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Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

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with purple and orange...

...2010 is the year of linux on the desktop!!

Atlantis astronaut flying high over baby's birth

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congratuations to mum + baby + dad.

Although this does make me wonder at the protocols involved... what would NASA have done if there was a problem with the delivery or the baby was not healthy? Would NASA risk a stressed-out and anxious astronaut?

Sony to bring Risk to the big screen

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oh Lester,

I like how the bootnote is longer than the main article.

Windows Vista man channels Neil Diamond with debut album

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too much to hope for...

... a DRM-free version?

'Water bears' survive in outer space

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water bear = spore creature

wow, just wow... I reckon it would be one simple step further to theorise (or even find) that a bug like the water bear could have a slightly harder/thicker shell to shield itself against the nasty types of solar radiation described, and then voila: quite solid evidence in the effort to prove that life originated extra-terrestrially.

Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

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what's the time?

is it 10:10 or is it 10:51? do you believe the digital clock at the top, or the analog clock in that craptastic sidebar?

either someone botched up their forgery of that screenshot, or vista doesn't know how to tell the time.

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL

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There's been some discussion / thought on this issue on the AusNOG mailing lists (where industry admin / CEOs / network boffins regularly duke it out) and I'd say the most feasible scenario that they've come up with would be to have a "clean feed" based on the whitelisting idea mentioned above, which the user can opt-in to.... so that if people wish to protect their kids, they can request the ISP to modify their access account appropriately... and if a user doesn't wish to have blocks, then they need not identify themselves as being perverts/terrorists (as John Griffiths above posits). Business as usually for the masses, extra feature set to opt into for the mums + dads.

The methodology for providing such clean feeds has resulted in the usual discussion around things like transparent proxies, bgp, radius profile attributes, government-mandated whitelist / ACLs, etc.

The ISP's main point is that everything - from the consulting / ideas phase to implementation phase to ongoing support / production phase - needs to be funded by the government. ISPs shouldn't be footing any portion of the bill.

AOL tosses Netscape into the dustbin of history

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and it's about time too...

nowadays, the Netscape browser is thought of in equal terms with other such glory-days nostalgia... like the Hackers movie, 2x CD-ROMs connected via your sound card instead of to the IDE bus, dotmatrix printers, spending 3 hours waiting for the latest netscape browser to download over 14.4k dialup from your ISP and wondering whether you should try that wacky 'Mosaic' instead.

Hell, the last time I saw the Netscape logo was on a Discovery Science channel doco, and I exclaimed "oh ffs this show must be a decade old!"

AOL, you should have ditched it 5 years ago, or not even bought it in the first place. It's never good when your product is associated with antiquity.