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Sadville besieged by bitey 'spampires'



I'll admit to being a resident of sadville, although only for playing guitar in-game. It's a fun hobby, lets me play and sing some tunes to a virtual audience. Pretty fun. That's about all I do on sadville besides talk with some friends and listen to other musicians play.

The vampire thing creeps me out a little. Overheard two of them just last night talking about fighting a werewolf. Conversation when something like this. "He took out my eye, so I ripped open his stomach. He should have known better than to mess with a vampire. He looked like this...", and then he played an animation of laying down like dead, complete with a blood splatter under him.

Oooookay... thanks... byebye now.

I just try to avoid the stranger parts of SL.

'Bart Simpson' punts Church of Scientology


Wise Donut Man

The next Simpson's episode now needs to introduce a new character...

Wise Beard Man!

He could get arrested for standing around on the same city block as an unnamed cult's "church", Lisa tries to stop the injustice of his wrongful arrest, while Bart joins the cult, Marge hires someone to kidnap him and bring him home. Homer will grow a beard to and start up his own MyTube video channel where he preaches about Duff beer.

Wise Beer Man

His words are wise

His face is donut. Mmmm... donut.

So what would happen? I think Nancy would leave the show over it all, and join Isaak Hayes in the unemployment line. Or they'd all hang out together in Tom Cruise's closet.

Robot 'Spider-man' casts net to nab burglars



Totally useless, and very sub-par from these folk.

Now if it turned into a truck, or you can assemble 4-5 of them together form a super-robot... that would be acceptable.

Does it even scream HADOKEN when it fires the net? No, it does not. Weak.

Of course, the real point is to point out just how stupid and useless this is. Anyone read Dragonlance? Remember the Tinker Gnomes? They had a crossbow that did this. It was really dumb too.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

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Best article in a long time - gratz El Reg!

Lady... I doubt you'll read this comment, seeing how your Verizon Inter doesn't net...

But you should thank Dell, and thank Ubuntu. They just saved you a lot of money you could have wasted trying to pass technical classes. FAIL!

Google hints at the End of Net Neutrality

IT Angle


What??? Is this article a troll? A joke? Seriously, I couldn't even follow the "logic" in this. *checks the date* It isn't April 1st, is it? Is this "Prankers to the Wankers" day over there in England or something? Who the **** at El Reg let this article in???

First... I am not a fan of Google, but I can't stand by and let ignorance be spread amok.

To the uninformed...

Google is talking about hosting cache servers close to your house, so you don't have to go so far to get it. While you could say that the end result is that Google is paying an ISP to make their traffic faster (which is the most loose definition possible), it has jack **** to do with Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is all about ISPs deciding to purposely make Internet traffic slower than they could actually carry it - slowing down you, the end user. Then, charging companies a premium if they want their traffic given a speed boost. Analogy time: Imagine if the speed limit on the highway was reduced to 45, unless your company pays the state extra money, so their employees can drive 65 on their way to work (but only on their way to work). Maybe your favourite store might may this premium to the state so you can drive fast to go there. But most stores/homes/companies couldn't afford this fee - so you're hosed most of the time.

What Google is doing is what many companies do to a point. Google doesn't just host servers in California. They have caching Co-locations all over the world! They're already doing just this, as are most major companies! Hell, even small companies utilize geographically-dispersed co-los. They host huge expensive server caches all over the world in order to get closer to you, the end user. Most of these are strategically placed in major backbone areas. Now Google is suggesting hosting server cache farms right at your ISP... making content even closer to you. The costs for just the hardware are massive, let alone the costs they must pay for the co-location to the ISP.

Analogy time: It's like if your bank opened up a branch office on your block, so you don't have to drive so far. What the **** does it have to do with Net Neutrality???

"No fair, Google has more bandwidth than me, because they paid for more. They're violating Net Neutrality or something..."

This article is taken WAAAAAAY out of context and is flatly, totally ridiculous.

Yo author... you're doing it wrong.

How to be a failure at Guitar Hero III

Dead Vulture

How to to a failure at writing articles

GH is the coolest thing to happen to music in our age. Thanks to the game, many people - not just kids - are interested in learning guitar now. They pick up the game, which makes them feel like they are playing a guitar. Now they're more interested in learning to play.

I too play guitar (about 20 years now), and I love GH.

My teenage daughters also play GH, and want me to teach them to play guitar. I started teaching them about a month ago, and just got them their own guitar for x-mas.

Obviously a guitar has more than 1 string and 5 frets, so obviously it isn't like really playing. I too was frustrated that I could play guitar better than GH. But hey, we guitar players should know that everything just takes practice.