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Wells Fargo fires employees accused of faking keyboard activity to pretend to work


Re: such as so-called mouse jigglers, which can be found for as cheap as $5

Who the heck downvoted your post and why? King Sized Homer is one of my favourite episodes.

Apple sets new 16,000-foot iPhone drop test after 737 fuselage fail


Of course it survived a landing from that height.

...it was in airplane mode.

UK tax authority nudges net 'influencers': You may owe us for those OnlyFans feet pics



"UK influencers and content creators earned on average $146.86 and $113.19 per hour respectively – the highest in the world."

This is about the UK. First part of the article is in US$ only and then halfway down it is £ to $

Can El Reg stop this please? Go back to UK units and then convert for the US audience?

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells (give or take 32 miles)

It's been 230 years since British pirates robbed the US of the metric system


Re: Age

Yeah - I'm surprised by this as well. I'm close to the big 5 0 and I use pounds, stone and feet. I have no idea what my weight is in KG or height in metres.

Openreach offers more wholesale fiber discounts, rivals call foul


Re: Keep him there, it's funnier and he burns more money

Perhaps they thought they were on the Elon Musk story page?

Waiting for speedy broadband? UK's Openreach prioritizing existing work over fiber expansion


Re: They had a nifty machine ..

Yup - it annoys me as well.

Emissions-slashing hybrid trains to hit tracks in Europe


Thameslink still use the dual electric system. Third rail in from my station in Kent and then it switches over to overhead when it gets into City Thameslink.

TomTom to chop 10% of workforce, blames automation tech


Re: "Lifetime Updates"

Mine still updates.

Plus unless you have downloaded all the maps to your phone you risk issues when you lose signal.

Mine also has the traffic feature, which seems to be pretty flawless on (2G?) - until they kill the 2G network, that is!

Smart homes are hackable homes if not equipped with updated, supported tech


Well, all my UK radiators have their own control knob (from minimum freeze protection up to six). Same at my parent's place. There is the main thermostat in the hallway but you can restrict the water flow per room on each radiator. Hive do posh, remote controlled, ones now, but they cost way to much to justify in my small house.

Since I'm tight, my main temp is never set at more than 18 and if we are cold we put an extra layer on!

You've stolen the antiglare shield on that monitor you've fixed – they say the screen is completely unreadable now


Nail clippings

My favourite returned laptop of last year had nail clippings over the keyboard when I opened the lid - lovely.

Having trouble getting your mitts on that Raspberry Pi? You aren't alone


Re: Fortunately...

Ooh! Any details or information available? This sound like something my Dad would be interested in as he's just getting back into railway modelling after a gap of many years. Thanks!

10.8 million UK homes now have access to gigabit-capable broadband, with much of the legwork done by Virgin Media


Re: Gigabit...

Well, I'm happy with VM - I've downloaded TBs of data (working from home during lockdown) and my service has been totally stable.

Hollywood drone pilot admits he crashed gizmo into cop chopper, triggering emergency landing


Re: Helicopter danger

You really haven't thought this through, have you? If the train hits the trespasser it will require a massive response from the emergency services. It will shut down the railway for hours. The driver will be severely traumatised, possibly for life. People will have to be on the tracks picking up body parts. Passengers will have to be rescued. Engineers will have to repair the train (and often find body parts lodged under the train).

Also, the trespasser, if not hit, could be along miles of track. A single helicopter, with powerful IR kit, can search a far bigger area than a drone or officers on the ground.

I'd suggest that one helicopter and two or three BTP offices in a car or two is far cheaper.

Luke Skywalker used to bullseye womp rats in his T-16 on Tatooine. But Star Wars: Squadrons misses the mark


Re: I have no interest in multiplayer

You can play Elite Dangerous in Solo mode and never have to deal with a human player. It is only in Open mode that other Commanders may be human (and some will attack you just for the fun of it). I play in Solo mode.

The longest card game in the world: Microsoft Solitaire is 30


Re: Perhaps...?

To be fair to Steve Davies 3, in your original post you said "30 years later and I am still looking for drivers to run it at my monitors native resolution." - "monitor", not laptop, resolution. Two different things.

Ohm my God: If you let anyone other than Apple replace your recent iPhone's battery, expect to be nagged by iOS


Re: OMG!

I'd buy genuine Apple batteries if they allowed us to do this.

Cops suspect Detroit fuel station was hacked before 10 drivers made off with 2.3k 'free' litres


Re: Note to my fellow Yanks ...

"Pancreas" :-)

Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre


"I think the UK has one of the highest knife crime ratings per capita of anywhere."

That's because they cannot buy guns! A nutter running around with a knife will do much less damage than a nutter with a gun.

Intel Pumageddon: Broadband chip bug haunts Chipzilla's past, present and future



Just been on to Virgin Media (AGAIN) about the latency issue and none of their support staff have any idea about the latency issue with the SH3. Just brush it under the carpet VM Management...online gaming is just impossible.

'Dear Daddy...' Max Zuckerberg’s Letter back to her Father


Re: Hypocrit

Same here. To find that I pay more tax each year than major companies do is just amazing. Also, giving away 99% of your fortune when you are that rich will not make him poor. It is a great gesture but not quite as amazing as the headlines seem.

Brown kid with Arab name arrested for bringing home-made clock to school


Re: Long long ago, in a waist-measurement far away...

Err? No. He left it on a seat at the station. He got off his train at the next stop and got a train back to the original station.

Game CARTRIDGES make a comeback ... for smartmobes


Re: ZX Spectrum, cartridge port?

I had a ZX-81 and I thought RAM-pack wobble was only on that device (1KB to 16KB). Did the early Spectrums have that issue? I can't recall a RAM pack for the 16KB Spectrum versions - I thought the upgrade to 48KB was internal?

Buffoon in 999 call: 'Cat ate my bacon and I want to press charges'

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Re: Too polite

Yup, my cat likes pork and ham:


97% of UK gets 'basic' 2Mbps broadband. 'Typical households' need 10Mbps – Ofcom


Re: Typical households need 10Mbps

Why on earth has someone down-voted you?

Free WiFi coming to UK trains ... in two years


Re: As an American

...and 140mph on the High Speed services.

Shields up! Nvidia crams Tegra K1 into gaming slab to rival your PS3


8 or 16GB is too small

The problem is that apps such as the BBC's iPlayer and Sky Go do not let you save the TV programmes or films to SD cards - you have to save to the internal memory. With the amount of crap that Samsung force upon you (I know, I could root it) I regularly run out of space on my 16GB phone. It will be the same for this tablet. I would always suggest 32GB as a minimum.

Potato in SPAAAAACE: LOHAN chap cooks up stratospud with Heston Blumenthal


Re: Serious errata - err, do what? @MB

Hmm - only when talking about a 'real' sandwich - when it is a shot like this you wouldn't say 'Julie is in the middle of a Julie sandwich' would you? But I suspect you already know this! ;-)


Re: Serious errata - err, do what?

Am I missing something here? I do not understand the point you are trying to make...

Julie is the filling (bacon, if you will) - she is in between Dave (slice of bread) and Heston (slice of bread).

What is wrong with what El Reg wrote?

Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo: Turn your phone into a 72GB beast


I disagree with the 'get the 8GB phone' arguement.

You need as much internal memory as you can afford.

My Samsung GS4 has 'only' 16GB. Apps such as the BBC's iPlayer and Sky Go will only download shows and films to internal memory. They will not use the 64GB card I've added to the phone. You very quickly run out of space and with 8GB it would be even worse!

Signiant to SkyDrop files into Amazon and Azure clouds

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That was the first thing I thought - they won against Microsoft's SkyDrive so I can't see how SkyDrop will survive with that name for long...

Microsoft DirectX 12 pushes gaming code closer to GPU bare metal

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Useful list, thanks.


Re: What odds is it if it's 8 upwards only?

"The majority of gamers use Windows 8..."

Well, since I'm assuming 'the majority of gamers' also use Steam the current Steam stats suggest that Windows 7 rules the roost at the moment:

Windows 7 (all versions) 62.70%

Windows 8 (all versions) 22.14%

I consider myself a 'hardcore' gamer and I have no interest to move over to Windows 8.1 (and yes, I have tried it).

[Edit: Beaten by Steven!!]

The revival of survival – the gaming genre that refuses to die


Steam sale on 'Don't Starve' - Good timing El Reg!

Spooky timing - Don't Starve is 60% off at £4.79 'mid-week' on Steam:


Also, Gaming chums, the current bundle is great value...


Ten top tech toys to interface with a techie’s Christmas stocking


Re: Cheap geek toys

@Dave 126 - no worries - could have been a lot worse ;-)

@Valeyard - yes, I can confirm that www dot banggood.com/ is SFW!


Re: Cheap geek toys

One 'g' too many in the address above...lots of Adult dating if you do go there, as I just found out (at work!!)

OMG, Andrex killed the puppey! Not quilty, exclaim bog roll boys


Re: Online toilet paper lovers?

Same here. Ran out of tracing paper in a maths class at junior school and the teacher got us to go get some of that toilet paper to use.

To use as bog roll you had to scrunch it up first or it was useless!

Samsung says knickers to poor Gear sales claim, eyes pants to sell more


"As it stands, the Gear only connects to the Galaxy Note 3 phondleslab..."

Not so, as I understand it. My Galaxy S4 now has Android 4.3 so my phone is also compatible with it, along with a few other Samsung devices that got 4.3 in Blighty - I'm aware that the 4.3 update has be pulled in the UK for the S3 and across the pond for some carriers.


Not that I'm buying the watch at that price (if ever!).

Ricoh Theta 360˚ camera: Point and click immersive imaging

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Re: Is there a market for this?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 - the built in camera app allows me to turn on the spot to create a 360 degree panorama. Works very well in both portrait and landscape . The panorama feature of my parent's Sony Xperia Z1's I find much harder to use and I've not been able to get a 360 shot from that.

Oooh! My NAUGHTY SKIRT keeps riding up! Hello, INTERNET EXPLORER



See title.

New US Apple factory will make INVINCIBLE sapphire glass for SHINY iThings



This is the stuff I want!

Transparisteel is a transparent metal alloy 'used' in Star Wars. It is used to make windows and viewports on all manner of ground, air and spacecraft.

Google Street View goes INSIDE a Royal Navy submarine


Re: Alternatively

Or go to Chatham Historic dockyard and the actual HMS Ocelot!

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it


Nest to useless for me

I have two DAB radios - both are next to useless.

I pretty much only listen to Radio 5 Live. In the evenings I get 60-80% signal loss, so all I get is bubbling mud. If the microwave is on this becomes 100% signal loss. Mornings are okay, with 35-45 % loss.

I've now taken to using my Sony Pocket Radio. Only cost a tenner, runs off two AA batteries and they last for months. I also quite often listen to 5 Live via the BBC app on my Nook HD tablet.

Wifey listens to Radio 2, so the FM switch off would greatly annoy her.

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'


Re: Britons will be disturbed...

It's the use of his surname as a first name that is the problem. It's not bashing the Beckham family, it is just that Beckham as a first name is really naff, IMHO of course.

Brew me up, bro: 11-year-old plans to make BEER IN SPACE


Re: Stella

I call it 'wife annoyer' now, since it went from 5.2% to 5% to 4.8% in the UK. All this to pay less tax. I can taste the difference and am not really a fan of it now. And before anyone says anything about lager, I also drink red wine and real ale (well, okay, anything...)

Google: Thanks for the billions in revenue, UK. Here are your taxes, that's ... £11m


Re: Telephone

Especially true with my American colleagues. Talk about divided by a common language!

ZERO-G DINOSAUR made from bits and bobs by space station flight engineer

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Re: Next project...

Fair point, well made! ;-)


Next project...

...just has to be a pig...

30 years on: The day a computer glitch nearly caused World War III


Re: Some things are not clear to me...

But was he that rank when the incident took place? I can't seem to find out with a (very brief) Google search.

From the BBC - "Mr Petrov - who retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel and now lives in a small town near Moscow - was part of a well-trained team which served at one of the Soviet Union's early warning bases, not far from Moscow. His training was rigorous, his instructions very clear."


Did I miss 8 World Wars?

I was worried, growing up, about WWIII, let alone WW11!


Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious


Yes, there is multiplayer - launches 1st October.

See title!