economy

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Can you name British made boxed software?


Little company here in Nottingham called Serif. Make various programs for DTP, photoediting (think most of the features of Photoshop, fraction of the price), and other stuff. All sold in PC World.


I firmly believe that (I also believe this is the case with music, videos, anything that gets pirated) if you bring down the price so that it is within reach of more people, more people will BUY and less will need to pirate. I'm not saying it would STOP piracy, but I bet it would bring the numbers down a bit.

Microsoft prints get-out-of-jail card for Vista Home


ahh an old trick this

i believe this is a trick of the trade known as polishing a turd.

I just got a new laptop, and because of my experiences with Vista at work, I stuck for XP (thanks Dell). I firmly believe with Vista I'd still be trying to set up a wireless connection right now.

Lightsaber voted top movie weapon


3 I would put there...

Uber-Phaser-Rifles from Star Trek: First Contact

Noisy Cricket from Men In Black

various weapons from the Blade trilogy.

Bobby Fischer checkmated at 64


suggestion for Colin MacLean

Has Paris got an autobiography yet? maybe Britney Spears,

Just a thought...

Mine's the black and white checked longcoat, ta.

Fertility watchdogs approve first human-animal hybrids


I thought

we'd all learned from countless episodes of Star Trek that mixing human genes with anything else = instant monster?

The impossibly thin and small away-team style jacket please.

Online gamer murders rival clan member



someone seems to think that respawn is possible in the non-virtual world too...

Facebook checks for Cambridge applicants


Just one thing...

OK I see it's considered an appropriate practice, but I have yet to see any evidence that any information found on a networking website would be relevant to any kind of application.

Why should what apps you have on Facebook or your list of favourite music, movies etc bias your chances of success at work or further education?

To be fair though, all problems can be avoided with the various security and privacy settings available from Facebook. I know I have them set so if anyone can see it, I know who it is, which negates any risk really.

Junkie sues pusher over heart attack

Paris Hilton


Oh dear, I fear another Tony Martin case all over again where a criminal sues someone else. At least in this case it IS actually another criminal.

Mk II... er, Tank Chair trundles into Las Vegas


Militant Stephen?

I have to wonder if Professor Hawking will be upgrading soon and getting a laptop and speech synthesizer mounted to one of these.

Google to reinvent UK newspaper biz



At work I once had an American ask if Nottingham (where I am based) is in North or South London?

Not the average American though me thinks, just the ones I happen to encounter in my line of work.

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal


More RIAA nonsense

Ahh how typical of the RIAA. When companies like Itunes were offering tracks at a small charge per download, and that was doing well, I thought maybe they'd finally seen SOME sense.

As quoted above from their own website, you are allowed to copy music to another CD, or MP3 Player provided that you own the original.

When will these idiots realise that maybe they'll SELL more and people will do less illegal downloading IF they offered these albums and singles at REASONABLE PRICES rather than overinflating prices and passing little to the artists.

Hopefully Radiohead have started a trend where artists go label free and sell directly at reasonable prices cutting out the fatcats who do virtually FA.

Bhutto murder used to spread malware



given the undersubject of this thread, I would say that Vista is probably TOO protective of all the wrong things... but it's also true of other versions of Windows and other MS products like MSN.

For instance if I dare to open an MSN email with images or hell, even LINKS in it, it kindly informs me that it has blocked images for my own protection... this even happens with 'trusted' email addresses etc.