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AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

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Just a thought...

...if one of the sites on your Google search results page happens to be a Police-run "honey trap" for terrrrsts or kiddy fiddlers, is this software going to get you in a LOT of trouble?

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii



As I understand it, if you're watching an internet stream that mirrors the live broadcast, you need a license. If it's not a mirror, you don't. Could be wrong though, these things are made to be complex and arcane so as to catch people out.

UK bank blames fraudsters for World of Warcraft ban


The REAL reason

Howard got ganked.

DfT magicians conjure a nation of car sharers


Business as usual

In every other aspect of running the country, this government has learned that the easiest way to achieve it's own targets, is to wait a bit and then move the target, or change the way it's measured. So it's hardly surprising that they're now applying this same sleight-of-hand to the green stuff. What IS surprising is that they still believe that no-one has noticed.

"Pay no attention to that statistic fiddling weasel behind the curtain"

Mobe snap murderers face justice


Re: 'Angings too good fer 'em

Try this simple exercise. Go to the bbc news site, and search for "miscarriage of justice". See how many news articles you get. I would have thought that the Sally Clark case alone would have been enough to put the capital punishment debate to bed once and for all, but sadly, it would appear not.

GPS is killing children


re: Roads Versus Dirt Tracks

"It is not safe in some country areas like Wales, where it has shown us tiny roads through farm land that are capable of carrying only one vehicle one way."

Blimey, how many cars do you drive at once?

How to be a failure at Guitar Hero III


Next week...

a plumber reviews Super Mario World and lambasts it's unrealistic pipe-related nonsense.

"He doesn't even change a tap washer!"


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