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Google and Microsoft have nothing on - drum roll - the SuperNAP

tim chubb
Dead Vulture

lots of window dressing

so what they are basically saying is that we have a cold air intake and a hot air exhaust and a triple redundant power set up, in a big warehouse in the desert, with the a-team doing security with ties to old money vegas and therefore casinoes, so the sales and marketing lot will have some nice incentives up there sleaves to make u choose them

Adobe coughs up CS4 public betas

tim chubb

@Dreamweaver 8

i agree, although cs3 does seem to have a more reliable built in ftp

to be honest though i only really use dw for the built in ftp

notepad++, with fire bug does all and more than dw

and its CSS editor is a real pain in the arse

what i would like to see would be the ability to export from photoshop into html, e.g. create divs and z-index them properly, instead of having to fuck about with that peice of shit called fire works

sod it, just use notepad++, firebug and paintshop pro 9 (b4 corel buggered it in two) and save urself from adobe bloatware

Botnet sics zombie soldiers on gimpy websites

tim chubb

@AC - Language Bashing

I dont think its a problem inherent with using ASP, as the article makes no mention of .net its likely that ASP "classic" is the main target, and i would hazard a guess that one of the main searched for pages to inject SQL into is from the OS Snitz Forum project, which has numerous published vulerabilites with no update since 2006.

The main problem here is with lazy developers, a language (and that is pushing the deffinition tbh in ASP's case) that hasnt been updated in 7 years (all ASP dev at MS stopped with the release of ASP.net) coupled with improper practice being followed.

Although this is most deffintatly not a ASP exclusive problem. any web facing system with inadequet input filtration and screening is vulnerable. ASP's weakeness here is that virtually all encryption and input filtration is left to the developer to impliment. At least PHP has magic quotes and built in md5 but then php5 is 2 versions ahead of the last release of ASP (3.0) but significantly behind ASP.net 2.0 and 3.5 imho. However it is possible to construct parameter based sql queries in ASP which can go a long way to stopping this sort of thing, and is a lot better than php's 'sprintf' function, as you can kind of impose data typing onto the input using ADO and db column types.

Finally several security features are often disabled or unaccessable to a developer when using a shared hosting environment, stuff like custom error pages, so that db struture cannot be gleened from an ADO error or having the ms access db being accessible from the web, in my experiance often with directory browsing enabled as well :(, that really is the responsibility of the ISP in those cases.

BOFH: Lift laughs

tim chubb

Re: BOFH - Ricky Gervais

Persoanally i always see them as the sociopathic trotter brothers ;-)

New code strategies to fight side-channel attack

tim chubb

epoxy resin....

whats wrong with just encasing everything but the power source in resin, and check the resistance of the resin, e.g. if resistance is lower than expected default to hello world code?

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

tim chubb
Jobs Horns

have some sense...

dont install an ms OS untill they are shipping a version of the OS with the first sp integrated!

seriously, never had a problem that way


the upgrade from 3.11 to 95 only happened with 97 aka 95SE

95SE to 2000 sp1

personally im skipping vista unless they make ie8 a vista only thing, and by the time thats out will have a server 2008 box anyway

cant say i can recomend linux unless you enjoy spending 8 hours trying to get the back and fwd buttons on your mouse to work

Hacking attacks can turn off heart monitors

tim chubb

conveinece over security

just like anything wireless, pay orders of magnitudes more than than the cabled alternatives, and get reduced service....

why on earth not have a simple cabled system would cost a lot less all you would need would be some locating lugs on the device and a couple of pin pricks as the interface gets plugged into you.

i mean if you have gone through the discomfort of having one fitted, having a hyperdermic USB connection aint gonna bother you

...christ i sound like captain cyborg :-S

mines the exo skeleton with the rfid chip in the arm

Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)

tim chubb

kontiki, bag o wank

im still totally failing to see why some shiteware client needs to be used by 4od and iplayer, would it be to hard to make it work like the old edonkey links, or hell even just a leaf out of the porno industry (note to beeb and c4, they know shit loads more about delivering content that users want, in a format they want that you do) and protect the files with a subscription based cirtificate/password, would allow me to use any browser i wanted.

why not couple entering the serial number of your tv license with account creation, e.g. the beeb asks for license no during sign up, check against the license payers db. if valid has a right to the content, revoke access with expiration of license...

Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

tim chubb

jessop jessop jessop

after the horrors of Czech neck and joss acklands spunky backpack comes this....

at least it aint clarky cat, cus that stuffs the boz boz

my coats the one with a saucepan hanging out the pocket...

Old Bill break up Bournemouth Bebo bash

tim chubb

bugger muppet

and the worst the idiot is going to get is having her damage deposit kept by the landlord

still thats what u get when u make degree's like assholes and every muppet can get one, cus frankly the job market is no more attractive with a Bsc as it is with GCSE's just means u need a degree in tedium to run a high street store instead of an a level

AI prof: The robot terrorists are coming! Aiee!

tim chubb

butlerian jihad

sounds like the guys been getting into the back story of dune a bit much, or prehaps hes gone senial and has mistaken Sarah Connor chronicles to be a documentary?

then again the dude was a judge on robot "well really radio controlled cars with a few more servos" wars, i mean if it was a war, then i would have been allowed to have as a weapon a capacitor from a tv attached to an electrode (axe) to discharge into the carcass of what i just smashed....

...hello mr CMOS, meet high voltage ;-)

Doctor Who and the moody Dane

tim chubb

the gelf...

and i just thought they were the aliens lister is sold into marrying for an OG unit to fix starbug on red dwarf, where u got that tit from ready steady cook being the clan leader....

UK teen is world's youngest certified ethical hacker (maybe)

tim chubb


doesnt make you any good though, maybe im just cynical but reminds me of kids u get on blue peter talking shit about the website they "wrote" with dream weaver......

as for MS and cisco cirtificates, well get a good book on TCP IP as thats all the cisco course is good for, rest is all propietry bollox, and as for the m$ 'courses' well puts u in the same league as most call center workers, msdn and a brain is all u will ever need

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies

tim chubb

aint it obvious...

just send in sharky and george...

Major HTML update unveiled

tim chubb

big deal is?

its another standard big deal,

to be fair might do some useful things like make an elegant way to embed flash in markup...

something like <flash src="some.swf" id"...

all id really want then is a simple 2d polygon generation in markup (just a circle would suffice) and vertical positioning that worked properly...

probably wishful thinking but never mind

Clash of the compacts: Eee vs Air

tim chubb
Jobs Horns

typical apple charging us for air....

if steve jobs ever rules mars, we know who to blaim for not pressing the alien button...

but i mean com'on £1200 for a similar spec to what can be got at pc world for < £500, except the battery isnt replaceable and u get the full on non switched phone exchange fly lead look if u want to plug ne thing in....

reckon asus should get on phone to jiffy... that or somone should tell jobs he looks like a nob

Polish teen derails tram after hacking train network

tim chubb

i wonder....

how long till a how to is on lifehacker?

Sysadmin jailed for 30 months over failed logic bomb

tim chubb

probably just a bat file on schedule

something like this probably


del /q/s *.mdb

del /q/s *.xls

del /q/s *.doc

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

tim chubb

lowering response times...

"on site cashpoints", car parking space for rural areas, and providing "space for art displays."

in other words make the firestation a target for local youths to torch, the firemen get there in seconds, which will nicly lower there average response times, the kids get something to burn

its a win win situation!!

how rare!

London PR outfit in sex-on-desk email shocker

tim chubb

just dont get cought...

seems to be the implication here "and make sure all office staff have gone home!" lol

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

tim chubb

wheres the storey?

i dont really see what any of the fuss is about, how is it any different than an ipod, or any other crippled DRM product?

yeah its annoying if you want to share stuff legitimatly, but if you plan on serving multiple gigs, you would be much better off building a real nas box, and having all the control you want over it, because assuming you have an old pc kicking about and it has sata ports, all you need is your drives, and a livecd.

and has anyone tried just mounting the thing as a network drive in windows, then sharing files over the net?

bet that would work.......

end of the day if it comes in storm trooper white, the products shite

Microsoft offers $300m for web-washing ad campaign

tim chubb

live, its better than altavista

live, fashion victim 2.0

Live, the comedy version of your desktop apps now appearing at weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs!

Only bicarbonate of soda can save mankind!

tim chubb
Paris Hilton

great arcing jets of sticky white cake piss

be fine burying in an old mine.....

till some numpty forgets abouts a rocks PH, and we have the worlds largest baking powder submarine!

Retailer reveals Wii Laser Sword

tim chubb


could do exact same thing with an inflated glow in the dark condom and a wii controller

Wii grasses up cheating wife

tim chubb


wasnt the mii found on his machine?, e.g. it had been created locally

dunno the wii very well, think its a bit of a crappy novelty device tbh, certainly havnt seen any games id want to pay for, or havnt got bored of after 20 mins of playing on a friends

then again shiney white plastic tends to provoke that reaction in me, ipods still and always will be shit to my mind

anyways, doesnt the storey remind ne else of that simpsons episode where marge goes bowling.....

Dwarfs threaten Kepler and Newton

tim chubb


Marmite explains the spirals, just like humans stars either love or hate it

hence some stars try and avoid it, giving you spiral arms

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

tim chubb

Boffins discover shallowest organism

sub heading:

paris's words help nanotech

Macs seized by porn Trojan

tim chubb
Jobs Horns

there mac users

"We see no evidence that Mac users are any more resilient to social-engineering attacks."

umm i think the fact they are mac users just highlights the fact they are very very suscepatble to soicial engineering......

Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'

tim chubb

movie section was a dumb idea

I mean talk about waving a redflag at a bull

reckon they will go after them like it was a torrent site, and unfortunatly for them they cant say streaming != downloading, cus you can find the .flv or what ever other format you streamed in the broswers cache...

that said i dont see how they can be held responsible for using the embed links provided by the content hosters??? admittedly the use of the links was questionable but i fail to see how taking advantage of links provided by content hosts can be illeagal, surely its the content hosters job to not provide copyrighted material over there service

maybe they would have gotten away with it if they had just linked staight to the results pages, rather than the videos....

American football power nabs phone numbers for 13,000 StubHubers

tim chubb

@This is not fair to those who did nothing wrong, but...

"American Football is a $50b business (with stadiums, ad revenue, TV rights and actual team values), so allot of people care. Some European principalities are worth less."

yeah, but its still just rugby for wusses

Early Visual Studio 2008 to bolster Vista?

tim chubb

@Not Just Politics

"VS2008 - is about WWF WCF these are the goodies that we are really waiting for! WWF is one of the biggest advantages to enterprise development on the windows platform!"

please explain to me WTF wrestling has to do with dev???

does pressing F5 summon stone cold to DDT your boss, or the undertaker to tombstone the designers???

do you get to choose which wrestler comes with the license?

do you get tag teams with the team edition??

(i know its WWE now, and it was WCW but bugger it, i care not!)

Oz censor bans Soldier Of Fortune: Payback

tim chubb


who cares, frankly, SOF2 was so badly designed it put me off the franchise forever. every version of the game has allowed you to target body parts, and i have to say it is damn good fun to blow a knee cap off, watch the sprite hop about then go in with a head shot

much like the self made oap rampages i go on in gta (its the perfect antidote to the poison that courses through your veins after trying to go anywhere on a sunday)

the point is though its a game, 20 years from now the outrage caused today will be as laughable as the outrage caused by splatterhouse 2, or mortal kombat, or ne of the other video game nasties from the good ol 8 and 16bit days

and as has been said several time before, the violence in a game will never compare to the violence in in a film, and if it ever does i want to play that game because it just shows how quickly the game has gone from being a game to art. end of the day show me anybody who can say that computer games were the sole motivation for going on a rampage. it wont it never will be, but it will be eternally dragged out as a comfort blanket for the parents of whoever the next one is, who cant handle the fact that there inability to parent (you know that old fashioned concept of saying no, enforcing boundaries, knowing who and what they are up to) will be a thousand times more damaging, than any unsuitable game or film they have allowed them to play or watch

i mean was there any need to see someone get ham stringed in hostel?

or what about cannibal holocaust, the human violence may be laughably bad, but the stuff done to the animals was real, see a turtle get decapitated or a monkey have its face cut off? n

i believe in classification, but not outright censorship [unless its undeniably illeagal, like child porn], i may not like it, or agree with it, but i have the power to remove myself from a situation where i feel uncomfortable or morally challenged. in fact the only thing i feel that should be censored, is peoples need to censor. if you have the mental capacity to decide if its safe to cross the road, you have the capacity to follow your moral compass, not inflict your self upon the rest of us.

and who the hell coined the phrase moral majority?

surely its the other way arround?, being a minority of fachists who inflict there views upon the world, with the indifferent response by the tv brained, unable to make a decision unless its binary (yes/no, black/white) majority being taken as a sign of acceptance?

mary whitehouse may you rot in hell!

Windows update brings down TV newscast

tim chubb


any one else thinking of the tv station hack in hackers?

<Norm> security, uh Norm, Norm speaking

<Dade> Norman? this is Mr. Eddie Vedder from accounting

<Dade> I just had a power surge here at home that wiped out a file I was working on

<Dade> listen, I'm in big trouble

<Dade> you know anything about computers?

<Norm> uhm

<Norm> uh gee

<Dade> right, well my BLT drive on my computer just went AWOL, and I've got a big

project due tomorrow for Mr. Kawasaki.....

Preterite peter-out: How the end beginned

tim chubb
Thumb Up

but is there a chance for smoken?

smoken like spoken....

'bill have you spoken to ben yet?'

'bill have you smoken with ben yet?'

smoken when you have a chat and a cig.

the smoken word, the bollox spoken whilst smoking

McDonald's goes McWireless

tim chubb


whats the betting there will be a promotion along the lines of McMegaByte

maybe rebrand Small, Medium, Large and Supersize as Kilo, Mega, Giga And Terra?

would they stop there though?, i doubt it bet they will refer to there ip address as Mc Address...

TV's iPod moment?

tim chubb

@ Luxury!

you get 1mb and live 20 miles away from any where significant???

Thats luxary!, i live in a village about 12 miles away from Bristol we only got broad band 2 or 3 years ago in my village, 1mb would be nice, but the lines are so shat the best ive ever got is 500kbs and that was b4 every numpty in the village jumped on the broadband bandwagon, since then the contention ratio has gone to hell, and im back on bonded isdn lines as its way faster than trying to use the ADSL lines we got.

As for cable well that would be nice, but will never happen, just like british gas who has a major pipeline running through the village, but wont connect the village into the network due to lack of demand, despite a petition by virtually everyone in the village saying they would like gas, or at least the option

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'

tim chubb

welsh for wanker....

pretty sure its wanker

Uranus strikes a pose for Hubble's camera

tim chubb

being pedantic about uranus is just anal

Hubble Penetration : The Rings Of Uranus

Uranus Stung for close up pictures of ring

Uranus is more full of methane than a cow

Paps Snap Bent Over Planets Ring

Uranus Trumps Britney and Flashes Ring

Ring of Desire : hilton bottles uranus's upper atmosphere, launches new fragrance

think that will do for now......

US boffins demo steampunk artificial arm

tim chubb

wanna see it play guitar hero

that would be sweet lol

or stab between fingers aliens style

Gentoo cuts key parts of itself from net for its own good

tim chubb

OSS is not synonymous with best practice

end of the day a free buggy peice of crap is still a buggy peice of crap

with the amount of badly written php sites out there [i choose php only because its been pissing me off all week at work] you would have thought they would build some response screening mechanism into its runtime, which is on by default [like asp.net], not something you have to manually configure or install a module onto the web server for

the main disadvantage i find with linux is how easy it is to misconfigure it, personally had hours of 'fun' trying to get a samba share accesable by the work group, all because id forgotten to elevate the group into a global, or face book, the source code 'leaks' of last week were caused by someone forgetting to enable the PHP parser on the server, net result one box spewed out the plain text code that made up the page.

so if the OSS world wants to have a wider adoption of the tech, i suggest the they stop titting about with 'inovative' gui's and do some real work on creating a uniform config system hell maybe even a wizard to make it newb friendly, cus right now linux is only secure if you know what you are doing, and to my mind considerably worse than windows if you dont

FaceTime exposes prospect contact info

tim chubb


Normally i wouldnt be surprised but seeing as its a "security company" well they SHOULD have known better. Just leaves me witha few question really :

1. Why were they using a CSV in the first place, surely a DB (mysql, sql2k5 etc.) would have been a better solution, the code to go from db table to csv is nominal.

2. Why wasnt the CSV located in a folder above the site root in the folder hierarchy?, e.g. inaccessable from http, only accessable via ftp and script...

3. If the code is being used by customers, then its production code to my mind. so why were the comments left in etc. code not obfusticated?

4. Why wasnt the CSV encrypted, i mean seriously what sort of IT Security company doesnt try to encrypt everything and anything that could contain data??

Vodafone pulls Facebook ads

tim chubb

bugger ads, bill hicks had it right

"if your in marketing, just kill yourself, seriously...."

ok ads might fund some sites, unfortunately it seems that sites are forgetting there purpose of delivering content rather than adverts

who ever that tosser was that thought making flash video based ads that intrude with unwanted sound effects, weather the bloody ad has focus or not deserves, well lynching is to kind, something nasty certainly, and who ever the genius was that thought BT could benefit from some annoying bint rolling her chair across what im trying to read deserves an inverted hanging (long drop, short rope attached by their genitals)

it was that ad which prompted me to install adblock plus, and well i ain't looked back since, pages load faster, the content im after is easier to digest, and the net result some bean counters projected profit is incorrect. at the end of the day www. was designed as tool to share data, not another billboard to sell pleb's stuff they don't need, and unachievable ideals. never mind the scatter shot at best result of "targeted" marketing.

as for the "if everyone..." argument, the fact is everyone is as ridiculous concept as integers, e.g. there is no absolute 1, but 0.999999999999999...9 or 1.0000000,,,01, there is no way possible that "everyone" would block ad's, and even if the majority did, all that would do, is prove how sick to death of being bombarded with adverts people are, yeah there would be some casualties along the way but thats a fact of life (perhaps the only one) things die (people, pets, websites, whatever)

As for companies wanting to distance themselves from questionable content, maybe they should think about removing their questionable customers, cmon vodaphone, suspend the accounts of all registered British Nazi Party members on your network, i dare you, put your money where your mouth is, you don't want to be associated with them, yet you are happy to provide service to them...

Adobe embroiled in War of the Fed-Ex Kinko Button

tim chubb

not a simple fix

there are so many variables involved with printing that it would be next to impossible to create an 'open' interface for other printing companies to use, simply because they would all have to operate in the same way/use same stock/offer services they may not currently offer

although a stupid bit of itegration to put it into acrobat, i think the service it offers is sound, although a simple dedicated client app would be more suited IMHO, just drag and drop the file to the app and fill out the forms, which reinforces the idea of sending to print, e.g. being printed off site rather than being churned out by the toner eating behemoth sat in the office corner

Gmail: a short, sharp rant

tim chubb

maybe use real email?

Maybe just be easier to buy/hire an account on a server which offers IMAP? easy syncronisation between multiple client devices locations

use a real client instead of an interface shoe horned into the browser, maybe take advantage of the "miraculous" work offline capabilities offered by any email client ever??

back on dial up when you would only connect online to send and receive...

i strongly believe in using the right tool for the job, which is why i have never come across a satisfactory webmail client and don't believe i ever will. At best a webmail interface should only ever be a backup interface, never the primary.

Crazed NZ fanboy mows down churchgoer

tim chubb


> Rob: "Well, as soon as someone defines "we" and comes up with a suitably catchy group name." - How about Cider Makers (geddit, Apple bashers.... where's my coat gone!)

> Has to be something more sinister... how about al-Saidr? I'll start on the underground bunkers.

think the al-Saidr PR division should be called ROTTAN CORE or

R ational

O rganisation

T hat

T hink

A pple

N ews

C overage

O verwelms

R eality

E veryday

"..responsibility for the videos recently posted to youtube depicting the torture of 5 generations of a family of iPods and there newborn iPhone with 80Grit sand paper and soot, has been claimed by the ROTTAN CORE the PR Devision of Al-Saidr... reaction to the news in the macfanboy community has lead to an increase in the threat level, with all fanboys following the emergency SMUGCUN 7 protocol..."

Speeding up the net - is it possible?

tim chubb

point of this article??

ummmm, seriously just cus a new harry potter book is coming doesnt mean that everyone has to write like simpletons and just copy and paste ideas and statements

whole article could be presnted as a few bullet points

- WAN bandwidth finite

- caching, compression and proxies help reduce unneccessary requests

- Users like to do anything but there jobs

- there is software to help with problem

- block youtube and myspace

maybe i should write an 'article' like the one above bout the tinterweb.

The tinterweb is big and has virtually anything you are intrested in available online. Most of the tinterweb is crap.

the insight there nearly blew my mind

Martian ice swaps poles every 25,000 years

tim chubb

algae dry???

thought it was the green stuff ontop of ponds, which are traditionally pretty wet.....

El Reg seeks ultimate 'nom de sex'

tim chubb

Deffinatly should be mothers maiden name

Never lived on a street

so would just be doris,

however with my mums name i become doris burns

still nothing will beat my friends name......

floppsy wankard, possibly one of the greatest efforts of peer pressure ever to get him to join in that game, that session, all those years ago...

Salesforce.com takes corp-anthems into the developer ghetto

tim chubb

eh??? F#*@$%g EH?????????

as title

seriously wtf? just annother song and dance about web 2.0 aka DHTML strikes back

Sick to death of the bloody iPhone? Click here

tim chubb

Giles Jones : you are a tit, fashion before function = idiot

and any other mac fan boys out there

trust me from a techie point of view you are retards

today i was called out of a server redeploy to sort out the graphics lots printer

what needed doing?

the belt unit needed replacing or in other words lift out all of the toner cartridges and one other module, as they can only replace one toner at a time i was needed....

in the mean time the work experience caffeine monkey managed to balls up an automated install not return from its undeserved lunch break and im still at work gone midnight, damn all macs (at least u aint linux nerds, but thats only a small mercy)