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Run Mac OS X on a PC

Luke Speer


Duh Windows Black.

Daylight savings shift to cause phone havoc Down Under

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Comparing Apples and Oranges

Michael Jennings forgets that the distance from Perth to Sydney is 3077 kilometers which is probably a bit wider than Holland. The sun rises a bit earlier in Sydney than in Perth or a few points in between.

The missing five-minute Linux manual for morons

Luke Speer

Bugger I'm alright jack.

I Run Mac OSX 10.4.11 on a Old power Mac G4, Xp Pro on the Wifes Win Box the Boy Child set up as a Game Machine because she Needed it? , XP Pro and Xubuntu Hardy Beta on my Dell C400 Lattitude Laptop.

All Boot up and all play the game.

I'm currently waiting with bated breath for the (New BeOS) Haiku team and will probably run a Beta version up as soon as they release it.

World Bank chief: Ethanol cars run on human misery

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Too many people in the world already, bit of starvation based depopulation, disease, war and famine will sort it out and reduce C02 levels.

Quite Correct..

The Barstard from the Bush

Pantone cranks up the whalesong

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I had guys applying gallons of that colour 16 years ago on a local University,

Bleech and age does weary it..Have not the people at Pantone heard of Ricardo Leggoretta..