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Adobe heats up iPad Flash bash

Lee Jenderko

Why Bash Apple Over This

Killing flash is a badwidth reducer. Who benefits from less data traffic? The already sluggish ATT 3G network.

Flash avoidance benefits ATT by allowing them to continue to operate bandwidth starved a little longer. Maybe a backroom deal to keep from totally dragging down the ATT 3g performance? ATT hadperformance issues with their DSL in the'90's until a class action suit by their business customers got them to increase their capacity. The timing was just a coincidence though.

Wind farm wound down on air traffic fears

Lee Jenderko

Windmill Height

Wind flow at low levels is a fraaction of that available above 50 feet. Ground objects and just turbulent flow near the surface trash the amountof energy extractable from the wind. The higher the better.

50 feet is considered minimum to get th ebulk of the wind energy so then you have to add the blade diameter onto that. which takes you up to 200-300 feet for a commercial installation.

BTW That is also why all of these "home" windmills that mount on roofs or 20 foot poles are a scam. Air flow is badly restrited at that level. I have some 50 foot trees around my house and ariflow will be dead still at or near gound level, but tops of those trees are swaying like crazy.

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'

Lee Jenderko

Technical check

Tasers use high frequency, very high voltage AC to cause muscle tissue to rapidly deplete body sugar causing unconsciousness. TASER prongs are designed to not penetrate far enough into the flesh to let current levels reach a lethal level in the heart tissues.

Cameras generate 300 Vdc, just like a defibrilator designed to change heart rythm. Whether 300Vdc will kill depends on where it is applied. It can stop the heart, especially in anyone who has a heart defect.

Commercial off the shelf "stun guns" (not TASERS) come with instructions specifying where to touch someone. They specifically avoid specifying chest hits.

You can kill with a properly charged and applied modified camera. You can't kill by sticking your finger into an opened up one unless you do a really good job of sticking a left and right hand finger into the camera at the same time. I've been hit with 270Vdc 4 times in the last 5 years from 27 kilowatt power supplies. And its a lot safer than getting hit with 60Hz (or 50 Hz) wall power which makes your heart try and run 60 times too fast.

Is the camera hazradous. Hell yes. So is a can of deodorant, hairspray etc and a match. Or a bottle of ammonia and clorox poured together.

Suspend the stupid little shit. Fine his parents $1000 for being too stuipid to teach him not to do dangerous things. Modify the school district code of conduct to forbid cameras, hairspray and anything else the little shits can kill or maim each other with (like the old metal pronged Fro combs every carried in my day) and let the issue die.

PS I hope the world airports have banned carry on of disposable cameras. LMAO I know they don't my wife just flew with two in her carry on.

AT&T to crush copyrighted network packets

Lee Jenderko
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Quick way to loose ma as a customer

The day they try content filtering is the day I cancel my DSL, Phone, and long distance and move to another vendor.

Dell's laptop customisation options not very customisable

Lee Jenderko

Never ask a BOt it's name

ROFLMAO if it wa a BOT it would be programmed to lie and say it was a person. That is the first canned response I would program into it. That and to make sure it had a strong foreign accent to give it a touch of realism.


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