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Hackers waste Xbox One, PS4, MacBook, Pixel, with USB zapper

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would aircraft usb charging sockets have data lines?

Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?

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apple pioneered?

Are you sure about that ?


Opera shrugs off Google Native Client

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Thumb Down

seems like a tactical mistake

i think they're going to start worrying too much about 'purist' ideals rather than making usefuly stuff.

as for javascript matching native client, i just can't see it, cherry picked example runs at half the speed, javascript might get faster but so will native client.

Google seeks interwebs speed boost with TCP tweak

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So i don't get the whole google chrome speed thing, its rendering static text and images quickly, ok its quicker than some of the other browsers buts its only because they're at 1990s level of speed in the first place, its like being fastest in a one legged sack race.

I mean the OS's render quickly, games renderer way more stuff at a phenomenal rate, with considerably more complex data.

But yeah congrats for rendering some text and images quickly.

Twitter on a ZX Spectrum

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real hard to guess

what that pdp is, when its written underneath for the "next"

Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life

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iphone battery good?

I must just be really unlucky, it never lasts a work day for me, and if i actually used it in a way apple suggest on its TV ad's ( ha ha ) it wouldn't last more than a few hours.

I have two mophies that i keep one on charge all the time.

For some reason people seem to think the current iphone os isn't multitasking, it is. they just don't switch it on for 3rd party apps. Granted it gets a lot worse when you do, try using one of the gps trackers with a 3g connection and see how short it'll run and well as how hot it'll get. But even without it the battery life is terrible. But that happens in background or foreground mode.

I get the iphone, the apps are great, but seriously it sucks as an actual phone, you see everyone blaming at&t& in the usa for the bad reception, but it was never this bad on other phones, my little candybar 6820 nokia outperforms it in every way as just a phone. The only thing that stops me switching out is the usefulness of the applications.

Man of God backs Beverley porncoder

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HDM watching too much american media

maybe hired an american journo ?

Apple yanks Wi-Fi detectors from iTunes

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Big Brother

uh oh

I've got a few apps on the appstore that use private frameworks (core graphics), wonder if they'll get noticed :)

Who cares if an app uses a framework that stops working, it'll get updated and fixed, and if no work around is possible, then no one can do anything about it anway.

US judges leave definition of obscenity to Amish, Kansas

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the problem in the floriduh' was they shipped physical material to the state.

Opera plays chicken with Apple iPhone police

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so then


Adobe apologizes for festering Flash crash bug

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Simpson, Homer Simpson...

doh... indeed

Schwartz goes all of a Twitter

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Paris Hilton


senryu not haiku

paris because

f u

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

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Paris Hilton

seems fair enough

But man i think you better start hiding out, the fanboi's are going to be foaming after this...

Google slapped in domain name spat

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google have done a Streisand

Never heard of groovle til now. Thanks google!

Windows 'openness' hailed in Nintendo game defeat

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Gates Horns

not so

Uh,, Yes, yes they do, you can write your own games on the 360 with the paid creators club, something similar to the net yarouze except that you don't need special hardware.

Microsoft provide a wealth of free tools, source, documentation

Americans promised all you can eat Twittering for $99

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I picked up a peek, email variety, for the grand total of $4.95, but only for the purposes of seeing what its capable of hack wise.

Leaked Lotus doc hints at e-Evora

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this was pretty much announced on 1.5.09 by mike kimberly the ex ceo.

Bloggers howl after conference snoops on 'secure' network

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reasonable expectation of privacy?

Its unreasonable to expect a 'secure' network, you should always assume a conference like this to be bugged, regardless of any advertising or assumptions made, soceng 101. Maybe those that are upset should stick to a different type of con.

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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You're joking right ? XCode is a toy compared to developer studio, its mostly just a front end that most programmers editor can match, its closer to VC 6 than 2008.

Way better plugins, tools, support for many more languages, xcode just drives makefiles of a sort with a few property pages.

Still at least its not PWB.

Windows XP Mode digs deeper into Windows 7

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NO_TS bit

Problem is with some software that doesn't run on 7, it won't run on the virtual XP either because it thinks its in a terminal server and isn't licensed for it.

Hijacking iPhones and other smart devices using SMS

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Paris Hilton

Apple going after jailbreakers as possible terrorists.

Lets hope the jailbreaking terrorists never find about this flaw and end up crashing high ranking officials daughters iPhones, we all need those drunken facebook photos to start the day..

Paris coz she's been a jailbird crashing high ranking facebook coffee time saviour.

Why port your Firefox add-on to Internet Explorer?

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Nobody uses C++ anymore ?

I still haven't gotten over the nobody uses assembler, C, now we're not using C++ ? I'm still on C+

What language will nobody be using next, hopefully Java, that almost happened but then google f'd it up and restarted it.

Welcome to Las Vegas - Home of the technology superpower you've never heard of

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damn i thought this was going to be a story about my beowulf cluster.

AOL tosses Netscape into the dustbin of history

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don't let the door hit you on the way out

1 down, 2 to go.

Start-up sued in US courts over GPL 'violation'

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Not first ever

The GPL was tested ages ago in the USA with Drewtech and the SAE.

Google goes spear phishing on MySpace

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It seems MySpace users aren't a particularly cautious lot.

It seems El Reg has gone a bit soft here, cautious ?

Google Maps aids terrorists, NY lawmaker warns

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They're just upset.

That instead of the offcials/politicians being bribed for the information on sensitive sites, the bad guys can get it free off the internets.

Google earth doesn't really provide the information, the mapping company does, its them they should talk too.

Here be dragons, for instance.

Indian dealers are squealers over Microsoft piracy raids

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paying for services

biswas, so can i come over and have sex with your girlfriend/wife, since its just a service you're not really loosing anything ?

Grifters find rich pickings on social networking sites

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What would be the point if it weren't easier.

Computers/technology make things easier, for most everyone, wouldn't be much good otherwise would it ?

If you're dumb enough to get roped in ( creating a false trust is one thing, sending money another ) lets not give up yet more personal responsibility just because some sucker was born a minute ago. Scraped knees build character.

Satnav driver's car totalled by train

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selective vision

so she says the satnav didn't show the railway lines on whats presumably a 7inch screen on the car, yet she failed to notice actual railway lines with effective infinity resolution and screen size, so how exactly would it have helped having them on screen, and perhaps it was there after all.

if it truely were darwin at work, the car would be fine and she'd be the one down the track.

Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower

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Likely Story

I seem to recall either a skit or news story about the geek squads being the new plumbers for the bored housewives, and after dropping all the hints, ultimately she was scorned.

Who invites a stranger in and then tells them they're going for a shower and time to setup a phone camera, while they wander the house, plus its going to be obvious there.

the little red dot was probably the voicemail or something, and what happens if someone called the phone.

plus i've tried this before, the lens just steams up and the shower curtain gets in the way anyway.

Inventor touts Robocop-style armour for use in Iraq

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Already been and gone on eBay

The suit was already up for sale on eBay after the military snubbed it, it didn't make the reserve either.

Got to $35K