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IBM completes Power7 server arsenal

Ed Gould

1 engine enough?

I do not know where the author has his head but one engine on an IBM mainframe is not nearly enough. Two is minimum three or more is best. Its been that way for over 10 years. There is a lot of processing done under the covers, especially with the Work load manager. The reason IBM can run at 100 percent cpu utilization is that IBM optimizes *EVERYTHING* whether it is I/O or Paging or just work. On the surface the statement sound right but anyone who has really worked (and knows) how IBM's code is so well thought out and optimized and how separate components work together to get the most bang for the buck, it makes me wonder how good the writers really are for the register. Most likely they are IBM bashers as they obviously do not know how IBM's OS(MVS) really works.

IBM's zEnterprise 196 CPU: Cache is king

Ed Gould

RPG on the Mainframe

AFAIK it still runs fine although I doubt that you will find anyone still using it. The bigger issue is finding anyone that could read/debug the damn thing. RPG was was (AFAIK) really put out to pasture in the 70's and maybe 80's. I would bet that if any of it were running in 1999 any Y2K projects would have done away with it. The semi follow on (and this is a stretch) was the cobol report writer. That died a death in the 1980's. I remember that some release of COBOL did away with it. There was a small mashing of teeth but everyone (that I knew of) was happy that the monster was put to bed. I do not know this for 100 percent but in most shops it was against standards to use the cobol report writer, not because of any great inefficiencies but maintainability was almost nil.

My *VAGUE* memories tell me that RPG came along with DOS (and then migrated to s/7 & s/34) and had a brief life in MFT/MVT. It may have gone virtual but it was a short life.

Ed Gould

Cache in IBM computers

Cache is also a very good throughput help. A lot is done with instruction pre-fetch and altering/catching issues with instructions before they are executed which speeds up the instruction, a LOT.

There are many items that cache buys (too many to list here) but it substantially find/resolves issues with instructions before they get to execution there by relieving the main system to concentrate on work rather than reacting to issues during the execution of the instruction.

One of the great things about Z/os (and it forbearers) is that it is designed to run at 100 percent busy 7X24X365 which really helps thru-put. In the 80's the only time the needle (cpu busy) went below 100 was at IPL (Boot up). I used to regularly look at reports showing this and it also showed if there were issues during the 100 percent busy that were causing bottlenecks.

Back in the 1980's our IBM SE made study on our system and showed what kind and where the bottle necks were and most of those were input/output. As a result IBM came up with a reasonably cheap ($35?) a month software feature that increase our thruput 60 percent just by making the default buffers on most files 5 (instead of the default 2) and chained the I/O so that the channel only had to be asked once for 5 read/write requests (although the channel needed to transfer the extra amount of data the channels were able to take the additional load requested of them with flying colors).

Union damns HP job cuts

Ed Gould

Contractors or Employees ?

I have been an employee most of my life until I found myself laid off. Finding a job in the mainframe world at the time (and still is) pretty much impossible. On my last job they outsourced the entire IT staff to India. I left before it happened so it didn't affect me.

From an employee perceptive contractors are a PITA. They come in and do (usually a half ass job and leave generally not doing a decent job of documenting what they do when they were there). They tend to be ""yes" men and will offer to do things that are on the surface good but after they leave you find the time bombs that were known issues by all the regular employees and that is why they didn't want to do the assignment as it was a ball full of issues that will hit the fan and yes some times its political fall out that should have been looked at before taking on the project. The boss loves yes men, and he can always blame old Joe (the contractor). While that is true its the regular employee that has to step into the new alligator pit and try and get the mess straightened out.

From a contractor point its easy to step in and relieve some of the over worked employees. We can also point out issues and let the boss decide how he/she wants to handle it. I won't go into some of the issues I have stumbled on (and I do mean stumbled). I wasn't ordered or suggested to find items it is part of me that I like things that are accountable and just point out items that do not seem the norm. From another point we are low person on the totem pole (or not even on the pole). Example one place I worked offered a real good price for large monitor screens. It was about $300 cheaper than wholesale. I asked if I could be included and was told sorry you are not an employee. I was more mad because I had worked there for 5 months and I could have asked an employee to be a go between but I didn't. When the contract was up they asked me to stay and become an employee and I said thank but no thanks. I would have considered it if I had gotten a monitor (at the reduced price) but since you didn't think enough of me to extend a small courtesy I am not taking the job.

Yes a contractor I got to eat in the employee cafeteria and was able to park in the parking lot and got a cubicle but I was treated as less than an employee in other matters.

Frankly I do not care for being a contractor. Yes I know one that made $10,000.00 a day for my recommendation and told the company that I was doing what I was doing was needed. Hey he got $10K for what I was getting in a month.

Being an employee offers the opportunity to get a lot done relatively without boss's interference. It's the boss's boss that is always the issue.

Windows 7 Backup gets users' backs up

Ed Gould


Not to take the heat off of MS to much, One of MS's earliest competitors back up was just as painfully slow as MS's "product". Over the years the company listened and made their backs "sing" it was a long pain full ride but complaining did work and the number of competitors multiplied. Right now they only really have one competitor and their back up is slick (fast). However, knowing some of its quirks, I wouldn't use it.

The competitor is faster and has darn good support but I still prefer the original as it does work as advertised.

Confessions of a sysadmin

Ed Gould

Never say never

I have been in IS for about 40 years. I have long ago learned never sit down and say my job is done. There is ALWAYS a problem to work on and if you are not looking that will land you behind the 8 ball so fast you will never recover. The price of a good clean conscience is to be observant and always on the look out for issues. A good operating system lets you know about issues before it becomes a major issue.

The first thing I did after starting a new job is to start looking at logs. Logs are absolutely the greatest things since sliced bread as they say. Hardware and Software logs are a daily must. I cannot tell you the number of times I saw issues coming before anyone else knew there was a issue just by looking at the logs. I made it an absolute number one priority to do every morning was to go through the logs from the previous 24 hours. The number of items that I found was just fantastic.

The next item was to look at the operator notes of issues from the night before, those were just filled with good information although I could tell the good operators from the bad ones by the notes. That was excellent feedback and went to how much of a raise the operator got that year.

It should be no surprise that todays sysadmin is a feint shadow to yesterdays.

iPad queues worldwide

Ed Gould

IPAD at PC World?

This is just about like attempting to see liquor at a religious meeting.

Sure it has to be done but to expect a lot of sales?

It was pure PR and I am sure people would buy one even with the hatred of the Mac people that is spurred on by MS.

The only reason why the Mac people put up with the MS side is that MS is still the only real word Processor program available for the Mac. I use a Mac and it does have a lot of good points over the MS world. But there are points on the MS side as well. Overall the Mac side does win, though and is gaining steam as MS just loves to put out bug ridden OS's and hole's that virus's seem to make a living off of.

As to the IPAD I bought one and its gathering dust in the corner as all the ads say MACOSX what they do not tell you it is OS X 1.5 (and higher). Those of us that are stuck forever at 10.4 we will have to sell off the IPAD to some other sucker.

Queuing for an iPad? Why?

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I received my IPAD last week after watching it on FEDEX go to Hong Kong then to Thailand then to Alaska then to..... After a few issues of just getting it delivered (long story deleted to talk about the IPAD) I opened the box and took it out and was basically disappointed as I thought it would be about 50 percent larger than it really is. After I got over it I decided to look for the instruction booklet ... there wasn't one?! I looked through the box one more time and there was a *SMALL* 4 inch by 4 inch booklet. In about two paragraphs that were in font size 2 (or 3) were some printed instructions. I had to get out a magnifying glass. The instructions were at best minimal which said plug the cord in on the IPAD (small issue of which which plug to use) and plug the USB chord into the computer. OK I thought what the heck so I tried it the screen lit up and I thought good maybe it just needs to be charged and I sat it down and forgot it. I went about my business and came back to a message on my screen stating that the IPAD will only work with OS X 1.5 and higher. I went hmmm the only restriction was that I saw in the ads were MACOSX. Surprise!!!! The issue I have is that I run OS X 1.4 and I am stuck there forever because Apple dropped classic support in 1.5.

Now I have a worthless IPAD sitting around gather dust. WHat a waste of time and money.

iPad users are young, rich geeks

Ed Gould


I spend a lot of time in Doctor's offices waiting for Doctors. Have you tried toting around magazines or books to doctor's offices? The magazines are either all female oriented and or sports types magazines *AND* not only that but they tend to be 2-6 months old.

I would rather be able to read what I want to and also carry around medication lists and other items that the doctors always seems to want that you just do not have the sherpa to carry them around for you.

As for $$ it seems to be little bit high but then Apple products you always get what you pay for and a lot more.

Met issues internet cafe terror warnings

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This to me a reasonable thing for the Brits to do as they have the biggest SPI camera network in the world.

When the police used cameras to find a family that is sending it's kids to the wrong school you have more to worry about than "porn".

Spammers ordered to pay tiny ISP whopping $2.6m

Ed Gould
Black Helicopters

Not Insane at All?

I agree with you that getting big fines is somewhat of a deterrent, BUT and there is always a BUT.

It is not difficult to hide the money in say the Cayman Islands (or any other country that has banking secrecy). It is a small effort to run a company out of the Cayman's and the government cannot force them to hand over anything. There is no way a spam conviction can be turned into a terrorist act I don't care what Bush and Chenney would try any country that would see that wouldn't even answer a phone call from a government that would try anything like that (I wouldn't blame them).

Jesus descends to Google Earth

Ed Gould
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Looks Like Jesus?

OK who let the crop circle people loose?

Apple bans Pulitzer Prize political cartoons from iPhone

Ed Gould

Apple Censorship

Apple in my opinion is bending over backwards so that nobody can say "boo" about the IPHONE.

While it may work in the short run it is back firing on people like me. I am an adult and I can make up my own mind on what is acceptable and what isn't on the IPHONE.

My guess is that there are a few "kids" that own one and Apple is afraid of letting loose the right wingers for allowing "bad" influences on the IPONE. All I have to say to that if the parents are not monitoring what is on the IPHONE then the parents are to blame NOT Apple.

Israel confiscates visiting iPads

Ed Gould


IPAD's are Kosher. They have a rabbi bless them as they come off the factory line.

eBay trumps Tiffany in trade mark ruling

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There is a sucker born every minute

Of course everyone is correct that it is a buy beware place. EBAY did not write the ads nor can they be held responsible for any ads.

Having said that, Tiffiny should probably come up with a certificate. Then essentially say to everyone if it does not have the Tiffiny Certificate (that was gotten from Tiffiny) then assume the piece is fake.

Million pound Usenet indexer found guilty

Ed Gould

MPA screws the public again

*IF* this ruling is correct then every library in the world that has an index is guilty.

Why isn't the MPA out trying to sue libraries they would be laughed out of court.

The idea of how long a film lasts or other nonsense is waaaayyyyy beyond copyright laws. Again if this is a MPA concern they should be suing IMDB or the other scores and scores of Internet places that carry such information.

I can see if there is a page from the script digitized where they might be copy right issues or some other piece of information that this is copyrighted material but the MPA just got lucky and drew a judge that does not have a clue in life how information should be copyrightable.

All you librarians out there batten down the hatches as the MPA is coming after you next!

Best Buy buys in modest iPad supply

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You will have to give Apple a big applause as they managed to have a TV episode (in the US) about the IPAD opening day. The show (Modern Family - ABC) actually revolved around the one of the husbands wanting an IPAD for his birthday.

Not sure when it was taped but it looked like a working piece as the screen was showing burning candles and a person blew on the screen and the candles went out.

Carlos Slim is world's richest man, Bill Gates now number two

Ed Gould

Gates's Billions

I do not care for any person who got wealthy through one item, be it software, telecom or some other one shot deal. It sounds like Gates & Slim's and a few others are 1 invention rich people. There will no people in the succeeding generations that (presumably) will be able to match the wealth and or ideas of their fathers. I am sure in 50 years all of these super rich people will be dead and long forgotten, Why should we care? We shouldn't.

The Gates foundation will soon be out of money and not really doing anything to help the world.

And do not fool yourself Gate's wife will be one of these rich later that once a month gets out a checkbook and says here is 10,000 and to someone else the same thing, That is still being done by rich women all over the country.

Good for them They can spend their money as they see fit.

Cisco ejects HP from privileged partner camp

Ed Gould

Competitors sitting in on Briefing(s)

Back in the 80's a group of us from GUIDE were invited to a briefing from IBM on Storage futures.

My company was a pinch penny so I had to pay for the car rental (GUIDE was in San Francisco the next week). Right before the briefing was to start IBM informed us that since one of their competitors was there they would not give us the briefing that was planned. So we spent the rest of the day and the next day not talking about anything that wasn't generally available to the public.

I felt cheated as I had paid for the car out of my own pocket and I had to give a trip report that contained essentially nothing (other than what happened at GUIDE). At the next GUIDE I complained to the group manager about the loss of information. I suggested that the OEM type's not be allowed at IBM briefings in the future. I guess he took that to heart as the next GUIDE no OEM's were allowed to chair committees. That was great but a little late for me.

I can definitely see IBM's point of view but it hurt my credibility at the company. We were never asked back.

US school comes out fighting over webcam spy claim

Ed Gould
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Comes back fighting?

This article contains no information as to what the school came back fighting with. No new information nothing more than what was put out initially. Wheres The BEEF??!!!

Another annoying cloud pitch

Ed Gould

clouds are new?

Clouds indeed have been around for quite some time (at least in the IBM world). As long as the system is set up correctly any job can run almost anywhere (and successfully) from the same data center to 50+ kilometers away. Granted not too much more than that but it is being done today in the US and Europe at least (not sure about other locations) but there is no real technical reason why it couldn't be anywhere.

Online systems can indeed fall back almost instantaneously from any system to another system. There isn't any magic in it it just takes planning.

Microsoft genuinely chuffed as judge drops WGA case

Ed Gould

Judges are easy to buy?

Maybe not now but in the near future every politician will be as wealthy as Buffet. The idiot supreme court just opened the bank vaults and they will become the wealthiest people in America.

Can't someone put a stop to this before its too late?

Dell ordered back to court in laptop dustup

Ed Gould

Re: Dell ordered Back to Court

I have always disliked arbitration as the company always get to pick the arbitrator "judges". These people are nothing more than corporate types with an aim to please the corporation. In theory arbitration sounds good but the corporations in the US have corrupted the system.

I personally have had a friend who had to go into arbitration over being fired. He should have won by any standard instead he lost. Too bad his case involved civil rights and the appropriate laws were passed but 15 years after the fact.

Dell as a corporation prefers arbitration as they control the judges.

Oracle sues support firm over 'massive theft'

Ed Gould

re: Not sure on that one

IBM's Mainframe database *usually* does not contains fixes or if they do they are one or two line source fixes or byte updates to IBM modules.

SInce just about the only source IBM offers is to the JES system fixes tend to be small. There are exception to fixes for JES but then those longer ones are not posted publicly (although you might get level 2 to fax them to you).

Almost all IBM fixes replace then entire module and the applicability of the fix is determined by SMPE (maintenance program). At one time IBM shipped thousands of fixes every month and the maintenance program would figure out which fix applies to you level of the nodule being fixed, it really does not do any good to "copy" modules as the maintenance program will figure out if its applicable to your system.

IBM no longer does this (for reasons other that fear of stealing).

Some portions of JES are OCO and then IBM sends out complete module replacement for that portion.

OCO is Object code only NO SOURCE.

Having a module does not help you what so ever as it must match the other modules at the same level. This is extremely tricky to do but IBM does do it and without SMPE the million(this is a WAG) plus modules in an IBM system would be impossible to maintain.

MPs slam IBM pension moves

Ed Gould

IBM's past

In the late 80's and early 90's IBM did an about face on a lot of things. Employee compensation, employee relations and retired employee benefits.

Needless to say that a lot of IBM employees are now unhappy *AND* it is showing to the customers.

We used to have a real IBM salesman assigned to our account and he knew the business probably just as well as the VP's. Not any longer you want to buy a multimillion dollar CPU HAH! you get to call 1-800 number and talk to a nameless person at the other end that doesn't know squat about your business.

We used to have Sales Engineers that worked full time at the company and they were out there making sure everyone knew about IBMs' offerings from software to hardware.

We used to have on site software support now its call 1-800 for software support. Granted IBM improved a lot on their debugging process before it happened. But now if we get into a situation where the entire system is down and we need help it takes a bloody miracle for IBM to show up let alone get the necessary people on site to fix the issue.

Then IBM in its infinite wisdom cut back on education discounts so MS (and others) slid nicely in and now try and find a IBM trained college person. WHile I will not say its impossible it is close.

Yes IBM has made some noises in the education system in the last few years but now the damage is done as no one want to learn IBM as its old and senile. Kids want shiny toys to play with and that is what happened.

IBM employees are now looking out for their own interest rather than IBM's and the customers.

Boys in blue caught breaking IT rules

Ed Gould

Dell dot Com ?

Heck anybody should be arrested if they even visit DELL.COM and especially any government employee who has the time to go there.

1. For even thinking of wasting the taxpayers money.

2. If they did purchase anything from DELL.COM then they should go to jail for buying goods that are not good enough to use for boat anchors.

3. Just for thinking about any computer Dell makes should send them back to 1st grade.

Dell crowned Bad Santa computer maker by angry customers

Ed Gould

Dell late in its deliveries

I do not know about anyone else but if someone were to give me a Dell I would politely say no thanks and either say give the money to charity or ask for a gift certificate to buy my own computer at a reputable establishment.

In other words I would refuse any DELL computer offered free or otherwise. If pressed I would say if you insist on a Dell please give it to some charity who needs a worthless computer.

AT&T to choke your iPhone

Ed Gould


One of the major reasons I did not get an IPHONE was because it was tethered to ATT. Since the roomer was that the IPHONE would start working on another network I held off. Then that fell though. Guess there is no IPHONE in my future.

Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

Ed Gould

re : G**GLE

You are right on the spot Watashi. This thinking is typical of the right wing "group think". The republicans just do not get it. They essentially are saying that if you think (and do) exactly what I do then there is never a problem. That is what the basic problem is. The right wing just knows they are right and everybody who disagrees with them are wrong and either should be put in jail (ala GITMO). There is no room for differences in their dictates. The republicans do whatever they want to and cloak in in national security. You object? Sorry you are wrong and must be jailed (preferably without bail and no chance of parole). The republican party is coming full circle to a communist dictatorship.

Comcast promises not to lock Hulu behind paywall

Ed Gould


I have never seen anything the least bit interesting on HULU so even if they were to put a price on it Most people would say so what.

This story only concerns huka users which I can proudly say I am not one.

What ever happened to storing pics with electron cannons?

Ed Gould

re IBM Noodle Picker

These were called IBM 3850 Mass Storage

The "tape" was read and then transfered to a real IBM 3330-11 (IIRC).

The machine I worked on (serial number low 50's IIRC) was a good machine.

The major issue with it people used it for data that was needed in near real time. I believe it was designed for slow access. Because it was slow the OS (MVS) kept getting tied up in long queues waiting for I/O to complete and since the OS was designed to keep the system extremely busy(100 percent) it didn't like long waits for various functions (to complicated to go into here) and tasks stalled out then the OS tried to drive more tasks busy and the queues got munged up because of the delays.

We never really had any interface issues between the applications and the device (it was really transparent). We did torture it a bit and as a result found a lot of OS/I/O interface problems. I think it would have been a solid hit if the box wasn't abused by over use.

Google Spanner — instamatic redundancy for 10 million servers?

Ed Gould

Google Spanner

What good does it do to duplicate 10 million servers with the same bad information and bad coding?

Big Blue union calls for probe of all IBM execs

Ed Gould

Union Wants IBM exec's to have full discosure

I am a IBM stock holder. I have never worked for IBM either as an employee nor as a consultant.

I see nothing wrong in asking for discloser as a lot of these people can either alter retiree's benefits or cause IBM stock to go into the toilet and or hurt their stock ownership value.

Go get them Union!

Much ado about IBM's mainframe monopoly

Ed Gould

MIBM has a Mainframe Monopoly

Yes of course IBM has a monopoly. I do not believe it was by design, it got there as the other competitors (and there were several) could not offer what IBM did (does).

Yes it's everyone hate IBM time and admittedly they were at one time a bad monopoly. That pretty much changed with the consent decree. IBM essentially stumbled BIG time in the 1990's and frankly I am amazed they are still around as inept management coupled with shortsightedness should have brought them down. I can say both good and bad things about iBM (frankly I have bad mouthed them for a few years). One thing that everyone should realize that with GUIDE and SHARE, IBM would have probably gone the way of the dinosaurs. Those (currently only SHARE exists) 2 groups went a long long way to making IBM a reasonably great company.. I was a manager of a GUIDE project and saw quite a bit of pushing from GUIDE to IBM some basics that (until recently) IBM really accepted and took to heart and instilled in a lot of employees what good can come out of user groups.

Without such acceptance by the user community IBM would be a painful memory. The front line people fought and fought against the MS brainwashing and we did win (most of the time) but IBM's shortsightedness in cutting back on College level courses essentially let MS run rough shod over IBM in the very field IBM helped create.

Will it ever get back to where it was, probably not as there is a need for small servers around and people that have been brainwashed by the MS mentality will still be here in 20 years, although it would be great if MS lost out to LINUX. Its hard to say but IBM if it keeps its mind on tyhe straight and narrow should comeback to the 1980's position it did have.

Union predicts retirement surge over IBM pension changes

Ed Gould

re:Union Predicts Retirement Surge at IBM

Hummm... Sam P. to get 40-60 million ($) in retirement benefits!! If this is even half true IBM should be ashamed of itself. *NO ONE* is worth that much. I do not care if he was the President of the USA he should not be getting anything close to it. I am a IBM stockholder and I have voted consistently against the outrageous salaries of IBM executives.

They have consistently over the last 20 years screwed the company up so bad that I almost expect them to ask for TARP funds so they can cut people (and benefits) and increase executive salaries.

If they do I will out in the streets protesting loud and picket sign in my hand.

Ballmer says Big Blue hands in too few pies

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RE: Ballmer

As usual Ballmer is half right and half wrong.

IBM is spot on when it comes to making its OS a usable OS and a reasonably friendly OS. Sure there are some arcane things about some of IBM's OS's. BUT... here is the big difference between the two. IBM listens to its customers extremely well, where MS doesn't even know the customer exists unless they have a 10,000 (or more) licenses,

Yes it take (sometimes) years before IBM gets it right and they do get it right, most of the time. MS on the other hands just pushes new version of its OS out faster than the market can absorb it and or pushing a bad OS onto the unsuspecting people.

As far as one thing IBM does well over and above anything MS has not even attempted to do is documentation. When is the last time you needed to know something about how the internals of a MS product work? IBM does this on a timely and reasonably straight forward manor. IBM, last time I looked had 3 or 4 DVD's packed full of just manuals alone. I have yet to see anything close to one manual out of MS. Also, IBM (with input from the users) have always documented (well I might add) just about everything in their OS (and the IBM applications). Sure they have some undocumented items and IBM does charge a good penny for documentation (I think I heard $25K for one manual) but the 99.99 percent of the other documentation is essentially free albeit it $40 (approximately) for 3 DVD's packed full of manuals for users to read and use.

Is IBM focused on corporate rather than end user, yes, but then they (for the most part) do not interact for the most part with end users. The only exception was possibly OS/2 and yes IBM blew it because they did not court end users like MS does.

One last stab at MS and they could only dream to have a OS as stable as OS/2. Typical MS it is easier to reboot than to fix the problem so it does not happen again.

Docs wire up world's first internet-connected pacemaker

Ed Gould

Would you trust this?

Gee what would happen if some hacker hijacked your pace maker and set it to kill you or at the other extreme rerouted the information to a 3rd party and they sold that information to .... etc etc... and yes I can see homeland security getting involved in this. Yikes would I trust anything Homeland Security Does? Hell no they can't even handle terrorists without everybody giving up their civil liberties. Hey go ahead and read my email. Who knows maybe the spammers will spam you as well.. now where do I post the email address to the head of Homeland Security...

Court filings are protected by copyright, says lawyer

Ed Gould

Lawyers to Sue Lawyers?

I love the irony in this. This probably should be written up for the Guinness world record for stupidity and or nominated for a Darwin award (although since no one died it can't be a real winner).

IBM flings FUD at Neon zPrimers

Ed Gould

Fud and IBM

Frankly I do not know if IBM's move is FUD or not. Although I would guess it is not as I am sure IBM has thought of this possibility before they offered the "product". I am sure that they had the legal people working for months and trying to cover every possibility. IBM may be many things but they are not stupid.

NEON is in a tenuous position as far as I am concerned. If this were CA IBM might not have taken this tact. Neon is frankly a pimple and although a PITA it will be dealt with with proper legal and other methodologies.

I am not rooting for either other than to say a company as small as NEON should be put out of its misery quickly.

Bill Gates: Tough US immigration stance a 'huge mistake'

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Huge Mistake?

As long as US companies *INSIST* on hiring people from outside the US at least make them pay the current prevailing rate that US citizens get. It is the only fair way to do this. Also, companies cannot use the tricks that they have used in the past (see the YOUTUBE flick). It was a disgrace and as soon as the right people get "it" we should be seeing less of the bogus items that companies use to deflate wages. It is one thing to do this to say one small group but it is another thing completely to do this en-masse (like all programmers for instance).

The US Congress is being used as a pawn by MS and others to make sure them limits are high enough so they can import cheap labor. I could take the low road here but I will not. IBM mostly opens facilities on foreign soil to do this. It is good for IBM and good for the people involved. IMO there have been good successes but the few failures are notable disasters.

IBM has gotten the idea and is beating the system at both ends. While I will not say good for them as the IBM users are suffering the bad decisions.

Amazon vanishes 1984 from citizen Kindles

Ed Gould

Kindle and its ILK

I never thought KINDLE was a viable option. This deletion of books proved my idea was correct.

Personally I would sue the KINDLE books and Amazon in the US.

Judges and Juries are more apt to be sympathetic and give AMAZON a smaller pocket.

Conviction overturned in MySpace suicide case

Ed Gould

re: Good to see that the illiterate moral brigade are out

ahh but this is different problem. This is a child involved. We do not hold children responsible for their actions but we do hold adults responsible (for their actions).

People have already commented this is more or less a moral issue. I cannot see the law really making sense of this. As then any loon could claim my religion "told me to do it" (or any "right" and adults could get away with anything).

The law assumes that if you are an adult you are responsible for your actions. In this case an adult essentially created an atmosphere of fear in a teens mind. This is not a simple case, in my opinion.

Maybe there should be a law to cover this (reasonably new) point. The law is almost always behind technology. Yes she will go free but the entire world should have nothing to do with her again. The major issue with law is that the first go around will be poorly written and it will have to be over ruled a few times before congress gets it right.

Judge says IBM dude gets the Dell (job)

Ed Gould

Non Compete Documents

I will not guess about the IBM/Dell issue per se but my last employer took this(non compete) seriously and was rabid about this and they made sure that you understood it as it was repeated quarterly in staff meetings.

The jerks (employer) went out of their way to screw employees and they got what they deserved finally was to be bought by another bank *AND* out sourced to India. The way they treated their employees was a utter disgrace they basically said they would sue you fir anything they could. They got zero employee points for good/bad employer.

They got what deserved. Hope the VP's and below never find another job in the US.

Dinosaurs actually slimmer than we thought, say boffins

Ed Gould

re:So what if, right...

Does this mean Rachel Welsh was even skinnier than some dinosaurs ??!!!

Stop the presses its time to rewrite films.

MPs slam 'disgraceful' Type 45 destroyers

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Overpriced carrier

You are just lucky that this ship wasn't a US one. If it were the cost overruns would be triple:(

There are two sides to the weapons supplier. If you get the French ones, the shells will never hit the target, if you get the American shells, they will blow up as they come out of the barrel. Of course if the British supplied them they would have to wait for the unions so I am not sure where you should go to get munitions.

Texas cop tasers gobby granny

Ed Gould

re: Texas Cop Tasered Granny

Lets use some common sense here. We are talking about a traffic ticket here not an violent felony or aggravated assault, we are talking about a speeding ticket.

I watched the video and if the cop had any clue what so ever he would not deliver 50,000 volts to an elderly women. I am not sure what that kind of jolt would do to a pace maker but I am guessing that she would be dead. The "policeman" ( my name would be a thug) went far beyond normal restraint of a non arrested woman. I did not see handcuffs come out and it was clear he was way beyond his meager intelligence to do this to a 72 year old woman. I guess this type of action by a Texas Policeman is acceptable in Texas.

This is one of the MANY reasons why any sane person would steer clear of Texas. A

Another short version of a story I heard on the radio about 25 or so years ago in Dallas. A man was shot and killed by a doctor who was chasing after him to pay a bill for fixing a bullet wound. The doctor chased the guy several blocks and then shot him dead. They let the doctor off as it was claimed to be justifiable homicide!

Stay away from Texas.

eBay not obliged to protect trade marks, says High Court

Ed Gould


Why would anyone buy anything on EBAY sight unseen in the first place?

There are far far to many lawsuits about items sold on EBAY. I have purchased 1 item and it was as advertised and worked. Computer Software is at best a crap shoot.

Me, I stay away from gambling as the odds are stacked against you.

Sons of Macintosh - shaking the Apple family tree

Ed Gould

Mac Head - NOT

My friend convinced me to convert to Macintosh when IBM withdrew support for OS/2. I guess I got caught up in the hardware changeover from G4 to G5. I was NOT a happy camper because of that. If I had been told that it was on the horizon I would not have bought a G4 I might have waited the 3-4 months but either my friend was mislead or wanted me to convert no matter what.

The first thing I will say is I am more or less a happy convert, not ecstatic mind you. The first thing I would like to say that MACs are woefully under equipped when it comes to memory. Every new MAC I have gotten I have had to have 16 GB installed on it either by the factory or as a part of the order. My environment demands that, I do not know about others.

My latest G5 when I ordered it I had to additionally buy a bigger video card, for some reason MAC video cards are woefully underpowered and memory constrained.

I also ordered a wireless keyboard and mouse that was the biggest mistake *EVER* with MAC. I tried for two weeks to get used to it for get it It works do not get me wrong I do not train easily is probably the real reason it did not work.

The other thing that I find lacking in MACs is that the HD they sell is woefully inadequate for my environment and I had to order extra internal drives. I also have external drives that are extremely simple to connect (fire wire is GREAT!) although I found out that one of my external drives has to have special software installed on the MAC. MAJOR NO-NO and of course the vendor did not disclose this so I am at a loss that they can say they are MAC Compatible when at best the statement is a bit off, IMO.

The cost of upgrading OS's is about 100 bucks but IMO there is little reason to as none of the new features are needed. MAC OS X is as solid as they make them. OS/2 was probably a bit better but I cannot complain about OS X (except the upgrades maybe).

Apple's SAFARI is average IMO. Nothing great but it works. A lot like OS/2 Netscape it just works except for idiotic sites that test for SAFARI and then complain about it not being compatible. Companies that do that are on my list of companies to avoid that means not buying from them of anything.

I agree with most of the article Apples idea of being a generous philanthropic company is almost laughable when it should be out on the forefront. Apple needs a lot of polishing in that area.

Is a MAC worth it? Yes just for the OS alone. I was really surprised with the transition from OS9 to OS X it actually made the computer more responsive and better able to recover from application crashes. Right now I only have one application that can crash OS X in OS 9 it was 12+ that caused crashes. Even the crash is not easily reproducible so I can't blame the software company. I have had reasonably good luck with software vendors (except 1) in OS X so I cannot complain too much.

Could OS X (and Macs) be better sure but that could be said about any OS (or hardware). I really do not have to boot any more and that is a god send (except for major software upgrades).

I will go along with the idea that MAC is superior to windows any day. And to add an extra comment that makes MACs better is the networking is simple (at least for me).

Brand new Star Trek prequel pics and trailer

Ed Gould

re Star date: 6311.22

That scene had me thinking about something else but in a similar vein.

*IF* the world is so sophisticated by then (400+ years) how would a "brat" who stole a car ever make it to a captain of a stair ship? I am just thinking about the endless testing that you would have to go through just to get into the Star Fleet Academy. The record of stealing a car would be impossible to hide and would disqualify anyone to get into any service by then. To me that alone makes this film more gibberish than anything else.

Morning voting in America

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Jobs Halo

Morning Voting in America

Just to get it on the record I live/vote in Chicago IL, USA. At one time 4 or 5 years years ago I was a judge in the local precinct for voting. This year I had to resign my judgeship due to health issues. I can honestly say that since my judgeship 4 years ago the voting in our precinct in Chicago has been an honest one. The only people denied were ones that did not have reasonable proof (drivers license or an utility bill). The number of peopler *MIGHT* have been 1 or 2 per year (some times non). The election numbers are always under lock and key until the end of the day tally is taken. The numbers are always double and triple checked by various poll watchers (of two different parties). When the results are sent in the same people who checked before are there to verify all numbers.

Has Chicago always been clean. NO. About 15 years ago I was a poll watcher in a HEAVILY democratic precinct. I actually saw money in the polling place traded between people who wanted to sell their votes and the political backroomers who paid people for voting. Yes the propper authorities were notified and several minor convictions were eventually given. Is Chicago still a dirty politics town yes/no but in my opinion (IF) any of the selling/stealing goes on it is well hidden. My personal opinion is that it is at zero or close to.

Chicagoans are if anything fair and honest. The issue as I see it is when the current Republican people in office think they have the right to change peoples votes through either devious means or ballot tampering. They are essentially saying they know what is best for the country, horse feathers!

The Republican Governors and other state officials rigged the last two elections in states like Florida and Ohio(and others). Shame on them. There is so much shame that even apologizing for their misdeeds is lacking credulity. The GITMO fiasco has permanently ruined the US image all over the world. The ABU GRIAB is and was unconscionable beyond words and should have prompted an impeachment of the entire cabinet of the G. Bush administration as well as any military officers who sanctioned anything in either place.

I am sure that someone will come to the defense of any of the above people but it is at best a hollow call and one should wonder who is writing such tripe.



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