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BOFH: Burying the hatchet


Management types in binary

There are only two types of Managers in the world, and the trick for us intelligent employees is to figure out which camp yours falls into. Unfortunately it seems to be that there is more of one type than another. That said lets see the two Management types.

Type A: Person who gets promoted to the job as they have the skill, tenacity and leadership abilities to do the job and make sure the business profits from their skills.

(Sadly a rare and endangered species in the buisness world)

Type B: Person who gets promoted up so that everyone else below can get on with doing their jobs and keep him/her out of the day with the shiny exec toys and out of the way of important visitors and clients. Often promoted as HR(sorry for the use of pseudo Job Titles here) have concluded that if they fire him/her they would face expensive and long legal bill, better to promote him/her up out of the way instead.

This type represents the vast majority of managers in most blue and white collar workers lives in a recent poll.

The correct management style for employees is to identify which category your manager is and manage them accordingly.

Microsoft puts dusty, old Office code on web


Open Office is NOT the only software that can read ODF!

IBM symphony, Lotus Documents/Spreadsheet, and soon other open source software. True these other software apps represent a tiny fraction of the actual market,but the fact they make up the market bar one large heavily fined in the EU for anti trust practices company of Redmond descent. Hint they dont have any coloured hats!!

But on another note what really galls me is the reason my own government will not stand up to them here in Ireland, they are our largest tax contributor. So yet again MicroSoft flexes its muscles even at the tax man!

Tis a great little country we live in!

Wouldnt surprise me if they were the ones stuffing brown envelopes either for politicians all these years in europe and still doing it as even our own MEPs are reluctant to stand up them.



Tesco Mobile complains to Ofcom

Black Helicopters

RE: O2 and tesco

As all you haughty types argue it out your forgetting I am one of the customers certain elements seem to be dising on.

I dont need want or use 3g "services"

Have a look at your 3g "service provider" its an excuse for them to pedal more inane useless crap to stupid people. I dont want to hear whos calling me half the time on my mobile let alone video call or conference with the gits.

I want an operator to provide the following as a minimum:

Great coverage (esp indoors and out of the major urban area)

cheap calls during the day when i use my phone the most.

cheap text messaging to let herself or the boss know that public transport has its unpunctual downside ;-)

And a call center thats located in the country where the operator provides service (Big Hint to 3 here, thats why your down at least one customer!)

You dont get any of the above from current 3G services because they had to pay through the nose and just like broadband if where you live doesnt end in city., well get lost!

So tesco/O2 are right to stand up to ofcom, but not for the reasons they are doing.

As for 3G data, i spend 8 hours a day looking at a pc in work, another 2 at home, isnt that enough without being connected by my phone also??


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